Digital Design Books

  1. The Ultimate Concept Art Career Guide

    The Ultimate Concept Art Career Guide

    The Ultimate Concept Art Career is a comprehensive guide to launching and evolving a career in the digital art industries, with helpful insights and advice from experienced freelance artists, industry professionals, and studios. This book features top tips and articles that teach you how to create a winning portfolio, develop your social media presence, and handle the ups and downs of an art career.

  2. Lean vs. Agile vs. Design Thinking

    Lean vs. Agile vs. Design Thinking

    As companies evolve to adopt, integrate, and leverage software as the defining element of their success in the 21st century, a rash of processes and methodologies are vying for their product teams' attention. In the worst of cases, each discipline on these teams -- product management, design, and software engineering -- learns a different model. This short, tactical book reconciles the perceived differences in Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and Agile software development by focusing not on rituals and practices but on the values that underpin all three methods.

  3. Media Architecture Compendium - Digital Placemaking

    Media Architecture Compendium: Digital Placemaking

    This Media Architecture Compendium explores how digital media is shaping cities today and in the years to come. It illustrates groundbreaking use of light and media in urban environments through 36 winning or shortlisted entries from the Media Architecture Biennale Awards in 2014 and 2016 in five categories: Animated architecture, Money Architecture, Participatory Architecture & Urban Interaction, Spatial Media Art, Future Trends & Prototypes.

  4. Digital Handmade - Craftsmanship and the New Industrial Revolution

    Digital Handmade: Craftsmanship and the New Industrial Revolution

    Digital Handmade presents seventy international designers, artists, and craftsmen who combine the precision and flexibility of computing and digital fabrication with the skill and tactility of the master artisan to create unexpected and desirable objects and products. These pioneers include Louise Lemieux Bérubé, a Canadian artist whose work integrates photography and weaving; Australian jewelry designer Cinnamon Lee, whose designs explore the relationship between hand and machine; and Japanese artists Nendo, who produce ceramic pieces that employ both digital fabrication and ancient traditional methods.

  5. Handicraft - Traditional Skills in the Digital Age

    Handicraft: Traditional Skills in the Digital Age

    Handicraft highlights the handmade as an integral component of material culture. This book traces the history of handicraft, explores new developments on the interface to digital technologies, and presents masterpieces from a range of craft disciplines.

  6. Digital Design in Action - Creative Solutions for Designers

    Digital Design in Action: Creative Solutions for Designers

    Digital design is not only about creating visually appealing products and promotions; it needs to possess a practical aspect in addition to being aesthetically appealing. Digital Design in Action explores these pragmatic applications and the creative design aspects for various mediums, including the web, apps, ePub, visual presentations, and PDF. Using the latest digital publishing tools and a project-based pedagogy, this book includes projects ranging from real-world to experimental.

  7. Creative Direction in a Digital World - A Guide to Being a Modern Creative Director

    Creative Direction in a Digital World: A Guide to Being a Modern Creative Director

    Creative Direction in a Digital World provides designers the tools they need to craft compelling digital experiences across screens, devices and platforms. Readers will learn how to take a multi-disciplinary, human-centered approach to digital creative direction and design that will help them uncover target audience insights, concept more creative campaigns, change consumer behavior, and create more user friendly digital experiences.

  8. Multimedia Foundations - Core Concepts for Digital Design

    Multimedia Foundations: Core Concepts for Digital Design

    Understand the core concepts and skills of multimedia production and digital storytelling using text, graphics, photographs, sound, motion, and video. Then, put it all together using the skills that you have developed for effective project planning, collaboration, design, and production. Presented in full color with hundreds of vibrant illustrations, Multimedia Foundations, Second Edition trains you in the principles and skill sets common to all forms of digital media production, enabling you to create successful, engaging content, no matter what tools you are using.

  9. Digital Design Theory - Readings from the Field

    Digital Design Theory: Readings from the Field

    Digital Design Theory bridges the gap between the discourse of print design and interactive experience by examining the impact of computers on the field of design. Edited by Helen Armstrong, Digital Design Theory features key texts from some of the most influential designers and programming on a range of topics for both aspiring and practicing designers to learn background details on digital design theory and thought. Featured in the book are essays span the 1960s to present from visionaries including Bruno Munari, Sol Lewitt, Keetra Dean Dixon, Ladislav Sutnar, and John Meada.

  10. Paradigms in Computing - Making, Machines, and Models for Design Agency in Architecture

    Paradigms in Computing: Making, Machines, and Models for Design Agency in Architecture

    Paradigms in Computing: Making, Machines, and Models for Design Agency in Architecture brings together critical, theoretical, and practical research and design that illustrates the plurality of computing approaches within the broad spectrum of design and mediated practices. The book offers a glimpse into the wide range of positions and experiences that are shaping practice and discourse today.

  11. Out of Hand - Materializing the Postdigital

    Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital

    Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital examines the increasingly important role of digital fabrication in contemporary art, design, and architecture practice, demonstrating the reciprocal relationship between art and innovation as seen through the lens of emerging twenty first century aesthetics.

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    Lingua Digitalis

    In Lingua Digitalis Mutabor visually demonstrates how to develop effective logos and icons for digital applications such as the iPad, apps, and interface design.

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    The Dictionary of Computer Graphics Technology and Applications

    The Dictionary of Computer Graphics Technology and Applications guides novices and specialists alike through the maze of terminology surrounding one of the most exciting growth areas of computers. This dictionary covers the software, hardware, and applications of computer graphics.

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    Design Fundamentals for New Media

    Fundamental design principles will always remain the same, but the digital technology that can support them is evolving and affecting their application in a profound way. In this unique and timely book, artist and educator James Bennett explores essential elements of design within the context of the "new media" reality in which today's designers learn and work.

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    Julien Vallee: Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Julien Vallee is a virtuoso at melding a variety of analog and digital design techniques into fascinating images and magically arranged spaces. Whether moving or static, the young Canadian's incomparable visuals explore the relative roles of the computer and handmade processes in design. This first monograph not only presents Julien Vallee's commissioned work for clients such as the New York Times, MTV, AOL, and Computer Arts, but also includes a selection of personal projects. Each book includes a unique log-in code for accessing Vallee's video work online.

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    The Definitive SF Works of Chris Foss

    Foss's groundbreaking and distinctive science fiction art revolutionized paperback covers in the 1970s and 80s. Dramatically raising the bar for realism and invention, his trademark battle-weary spacecraft, dramatic alien landscapes and crumbling brutalist architecture irrevocably changed the aesthetic of science fiction art and cinema.

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    Cognition of Designer's Identity Through Digital Presentation Drawings

    In parallel to the developments in computer technology and the broad use of computers in the design domain, computer media presentations are widely used today in architecture. In this study, a comparative analysis of the cognition of designer's identity in architectural presentation drawings is carried out. The analysis provided enough evidence that similar to architectural presentation drawings of traditional media, computer media presentations hold potentials for the reflection of designer's identity.

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    Digital Design Manual

    In architecture and interior design spatial concepts are increasingly computer-generated, illustrated and presented. Computer aided design has already established in architectural offices. The influence of digital technology increases further. This manual introduces different digital tools and includes tutorials based on everyday practice. It helps to use digital echnology in the design phase and planning process.

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    Over the last years, Hi-ReS! has established itself as one of the world's leading studios in the realisation and implementation of sophisticated interactive commercial projects. This book with DVD is the first to present a scintillating collection of projects by Hi-ReS! for a wide range of clients - from companies such as MTV, Diesel, Sony, Toyota and Nokia to musicians such as Beck and Massive Attack as well as feature films such as "Donnie Darko".