Craft Design Studios

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    Zelma Rose

    Zelma Rose was established in 2010 by designer Lisa Anderson Shaffer and inspired by the age old Anderson Family tradition of skilled American hand craftsmanship. All of our goods are handcrafted in our Northern California studio in limited editions using the highest quality new and vintage materials.

  2. Sagarminaga Atelier

    Sagarminaga Atelier

    Sagarminaga Atelier is a studio and craft workshop that was born in 2017 to collect ancestral traditions, design and produce exclusive and timeless pieces, and create spaces with great expressive value. We are dedicated to the design and production of pieces made with vegetable fibers and to the setting of domestic, commercial (retail) and contract spaces.

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    MAGVA Design + Letterpress

    Founded by Antonella Magliocco Vaugh, MAGVA Design + Letterpress is a boutique design and letterpress studio located in the centre of Ireland specializing in wedding invitations and stationery for all occasions.

  4. Weez and Merl

    Weez & Merl

    Weez & Merl is a Brighton-based studio set up in 2015 to reduce the quantity of plastic going to litter or landfill. Specializing in Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), commonly found in carrier bags and bubble wrap, the studio has developed a method of melting and reforming the plastic to create a durable, marble-effect surface material that can be formed into coasters, tabletops and more, using the techniques of woodworking.

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    Molly M Designs

    Molly McGrath is a designer based in the Mission district of San Francisco. Molly designs and produces all of the work in San Francisco and is focused on ethical material sourcing, accessible pricing, and conceptual integrity.

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    Designs Tandem

    Designs Tandem is a boutique studio, born two years ago from the minds and hands of Gemma Fenol and Eloi Moli.