Broadcast Design Companies in the United States

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    Bombastic is an award-winning and strategic creative company founded by Emmy-nominated designer/creative director Jamie Slomski. From the design and production of national and international on-air network branding initiatives, to TV show packaging and commercial direction and design, Bombastic distinguishes itself with diverse visual style and an efficient production process.

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    Grand Jete

    Founded in 2003, Grand Jete is a creative production company specializing in motion design, animation, graphics and live-action production. Led by executive creative director Howard Nourmand, Grand Jete continually produces cutting-edge aesthetics for commercial, music video, and film. Our portfolio includes projects for the world's top ad agencies, brands, recording artists, and filmmakers, earning us numerous awards and worldwide editorial exposure.

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    The Goo

    The Goo is a multi-media company with a primary focus on content for television, film, web, mobile and emerging media.

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    The Core

    The Core specializes in commercials, network branding/promotion and multi-media content, utilizing all aspects of production at its disposal, including live action, VFX, animation, stop animation and editorial.

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    Bodega Studios

    Bodega Studios is a creative production company based in New York and San Francisco. We develop, produce and distribute award-winning projects in every medium. We make commercials, digital content, promos, feature films, television and music videos.

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    BigStar employs creative strategy with design, live-action, animation, and visual effects to tell compelling stories and deliver branded content that informs, engages, and inspires.

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    ODD NY

    ODD NY is more than a design and animation company. It's a think tank, a space for experimentation, exploration, and development. A lab for creativity that need not live only inside a digital space.

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    The Artists Company

    The Artists Company, founded by executive producer Roberto Cecchini, is one of the longest running television production companies in New York City.

  9. Attention Span Media

    Attention Span Media

    Attention Span Media is an Emmy Award winning Los Angeles-based, full-service creative and production studio specializing in the creation of high-quality original content for TV, mobile and online portals. Attention Span Media's mission is simple: Create great stories with rich characters told with stunning visuals. Drama that grabs viewers and doesn't let go. Comedy that tickles so hard it hurts. Short doses of entertainment for the new A.D.D. generation.

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    1/29 Films

    1/29 Films is an independent, creative studio focused on crafting compelling narratives. We are a nimble team versed in brand strategy, filmmaking, art direction, web design and interactive media. From concept development through execution, we thrive in any medium by focusing on immersive story-telling that engages the audience with a captivating message.

  11. MindOverEye


    MindOverEye is a leading creative-driven, multi-platform, full-service media company. We are visual storytellers with an innovative approach to the evolving media landscape. We are fluent in everything from commercials, branded content, large format experiential executions and original programming.

  12. The New Blank

    The New Blank

    The New Blank is a design-driven production & animation studio. We are a group of graphic designers and motionographers that are obsessed with making beauty that stands apart from the crowd while delivering well crafted messaging. We believe that everything must have a purpose, and if its purpose is merely looking pretty then we simply have no time for it.

  13. Lucky 21

    Lucky 21

    Lucky 21 is a production company that provides a 360 degrees approach to advertising. Our directors are multifaceted creatives that enjoy nurturing projects from concept to completion.

  14. Almost Gold

    Almost Gold

    Almost Gold is a design-driven commercial production company based in Chicago's West Town neighborhood. We partner with agencies, corporations and artists from all over the world, to produce content of the highest quality.

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    Shine is a creative design and production studio specializing in branding and storytelling for the entertainment and advertising industries. With its roots planted in Hollywood, Shines team leverages its conceptual thinking and deep experience in branding, advertising and design to help some of the biggest names in the entertainment and advertising worlds communicate their message. Shines mission is to fuse striking conceptual thinking with the cutting edge crafts of full-motion electronic media in an effort to distinguish brands, personalities, stories and experience.

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    Beehive is a creative concept & design studio based in NYC. Our tightly knit team consistently creates award winning motion work for broadcast, film, web, & pod. Our commitment to shape clear, creative visual messages in a collaborative environment has lead to a diverse body of work incorporating live action, typography, illustration, digital effects and editorial.

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    Epoch Films

    Epoch Films is a production company based in New York, Los Angeles and London. We work with a talented group of directors and collaborators to make great things.

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    Partizan is a leading producer of award-winning music videos, commercials, films, animation, and pioneering interactive media, with a worldwide reputation for creative excellence and offices in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles and Berlin.

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    Savage is an international production company representing diverse directorial talent from around the world.

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    Gifted Youth

    Gifted Youth is a full service creative production company nestled comfortably in the heart of Los Angeles in a bungalow next to it's mother ship Funny or Die. We make films for television, the web, and your phones.

  21. Miniac Films

    Miniac Films

    Miniac Films is a group of filmmakers and friends from varying disciplinary backgrounds who have different interests but share one commonality: storytelling. The company was formed in 2015 by Director John Christopher Pina and Executive Producer Stephen Roesler, who bring over a decade's worth of experience in music video, commercial, documentary and narrative film to develop versatile solutions for clients.

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    Leroy + Clarkson

    New York City-based Leroy + Clarkson is a broadcast design/live-action production company providing a unique narrative approach to short-form content, title sequences, promos & marketing, commercials and branding. Founded in 2001 by industry veteran Principal/Creative Director Daniel Fries, Leroy + Clarkson serves a broad base of clients in the network, agency and film industries.

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    Bluerock has the kind of big talent that doesn't fit into a small company. Our extensive roster of the industry's top editors offers our clients an unparalleled wealth of specialized and creative skills. With a dedicated staff supporting our editors and the latest equipment to keep them on the cutting edge, Bluerock's vision, technology, and teamwork create the perfect environment for creativity to flourish.

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    Three One Design

    NYC based Three One Design is a creative house that specializes in interdisciplinary animation styles, creating a unique brand of visual solutions to drive campaigns, packaging, and branding for the broadcast industry.

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    3 Ring Circus

    Branding and design studio specializing in TV Network packaging, TV show opens, commercials and image campaigns.

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    The Colony

    Based in New York City and launched in 2010, The Colony is a multi-disciplinary directing collective offering visual effects, design, post-production and live action filmmaking.

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    Atlanta-based, Tube is a creative post-production boutique specializing in broadcast design, motion graphics, sound and editorial work. Tube's talented team is recognized not only for their technical abilities, but their creative aesthetic as well.

  28. Bryan Grant Studios

    Bryan Grant Studios

    Bryan Grant Studios is located in Los Angeles, CA carrying global recognition in producing high-end motion graphics, design, 2D & 3D animation for broadcast, theatrical and digital projects.

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    Pictures in a Row

    Pictures in a Row is a Los Angeles-based production company that makes films and commercials of all kinds.

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    Skitch is a design studio integrating live action and motion design for the youth market.