Book Designers

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    Fiona Raven

    Worry-free book design for authors worldwide, including book cover and page design. I enjoy working with first-time authors who are self-publishing, as well as established publishers.

  2. Tom Carling

    Tom Carling

    Tom Carling is a New York-based graphic designer offering a full range of publication art direction, design, and production services in print and digital formats. Over the span of a two-decade plus career, he has designed hundreds of books, textbooks and magazines for kids, young adults, and grown ups in close collaboration with major publishers and global brands.

  3. Nohemy Adrián

    Nohemy Adrián

    Nohemy Adrian is a visual artist specialised in book & cover design, currently based in France.

  4. Evelin Kasikov

    Evelin Kasikov

    Evelin Kasikov is a London based book designer and illustrator. Her approach to craft is analytical and firmly rooted in her graphic design background. She uses typography, grid systems and design techniques to challenge the preconceptions of embroidery.

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    Dave Aldrich

    Dave Aldrich is an experienced book designer, graphic designer, art and photography director who has worked in marketing and advertising for 30 years.

  6. Juan Padrón

    Juan Padrón

    Juan Padrón is a Venezuelan book cover designer specialized on horror, suspense, thriller, dystopian and paranormal.

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    Jim Arneson

    Jaad offers affordable, professional quality book cover design and interior book design for independent publishers and self publishers.

  8. Nada Backovic

    Nada Backovic

    Nada Backovic is an award-winning book designer, graphic designer and illustrator with more than 20 years' experience working within publishing in Australia and the UK. Nada's speciality and passion is bringing books to life with unique and creative design solutions.

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    Nuno Moreira

    Portuguese art director and photographer Nuno Moreira, offering creative services in book/editorial design, illustration and photography.

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    Anton Khodakovsky

    Anton Khodakovsky designs book covers for mainstream publishers, print-on-demand, and self publishing authors. My offer is clear and simple - a flat rate for the covers and promo materials, including a custom illustration, a photo shoot, or whatever required.

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    Alexander von Ness

    Book cover designer with almost 20 years of professional experience in graphic design and over a decade as Art Director in a branding agency.

  12. Jennifer Stimson

    Jennifer Stimson

    16 years in the publishing industry as a book designer creating trade and educational books designs for top publishers and self-published authors.