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  1. The Art of Chalk - Techniques and Inspiration for Creating Art with Chalk

    The Art of Chalk: Techniques and Inspiration for Creating Art with Chalk

    Chalk, a ubiquitous and versatile implement made from limestone, is much more than a humble tool for jotting impermanent notes. With a wide range of uses in art and design, chalk is quickly becoming a favorite of artists around the world to create impressive works of art. In The Art of Chalk, noted street painter Tracy Lee Stum takes an inspiring look at the many exciting creative applications for this easily accessible medium. With a historic overview of chalk's origins as an art medium, and how its artistic uses have evolved over the centuries, this book is a wealth of knowledge for anyone looking to get creative with this time-honored art medium.

  2. Dark Inspiration II - Grotesque Illustrations, Art and Design

    Dark Inspiration II: Grotesque Illustrations, Art and Design

    Following the overwhelming success of the first volume in the series, Dark Inspiration 2 charts new territory in the world of macabre aesthetics, showcasing the best new artworks in the genre that are sure to disturb and alarm. From depictions of our most primal fears to scenes of death and injury, this new collection explores the demons that haunt us all.

  3. Create with Artists - Art Activites for Everyone

    Create with Artists: Art Activites for Everyone

    The weekly workshops with artists organised by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam are highly popular. For the very first time, they have been brought together in a book so that everyone can now get their hands dirty at home. For Create with Artists - An Art Activity Book for Everyone, 23 artists - Viktor & Rolf, Marlene Dumas, Rineke Dijkstra, Lawrence Weiner, Jan Rothuizen and Joep van Lieshout - have come up with stimulating assignments to carry out yourself. From guerrilla gardening to making an emotional portrait or designing a mobile spacecraft.

  4. Making It - Sculpture in Britain 1977-1986

    Making It: Sculpture in Britain 1977-1986

    Making It: Sculpture in Britain 1977-1986 provides insight into the explosion of sculpture in Britain during the late 1970s and 1980s, featuring renowned contemporary UK artists such as Edward Allington, Helen Chadwick, Tony Cragg, Andrew Logan, Barry Flanagan, Cornelia Parker, Alison Wilding, Michael Sandle and Gary Woodley.

  5. NK Guy - Art of Burning Man

    NK Guy: Art of Burning Man

    This book assembles 16 years of Burning Man art from writer and photographer NK Guy. His dazzling images record these participatory, collective, intrinsically ephemeral installations and happenings in the desert, which exist for no clearer purpose than because someone wanted to express something.

  6. Time to Play - Action and Interaction in Contemporary Art

    Time to Play: Action and Interaction in Contemporary Art

    'Play art' or interactive art is becoming a central concept in the contemporary art world, disrupting the traditional role of passive observance usually assumed by audiences, allowing them active participation. Time to Play explores the role of play as a central but neglected concept in aesthetics and a model for ground-breaking modern and postmodern experiments which have tended to blur the boundary between art and life.

  7. Come Together - The Rise of Cooperative Art and Design

    Come Together: The Rise of Cooperative Art and Design

    The past twenty years have seen a new generation of artists working together in small groups and large collectives to explore new avenues of art, design, performance, and commerce. In Come Together, author and visual artist Francesco Spampinato assembles an international roster of forty of today's most exciting and influential collectives, from design studios like Project Projects and political performance artists The Yes Men to flash mob provocateurs Improv Everywhere and the multimedia artists Assume Vivid Astro Focus.

  8. Curationism - How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else

    Curationism: How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else

    In this vibrant, revelatory and original study, David Balzer travels through art history and around the globe to explore the cult of curation, from superstar curator Hans Ulrich Obrist's war with sleep to Subway's 'sandwich artists.' Recalling such landmark works of cultural criticism as Tom Wolfe's The Painted Word and John Berger's Ways of Seeing, Curationism will change the way you look at art - and maybe even the way you see yourself.

  9. Ways of Curating

    Ways of Curating

    Hans Ulrich Obrist curated his first exhibit in his kitchen when he was twenty-three years old. Since then he has staged more than 250 shows internationally, many of them among the most influential exhibits of our age. Ways of Curating is a compendium of the insights Obrist has gained from his years of extraordinary work in the art world.

  10. Don't Take These Drawings Seriously - 1981-1987

    Don't Take These Drawings Seriously: 1981-1987

    Don't Take These Drawings Seriously is a monograph of Nathalie Du Pasquier's drawings and patterns. Du Pasquier's drawings reveal entire hidden worlds of her imagination - from very small items like jewelry to entire cities. They also show a surprisingly personal side of Du Pasquier's work.

  11. Typewriter Art - A Modern Anthology

    Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology

    Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology brings together some of the best examples by typewriter artists around the world. As well as key historical work form the Bauhaus, H. N. Werkman and the concrete poets, there is art by contemporary practitioners, both typewriter artists who use the keyboard as a palette to create artwork, and artists/typographers using the form as a compositional device.

  12. Art and the Internet

    Art and the Internet

    In its 25 year history, art and its relationship to the internet has radically changed. Art and the Internet is a much-needed visual survey of art existing on, influenced by, and taking the subject of the internet over the last two and a half decades, offering an alternative chronology of the internet via the changing 'of the time' opinions from the late 1980s until today.

  13. City as Canvas

    City as Canvas

    Back in the late '70s and '80s when graffiti was much more pervasive on subway cars and throughout NY, Martin Wong took is upon himself to start "collecting" the art. Through photographs, letters, flyers, and even personal black books kept by some of the artists, this book offers the largest offering from Wong's collection. From Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat to Futura 2000 and Daze - City as Canvas contains some of these and other artists most famous works as well as previously unpublished art.

