Digital Design Studios

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  1. HUSH


    HUSH is a creative studio crafting visual stories for digital, broadcast, mobile and exhibition media. Whether with the latest technology or the most classic of techniques, we unify stories for agencies and brands alike.

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    Hello Design

    Hello is a creative digital agency. We create intelligent, living systems for people to experience. We believe in building systems that are useful, usable, and desirable.

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    Moment Factory

    Moment Factory is a new media and entertainment studio specialized in the conception and production of multimedia environments combining video, lighting, architecture, sound and special effects to create remarkable experiences.

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    The Science Project

    The Science Project is a new digital studio. Today we create web sites, mobile applications, interactive installations and motion content for campaigns, brands and retail experiences. We offer imagination, strategy, design, and development - all equally colored by earned stripes of creative passion and business brains.

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    Aniden Interactive

    Aniden Interactive is a Digital Design Agency made up of 3D artists, multimedia designers and user experience experts who elevate brands. Headquartered in Houston, with a regional location in the Bay Area, Aniden creates compelling visual stories with photorealistic renderings, motion graphics, technical imagery and user experiences.

  6. 1910 Design and Communication

    1910 Design & Communication

    1910 is an independent digital design agency with offices in Uppsala and Gothenburg. Together with industry-changing clients from all over the world we combine a deep understanding of digital products and the industry in which they operate with a typically Scandinavian aesthetic to help shape the brands and experiences of tomorrow.

  7. Struck


    Struck is a digital-forward creative agency making brands greater than they are.

  8. Universal Everything

    Universal Everything

    Universal Everything is a media art and design studio founded in 2004. Their work moves fluidly from film direction and identity design to digital installations and stadium events with a distinctive audio-visual approach infusing vibrant graphic design with an emotional, human presence.

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    rAndom International

    rAndom create artworks and installations that explore behaviour and interaction, often using light and movement. Founded in 2005 by Stuart Wood, Florian Ortkrass and Hannes Koch, the studio utilises raw fragments of artificial intelligence to encourage relationships between the converging worlds of animate and inanimate.

  10. Latice


    Latice is a full service boutique design agency specialized in visual & product design.

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    Local Projects

    Local Projects developes digital/physical interactives for public spaces and museums. Local Projects has won 3 ID Magazine awards for architecture and interactivity, and is located in New York City, USA.

  12. Sokaris Studio

    Sokaris Studio

    Sokaris is an interdisciplinary design studio that uses state of the art technology to create memorable experiences. Our projects range from stage design, experiential marketing, exhibition design, interactive installations, 360 projection / 3D video mapping, video editing, and animation.

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    BEAM is an independent, full-service digital marketing and experience design agency based in Boston, MA. In addition to Saucony, BEAM clients include MINI, Sprint, Virgin Group, Pabst, Fidelity Investments and athenahealth.

  14. Rare Volume

    Rare Volume

    Rare Volume is a design and technology studio based in the Chinatown neighborhood of New York City. We collaborate with brands, agencies, and institutions to create environments, events, and digital platforms. Our process is design-led and incorporates user experience thinking, broadcast-style motion graphics, data visualization, custom software development, and inventive applications of technology.

  15. ustwo


    ustwo is a global digital product studio launching products, services and companies that make a meaningful impact on the world. Since our foundation in 2004, we've partnered with some of the worlds leading brands and have grown to four studios around the world in New York, Malmö, London and Sydney.

  16. FELD


    FELD is a Berlin-based design studio inspired by the possibilities of technology to transcend the borders between physical and digital environments, seamlessly bridging art and design, architecture and engineering, society and science.

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    Salted Herring

    Salted Herring is a digital design agency, based in Wellington, New Zealand. We've won awards worldwide for producing first-class interactive experiences that real people can really connect with.

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    Obilia is a creative agency, offering fully integrated strategic solutions. We coax ideas and create highly relevant experience that fuels brand advocacy.

  19. Clever°Franke


    Clever°Franke is a design agency that uses data to create interactive products and experiences. We invent new solutions that exceed boundaries and drive change.

  20. SWARM


    SWARM is an award-winning digital studio that creates products people love to use, from mobile apps for iOS and Android, to AppleTV, web applications, and even complex technologies like Machine Learning / AI.

  21. Emerald Colour

    Emerald Colour

    Emerald Colour is a full-service digital design agency in London & Basingstoke. As a branding agency, we offer creative branding &; web design & printing services.

  22. SOFTlab


    SOFTlab is a digital design and production studio that nurtures the creative combination of new ideas towards the development of emergent and relevant design solutions. We consider every project a testing ground for research on new methods and techniques.

  23. Laundry


    Laundry is a multimedia design studio based in Los Angeles led creatively by P.J. Richardson and Anthony Liu. Since launching the company in 2006 the company earned a reputation for its wide array of future forward design techniques.

  24. Pattrn


    Pattrn is a London design studio. We help fast-moving companies make innovative digital products & services by deeply understanding how people behave.

  25. Reaktor


    Reaktor is a strategy, design, and engineering company based in New York, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Dubai, and Tokyo. Our hybrid teams work closely with our clients, combining human, cultural, and technological understanding to creative thinking and practical skills.

  26. Coteries


    Coteries helps startups and big corporates in transforming ideas into real products. We are an experienced digital agency in Lausanne with over 5 years on the market, growing day by day.

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    Established in 1997, ENESS is an award winning art & design practice, based in Melbourne Australia We transform ordinary physical environments into magical, interactive experiences. We create public art installations that marry varying disciplines from fine art to architecture, interactive technology and sport.

  28. Secuoyas


    Secuoyas is a digital studio based in Madrid. We make products and services from and for people. We are a multidisciplinary team of passionate and focused creators obsessed with the way people interact with and feel about their environment and tools.

  29. Espadaysantacruz


    Espadaysantacruz is a hybrid creative studio located in Madrid. We develop interactive and audiovisual experiences thanks to continous research on digital technology & storytelling.