Broadcast Design Books

  1. 3 Motion Design

    3 Motion Design

    Combining art and design principles with creative storytelling and professional savvy, Design for Motion covers everything a serious motion designer needs to make their artistic visions a reality and confidently produce compositions for clients. In this updated second edition of the book, author Austin Shaw explores the principles of motion design, teaching readers how to creatively harness the essential techniques of this diverse and innovative medium to create compelling style frames, design boards, and motion design products.

  2. Creative Motion Graphic Titling for Film, Video, and the Web

    Creative Motion Graphic Titling for Film, Video, and the Web

    This book features genre-based tutorial sections, with step by step instructions for creating effective horror, comedy, drama, and suspense titling sequences. Tutorials for creating some of the most popular title sequences in blockbuster movies are included (Se7en, The Sopranos, 24, The Matrix). Other tutorials teach you how to effectively use sound and VFX in your titles, and also included is instruction on editing your title sequence.

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    Moving Graphics

    Exploring the elements of color, typography, movement, and sound across a wide range of media, this book is an excellent showcase of the most visually powerful graphics in the industry. Containing a CD with useful examples of the work, features, and images from motion graphic professionals, Moving Graphics offers an in-depth look at this dynamic area of creative design.

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    With SHOWREEL.01, Daab Publishing releases a design book, dealing exclusively with the design of audiovisual media. The subjects range from Commercials, TV Design and Film Design (Titles/Trailers), to Music Videos and Short Films.