Art Blogs

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    NokHoo Hoozits

    This is a collection of design and color inspiration, personal design projects, free design tools, travels, textiles and whatever else inspires creative work.

  2. Colossal


    Colossal is an international platform for contemporary art and visual expression that explores a vast range of creative disciplines. With an archive of over 6,000 articles written by seven contributors, we pride ourselves in celebrating the work of both emerging and established artists through an ongoing commitment to make art accessible to everyone.

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    See Hear Say

    This blog is a library of random links, images and videos for inspirations and ideas. See Hear Say covers any forms of art, design, photography, and music.

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    Creative Fluff

    Creative Fluff is a design blog and art magazine that talks about graphic design, product design news, fashion news, and sustainable architecture.