Broadcast Design Companies

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    Bluerock has the kind of big talent that doesn't fit into a small company. Our extensive roster of the industry's top editors offers our clients an unparalleled wealth of specialized and creative skills. With a dedicated staff supporting our editors and the latest equipment to keep them on the cutting edge, Bluerock's vision, technology, and teamwork create the perfect environment for creativity to flourish.

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    Three One Design

    NYC based Three One Design is a creative house that specializes in interdisciplinary animation styles, creating a unique brand of visual solutions to drive campaigns, packaging, and branding for the broadcast industry.

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    3 Ring Circus

    Branding and design studio specializing in TV Network packaging, TV show opens, commercials and image campaigns.

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    Founded in 1997, PostPanic works with agencies to create beautifully crafted and memorable visual projects.

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    The Colony

    Based in New York City and launched in 2010, The Colony is a multi-disciplinary directing collective offering visual effects, design, post-production and live action filmmaking.

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    Solid Green

    Solid Green offers broadcast design, animation and visual effects services since 1995.

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    Visual Playground

    Based in Melbourne, Australia and founded by Emily Harridge more than a decade ago, Visual Playground is a full-service design and production studio that is known for creating distinctive visual solutions that bring innovative concepts to life. Seamlessly integrating the disciplines of design, animation and live-action direction, Visual Playground's leading team of producers, directors, designers, 2D /3D animators and VFX artists work with clients to develop compelling broadcast design, TVCs and brand communication across all visual mediums.

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    Atlanta-based, Tube is a creative post-production boutique specializing in broadcast design, motion graphics, sound and editorial work. Tube's talented team is recognized not only for their technical abilities, but their creative aesthetic as well.

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    Mainframe is one of London's leading broadcast design firms, creating channel branding, motion graphics and animation for TV and film.

  10. Bryan Grant Studios

    Bryan Grant Studios

    Bryan Grant Studios is located in Los Angeles, CA carrying global recognition in producing high-end motion graphics, design, 2D & 3D animation for broadcast, theatrical and digital projects.

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    Pictures in a Row

    Pictures in a Row is a Los Angeles-based production company that makes films and commercials of all kinds.

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    Skitch is a design studio integrating live action and motion design for the youth market.

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    Citizen Pictures

    Citizen Pictures is a television production company and a technically advanced post-production facility, all housed in a renovated warehouse in Denver, Colorado. Our 15,000 square foot studio is comprised of an all-HD digital production center, full sound stage, ten HD edit suites, audio suite, and two graphics suites. Staff Producers, DPs, artists, and editors execute large-scale productions from start to finish within these walls.

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    Flame Visuals

    Flame Visuals is a TV/ film production company based in London and specialists in commercials, music videos and corporate.

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    Reactiv Post

    Located in Toronto, Canada - reactiv post specializes in all things related to post-production wizardry - most commonly motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, broadcast design and visual fx.

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    Nathaniel Howe Studios

    Nathaniel Howe Studios is a world class branding, design, animation and production company located in Beverly Hills, California. We are dedicated to creating innovative design concepts, sophisticated animation and unparalleled production for all media across the globe while ensuring excellent client services.

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    The Brand Gallery

    The Brand Gallery specializes in the development and implementation of positioning presentation and promotion strategies for some of the world's most recognized brands.

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    Friends of Mine

    Friends of Mine is a design-driven studio and production company creating innovative ideation and content for television, online, mobile and environmental experience.

  19. 2C Media

    2C Media

    Based in Miami, Florida, 2C Media is an award-winning creative agency and production company. The company's passionate creative team comprises some of the nation's top talent from film, television, advertising and design, and 2C Media's state-of-the-art, all-HD facility features nine edit suites, full audio and in-house graphics.

    Miami, FL, United States
  20. Little Big Bang Studios

    Little Big Bang Studios

    Little Big Bang Studios is an award-winning design firm that specializes in creating motion graphics and animations for broadcast, advertising, and online productions. Our team draws upon their fine-arts background to produce stellar work that is impactful, as well as, aesthetically pleasing. As a multicultural, international design firm, our global experiences shape how we see the world. Our unique vision, coupled with our collaborative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, affords us the privilege of working with highly talented and respected professionals across all industries.

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    Evolve Media

    Evolve Media is a full service film and video production company serving New York and San Francisco. Evolve produces broadcast commercials, TV shows, documentaries, and corporate videos.

  22. Furlined


    Furlined is a commercial production company with offices in Los Angeles, New York and London. We collaborate with advertising teams from around the world to create brand stories that inspire and move audiences.

  23. Starstruck


    Starstruck is a digital, marketing and brand production company with a broadcast background. We produce stories that spark emotion and deliver live and engaging fast-turnaround content for our clients across television, digital and social media.

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    Traveling Picture Show Co.

    The Traveling Picture Show Company is a director-driven commercial production company, inspired by the traveling motion picture and entertainment acts of the early 20th Century to bring creativity, mobility and flexibility to markets big and small around the globe.

  25. Melty Cone Video

    Melty Cone Video

    Melty Cone is a video production company in NYC. We make videos that people love to share for companies, startups, agencies and established brands.

  26. Twisted Frame

    Twisted Frame

    Twisted Frame is an innovative and highly creative video production & animation company that strives to consistently create high quality digital content.

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    True Film Production

    True Film is a full service video production company focusing on creating exceptional quality branded content for advertisers, brands and corporate clients.

  28. PatrickOrtman


    We create videos, commercials, and films for clients including 11 Fortune 500s, brands you know like BMW and PepsiCo, and smaller companies and funded startups.

  29. Hooligan


    Hooligan is an NYC-based creative post-production company specializing in commercials, television, film, and digital content. From editorial to visual effects to motion graphics, everything we do is designed to bring your project over the finish line, gloriously.