Architectural Design Studios in Turkey

  1. SOUR


    SOUR is an architecture and design studio based in New York and Istanbul. With over 20 international awards in architecture, planning and product design; we are known to create concepts that solve urban, social and environmental problems. Our designs are customized, responsive and sustainable, ultimately elevating the global landscape.

  2. blank

    OSO Architecture

    OSO is an Istanbul-based architectural studio founded by Okan Bayık, Serhan Bayık and Ozan Bayık in 2007.

  3. CAA Studio

    CAA Studio

    Cirakoglu Avci Architecture (CAA) is an Istanbul based architectural design studio.

  4. PadaLabs


    PadaLabs is an architecture and design studio embracing the experimental spirit of innovation. Led by Begüm Aydinoglu, Pada Labs pairs design technology with manufacturing advancements through developing solutions in design, architecture, 3D printing and robotics.