Landscape Architecture

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    Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture

    San Francisco-based Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture is distinguished by its emphasis on the experiential and material quality of the built landscape. Founded in 1998 by Andrea Cochran, FASLA, the firm tackles a wide range of project types and scales, from single-family residences to hotels, wineries, affordable housing, schools, institutions and public parks.

  2. Surfacedesign


    Surfacedesign is a landscape architecture and urban design firm based in San Francisco, California. This award-winning practice focuses on creating dynamic parks, plazas, waterfronts, civic landscapes and private gardens.

  3. LA+


    LA+ (Landscape Architecture Plus) from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design explores landscape architecture's interdisciplinary potential, bringing readers a rich collection of contemporary thinkers and designers in two lavishly illustrated issues annually.

  4. Lifescapes International

    Lifescapes International

    Lifescapes International is an award-winning landscape architectural firm that has become an influential force in the industry through its design of innovative and creative landscape environments that entertain and delight both clients and visitors. The firm has spearheaded several iconic landscapes, including destination resorts and hotels, casinos, residential communities, mixed-use, and retail/lifestyle centers.

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    Thomas Balsley Associates

    For over 35 years, Thomas Balsley Associates has reshaped urban space around the world by designing landscapes that teem with public life. TBA projects range from feasibility planning studies to built urban parks, waterfronts, commercial, residential and recreational landscapes.

  6. Copley Wolff Design Group

    Copley Wolff Design Group

    Copley Wolff Design Group is a landscape architecture and planning firm located in downtown Boston, MA. We specialize in the planning and design of academic, housing, green roof, corporate, institutional, mixed-use, park, streetscape, and children's play and discovery projects throughout the country. A number of our projects focus on placemaking, integrating art into the landscape, cultural and historic interpretation, environmental education, and community participation.

  7. W Architecture and Landscape Architecture

    W Architecture & Landscape Architecture

    Founded in 1999 by Barbara Wilks, W Architecture & Landscape Architecture is an interdisciplinary studio which builds on links between architecture and landscape architecture to create spaces, infrastructure and buildings that engage both nature and urbanism. Working at multiple scales and with an eye for the ecological and social needs of the 21st Century, our international staff reflects the firm's holistic outlook on design and brings a variety of experiences, disciplines and talents to each project.

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    O2 Planning + Design

    O2 Planning + Design is a multidisciplinary firm of landscape architects, urban designers, landscape ecologists, reclamation ecologists, environmental scientists. Founded in 1991, O2 specializes in the planning and design of rapidly changing and highly-valued places. O2 combines creative design with extensive environmental planning and scientific understanding to produce sustainable and inspired solutions that promote ecological, cultural, and economic development.

  9. Arterra Landscape Architects

    Arterra Landscape Architects

    Arterra is a full-service landscape architecture firm specializing in contemporary, sustainable design. We collaborate with our clients and their design team, providing imaginative solutions and clear communication.

  10. SCAPE


    SCAPE is a design-driven landscape architecture and urban design studio based in New York. We believe landscape architecture can enable positive change in communities through the creation of regenerative living infrastructure and public landscapes. We work to integrate natural cycles and systems into environments across all scales, from the urban pocket-park to the regional ecological plan. We do this through diverse forms of landscape architecture - built landscapes, planning frameworks, research, books, and installations - with the ultimate goal of connecting people to their immediate environment and creating dynamic and adaptive landscapes of the future.

  11. Mikyoung Kim Design

    Mikyoung Kim Design

    Mikyoung Kim Design is an international, woman-owned, landscape architecture and urban design firm. The studio's exceptional body of work has redefined the discipline of landscape architecture, inhabiting the intersection of art and science. Their designs address the most pressing environmental and health-related issues, while creating artful and immersive experiences.

  12. Gustafson Porter

    Gustafson Porter

    Gustafson Porter is an award-winning landscape architecture practice which has received public acclaim for creating authentically engaging spaces within a global portfolio. The development of our design work has continuously pushed the boundaries of what constitutes the field of landscape design and our work is known for its sensual and sculptural features.

