Craft Designers

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    Carlos Alves Ludovico

    Studio Ludovico portfolio includes fashion, interior design, jewellery and other everyday objects. Carlos Alves Ludovico does not want to be defined by a particular design focus. He looks for the fascination behind shapes, colours and materials and wants to stimulate the intellect with his creations.

  2. Dirk Vander Kooij

    Dirk Vander Kooij

    Dirk Vander Kooij is a Dutch designer from Amsterdam, who creates furniture, chairs, tables and lighting through pressing and heating, craft and 3D printing.

  3. James De Wulf

    James De Wulf

    Based in Los Angeles, James De Wulf creates avant-garde, concrete couture. His works include statement pieces that challenge the common notion of time in space: a ping pong table made of a single concrete piece, a fire pit to gather around, and a bold geometric armchair.

  4. Laura-Jane Atkinson

    Laura-Jane Atkinson

    Laura-Jane Atkinson is a Manchester based designer-maker specializing in handmade interior accessories that challenge and re-appropriate the known application and behavior of often under-celebrated materials.

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    Izabela Boloz

    The works by Izabela Bołoz are conceived at the crossroads between art and design, and can be described as social interventions engaging the public. Spontaneity is one of the main elements in all her works, which mostly consist of installations in public space.

  6. Charlotte Kidger

    Charlotte Kidger

    Charlotte Kidger is a material designer seeking to develop ways of reevaluating and reengineering waste substances to create new sustainable materials.

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    GilBea is a designer that makes all kind of accessories and art out of handpainted silk. From silk scarves to silk paintings, the designs are unique and original, being each item a piece of art.