  14. Contemporary Art in the United Kingdom

    Contemporary Art in the United Kingdom

    Featuring over 50 of the UK's most prolific artists, and covering both traditional sculpture and painting to cutting edge practices, this fifth title of the ARTWORLD series is a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute overview of the UK's art scene.

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    Anselm Kiefer: Studios

    Anselm Kiefer: Studios, the only monograph devoted to a detailed and authoritative analysis of Kiefer's studios as the key to his artistic creation.

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    ...Isms: Understanding Modern Art

    ...Isms: Understanding Modern Art takes you on the wild ride of modern art from Impressionism up until present day Street Art in the South Bronx. Full of all the famous isms-and countless obscure, lesser-known art movements - this handy book breaks down the fine points of modern art in a fresh and engaging way.

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    Handmade in Britain

    90 contemporary designer-makers from England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are featured in this book. Working in a variety of materials from precious metals to clay, wood, and more, these artisans approach their work in a sustainable and eco-conscious way. Each designer-maker's work is illustrated and accompanied by a short essay providing insight into how they work and what inspires them.

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    State of Craft

    With State of Craft, Woodcock and Hanaor shake things up once again, offering a fully illustrated how-to guide for making everything from mobiles to lampshades. State of Craft features interviews and contributions from all the hottest international craft megastars including Tatty Devine, Urban Cross Stitch and DIY Couture. Clearly explained, step-by-step craft ideas range from homemade underwear to pompom necklaces and angle poise lamps made with jars.

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    The Art of the Italian Renaissance

    Impressive illustrations of works from every branch of the fine arts feature prominently in this book, which not only competently explains various aspects of Renaissance art, but also invites readers to observe them closely with its fabulous pictures.

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    Infinite Instances: Studies and Images of Time

    Artist and designer Olga Ast, thanks to the contributions of approximately sixty international artists, writers, scientists, architects and filmmakers, has compiled in Infinite Instances an astounding compendium of studies of time.

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    Under the Big Black Sun

    This comprehensive survey examines the fertile and diverse output of California artists during an extraordinary period of American history. Examining art-making in California during a tumultuous transitional period, this catalogue accompanying a remarkable exhibition features approximately 125 California artists working in a wide array of media: from installation art to representational painting, from conceptual art to performance art, and from video to photography.

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    Papercraft 2

    With an unparalleled collection of new and groundbreaking projects, Papercraft 2 is an inspiring up-to-the-minute survey of current developments in contemporary design with paper.

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    John Buscema: The Michaelangelo of Comics

    Now for the first time a comprehensive art book about one of the greatest comic artists, commonly referred to by his peers as The Michelangelo of Comics, John Buscema. This exhaustive look at Buscema's career and art covers every aspect of this legend's work and is generously illustrated with over 200 examples of the master's original art.

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    Poster Boy: The War of Art

    His cut and slash mash-ups of subway platform billboards only exist in New York City, but Poster Boy's artful and funny appropriations of advertising have gotten him attention the world over. Poster Boy: The War of Art collects his best work yet.

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    From the weekly shopping list to the Ten Commandments, our lives are shaped by lists. Whether dashed off as a quick reminder, or carefully constructed as an inventory, this humble form of documentation provides insight into its maker's personal habits and decision-making processes. Lists presents almost seventy artifacts, including 'to do' lists, membership lists, lists of paintings sold, lists of books to read, lists of appointments made and met, lists of supplies to get, lists of places to see, and lists of people who are 'in.'

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    The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography

    In The Map as Art, Katharine Harmon collects 360 colorful, map-related artistic visions by well-known artists such as Ed Ruscha, Julian Schnabel, Olafur Eliasson, Maira Kalman, William Kentridge, and Vik Muniz and many more less-familiar artists for whom maps are the inspiration for creating art. Essays by Gayle Clemans bring an in-depth look into the artists' maps of Joyce Kozloff, Landon Mackenzie, Ingrid Calame, Guillermo Kuitca, and Maya Lin.

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    Inside the Painter's Studio

    Inside the Painter's Studio collects twenty-four remarkable artist interviews, as well as exclusive visual documentation of their studios. Featured artists were asked a wide range of questions about their day-to-day creative life, covering everything from how they organize their studios to what painting tools they prefer. Artists open up about how they set a creative mood, how they choose titles, and even whether they sit or stand to contemplate their work.

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    South African Art Now

    South African Art Now documents, through in-depth essays and stunning full-color photographs, the remarkable work of nearly one hundred South African artists working in every medium from painting, sculpture, and video to cutting-edge performance art. This lush volume includes the impressive work of art world stars such as William Kentridge and Marlene Dumas; newly prominent artists such as Berni Searle, Robin Rhode, and Mustafa Maluka; and exciting newcomers still unknown outside their own country, but clearly marked for success.

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    The Bauhaus Group: Six Masters of Modernism

    In this extraordinary group biography, Nicholas Fox Weber brilliantly brings to life the Bauhaus geniuses and the community of the pioneering art school in Germany's Weimar and Dessau in the 1920s and early 1930s.

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    Calma: The Art of Stephan Doitschinoff

    Stephan Doitschinoff's street alias is Calma. This book presents the emblematic and spiritual paintings and murals that the Brazilian painter has emblazoned on houses, churches and walls in rural villages in his South American homeland. His metaphoric imagery feeds off Afro-Brazilian folklore, pagan and alchemic symbolism and contemporary pop culture.