  13. Agence TER

    Agence TER

    Agence Ter is a landscape architecture practice based in Paris, France. Henri Bava, Michel Hössler and Olivier Philippe, the three founders and directors of Agence Ter, all driven by the same curiosity, are pushing back the limits of their profession by experimenting with a transverse approach to urban and territorial projects, far from the usual opposition between urban planners, architects and landscape designers.

  14. Outer Space

    Outer Space

    Outer Space Landscape Architecture is dedicated to designing spaces for outdoor living. Our emphasis is to design unique residential gardens that reflect our clients' needs and sensibilities and also meet their budgetary and scheduling concerns.

  15. Andropogon


    Founded more than forty years ago, Andropogon is committed to the principle of "designing with nature," creating beautiful and evocative landscapes inspired by the careful observation of natural processes and informed by the best environmental science. Andropogon's body of national and international work includes early examples of innovative green strategies that have withstood the test of time, as well as a broad range of landscape, site planning, environmental projects, ecological restoration, and innovative stormwater management techniques.

  16. GGN


    GGN is a landscape architecture firm based in Seattle, founded in 1999 by Jennifer Guthrie, Shannon Nichol, and Kathryn Gustafson.

  17. Fernando Wong

    Fernando Wong

    Fernando Wong is a landscape architecture firm based in the United States. The company started in 2005 in Miami Beach and since that time has opened additional offices in Palm Beach and Southampton and has ongoing commercial and residential projects across the country and around the world.

  18. Confluence


    Confluence brings landscape architecture, planning and urban design together as a creative but practical means of merging our client's needs with the environment. As stewards of the land and the built environment, we aspire to create a human connection with each project and its surrounding context while respecting nature.

  19. HarrisonStevens


    HarrisonStevens is an international award winning landscape architecture & urban design practice based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Design, technical delivery and research are at the forefront of our practice.

  20. Wittman Estes

    Wittman Estes

    Wittman Estes is a collaboration between architect Matt Wittman and landscape designer Jody Estes, founded on the idea that buildings and landscapes could be combined into one interconnected whole.

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    Buro Sant en Co

    Dutch landscape Design company. Every place is unique and deserves a unique solution. Standard solutions do not exist. Sant en Co is: Functionality, simplicity, authenticity, with a conceptional approach.

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    J M L A

    J M L A is an atelier for landscape architecture design, research, and training based in Basel, Switzerland. James Melsom, an Australian/Swiss trained architect and landscape architect, combines the field of landscape architectural practice with surveying, and sensory techniques, to bring insight on the design of the city and related infrastructures.

  23. Vogt Landscape Architects

    Vogt Landscape Architects

    Vogt Landscape Architects is a practice founded by Günther Vogt, professor of landscape architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), with offices in Zurich, Munich and London.

  24. Spurlock


    Spurlock provides an innovative, site-conditioned approach to planning and landscape architectural design. The firm has expertise in planning, parks, urban residential, mixed-use, and institutional projects, and art in public places.

  25. AHBE


    AHBE Landscape Architects is an award-winning LA-based firm that translates revolutionary ideas into lasting environments. As modern landscape architects in a postmodern world, AHBE sees the role of the landscape architect as providing the crucial link between ecology and economy, and striking a harmonious balance between nature and humanity.

  26. Sara Jacoby

    Sara Jacoby

    Registered Landscape Architectural firm specializing in both residential and commercial design. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Sara Jacoby has designed landscapes across the Southwest including Arizona, Texas and Southern California.

  27. Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects

    Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects

    Mathews Nielsen is a New York-based landscape architecture firm specializing in urban revitalization and environmentally responsible design initiatives that reimagine place and use. The practice is currently serving as prime consultant on a number of major projects in the city.

  28. Department Design Office

    Department Design Office

    Department Design Office is a landscape, architecture, and urban design studio. We are radically pragmatic designers, which means we are committed to making thoughtful and dynamic environments that are equally informed by function and implementation. We are advocates for the communities we work in, and we aspire to design processes that generate and sustain transformative spaces. Department Design Office was founded in 2018 by Maggie Tsang and Isaac Stein.