Broadcast Design Services

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    Proton is a post production studio headquartered in Manhattan. Services include everything from conceptual design to delivery for HD and SD broadcast, web cast, installations and much more.

  2. The Molecule

    The Molecule

    Founded in 2005, The Molecule is a premiere creative facility that creates bespoke imagery for clients worldwide. Over 80 artists, producers, technicians and administrative support collaborate at our New York City and Los Angeles studios.

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    Jack Morton PDG

    Jack Morton/PDG creates award-winning broadcast environments for sports, entertainment and news brands around the world.

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    Loco is a talented team of designers, animators, editors, colourists and directors who share a passion for visual media. We embrace technology but are not defined by it, favoring a creative approach and that is fostered by a friendly environment.

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    Numodo offers digital content representation services in the fields of broadcast design, visual effects, live-action and motion design, and provides best-in-class digital content, digital strategy and digital production for screens big and small in mobile, web, film and television.

  6. Phosphene


    Phosphene is a high-end mid-sized New York based VFX boutique specializing in 2D and 3D environmental work. Phosphene is helmed by VFX Supervisor John Bair and VFX Executive Producer Vivian Connolly.

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    GreenFlash Media

    GreenFlash Media is a creative services studio specializing in broadcast design, motion graphics, promos and creative branding, making us the ideal creative partner for television networks, production companies, studios, agencies and in-house graphic departments.

  8. Kmotion Media

    Kmotion Media

    Kmotion Media is an award-winning full-service video and animation production company and interactive design studio. Kmotion partners with advertising agencies and companies of all sizes to create engaging and effective advertising, marketing and corporate communication experiences delivered on the digital platforms that people interact with daily.

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    The Mill

    The Mill is an award winning visual effects studio creating moving image, design & digital for the advertising, film, TV, games and music industries.

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    Seamlessly combining the art of design, animation and compositing, RenderRoom provides inspiring creative work, technical innovation and visual solutions for advertising & marketing, feature films, broadcast and music video industries.

  11. Ultra Studio

    Ultra Studio

    Ultra is a conceptual-led design studio, specializing in CGI, animation and motion design. Working with advertising agencies, brands and TV channels, we create content for; social media, AR, websites, television, events and large scale projections.

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    MotionGroup is a production company that internationally represents creative boutiques specializing in broadcast branding and motion design.

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    Moccasin Management

    Moccasin Management connects award-winning directors, designers, VFX, animation, motion graphic and content creators with the entertainment marketing, advertising and gaming industries.

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    Gasket is a Minneapolis, MN based post production house. We specialize in providing video editing, visual effects, 2D and 3D animation services.

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    Nic DiPalma Creative

    Through motion design, brand management, advertising, marketing and interactive media, I can help you encourage greater connection with your audience, excite customers to your presence and build stronger relationships with your clients and business partners.

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    Based in Southampton, Hampshire, Skysoclear specialise in helping companies communicate with their customers with compelling online video production content.

  17. Sugar23


    Founded in 2017 by Academy Award-winning manager-producer Michael Sugar, Sugar23 is an emerging management and creative platform. We specialize in creating original, premium content across all media, incubating and investing in brands and companies, and providing strategic advisory for branding, production, and other go-to-market needs for companies across industries and stages.