Engineering Design Companies in the United States

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  1. EPAM


    Since 1993, EPAM Systems has leveraged its core engineering expertise to become a leading global product development and digital platform engineering services company. Through its 'Engineering DNA' and innovative strategy, consulting, and design capabilities, EPAM works in collaboration with its customers to deliver innovative solutions that turn complex business challenges into real business opportunities.

  2. Paragon Innovations

    Paragon Innovations

    Since 1990, we have designed some of the most exciting technologies for Fortune 500 and small companies alike in the medical, video and portable wireless markets. We specialize in product development services from start to success, including electrical, software, mechanical and industrial design services.

  3. Focus PDM

    Focus PDM

    With hundreds of products designed since we were founded in 2004, Focus Product Design provides services throughout the full lifecycle of product development: from concepting and prototyping to engineering, manufacturing and marketing. Unlike design or "design-and-prototype" only product design firms, Focus' services encompass true end-to-end product development and deployment in all sales channels.

  4. Mindtribe


    Mindtribe is an engineering team that helps companies build connected hardware faster.

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    GID is a product design and development company in California. We have over 30 years' experience in plastic product manufacturing. We manufactures a broad range of customized plastic products at the least cost.

  6. WB Engineering

    WB Engineering

    WB Engineering is a product design company, we assist our clients in compressing their product development and design cycles. At WB Engineering we specialize in creating products which are optimized for functionality, manufacturability, and profitability. We don't simply look at a project as just creating a prototype, we look at your idea as a viable product in which we have to take into consideration far more than just the short term prototyping goals.

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    Design Integrity

    Design Integrity is a product design and development consulting firm. Our core competencies are focused in the fields of mechanical engineering, new product development, and cost reduction. We have extensive experience in the development of new industrial, medical, consumer products and defense contracting.

  8. Cooper Perkins

    Cooper Perkins

    Cooper Perkins is a technology development and product engineering firm specializing in the design of highly-integrated, electromechanical systems. Named for the antique house in which it was founded in 2001, the privately held consultancy focuses on developing innovative and exceptionally well-engineered solutions for its client organizations across a wide range of industries. The team's foundational strength in mathematics and physical sciences are strategic advantages in finding innovative engineering solutions to its clients' most vexing technical challenges.

  9. Kickstart Design

    Kickstart Design

    Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kickstart Design is devoted to your engineering and design needs. We have a team of engineers and designers who know both mechanical and electrical design, allowing your ideas to come to life. At the end of the day, we strive to provide you with working prototypes and manufacturing documentation to bring your idea to reality.

  10. Disher


    Disher is a nationally-recognized product development, talent attraction, and business consulting firm with offices in Michigan and Indiana, and footprints around the world. Our team of 160 qualified experts have partnered with Fortune 500 companies, suppliers, and independent inventors to successfully research, design, engineer, and manufacture high-impact products and services.

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    Polyhistor International

    Polyhistor International is a product development and engineering design firm with expertise in rapid prototyping, low volume, and mass-production. We are a product development company, bringing customers' ideas to reality. Polyhistor uses a multitude of manufacturing methods in bringing products to market at a fast pace and at a low cost to our customers.

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    Goddard Technologies

    Goddard Technologies is a full service mechanical engineering and industrial design firm that supports medical, consumer, industrial, commercial and military products.

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    Salient Technologies

    Salient Technologies provides confidential product development, industrial design, prototyping, patent drawings and manufacturing drawings for inventors and companies that want to achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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    REM Design

    REM Design is an engineering firm specializing in the design and development of mechanical and electro-mechanical products and systems. REM has developed products and systems for companies in a wide variety of industries including medical, scientific research, and consumer products and electronics.

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    Trident Design

    Trident Design is a design and invention development firm. We bring extraordinary products to market, transforming everyday tasks into opportunities to enjoy life.

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    Experts at serving you in the product development, manufacturing and global sourcing market since 2001.

  17. WAGIC


    WAGIC is a Silicon Valley-based design and engineering firm specializing in patentable, market-ready industrial design and manufacturing engineering. WAGIC employs a comprehensive approach to design, examining all aspects of a project for areas to innovate and improve, to yield the best possible outcome. Our experience in bringing ideas to market spans the entire product cycle, from initial concept through design, testing, sourcing, production and market introduction.

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    DeviceLab is an innovative full-service, multi-disciplinary medical product design and engineering firm. We have years of experience in designing class I and II medical device and instruments. Our experience and expertise enable us to create market-driven designs and deliver new or newly enhanced products for maximum market impact quickly and cost-effectively.

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    Enginuity Works

    Enginuity Works is a proven resource for product development solutions. We provide the creative and technical services that transform great ideas into world-class products.

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    Design and engineering firm in Irvine, California has developed products for the medical and high-tech industries for 29 years. Services include industrial design, mechanical engineering, and electronic/software design, R & D, FDA documentation, and prototyping. All work is performed in-house by our 28 full time employees.

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    Pocobor. is a mechatronics design firm in the Bay Area. We design and develop mechatronic / embedded systems from the protyping stage through to manufacture. Our focus is on mechanical, electrical, and software design integration and implementation.

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    Daedalus brings extensive design and engineering capability to product development problems. We develop market-leading and award-winning products on time and in budget.

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    Probasco Design

    Probasco Design is a product design and development firm specializing in transforming clients' ideas from concept to production-ready designs suitable for the manufacturing process.

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    Enventure is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, leading design engineering, data management and compliance services company founded in 1997.

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    Samson Design

    Incorporating design, engineering and human factors study, Samson Design specializes in creating product solutions for the medical, consumer, and technical industries.

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    Bright Product Development

    Bright Product Development designs the things that you can touch, hold, and see. We work with companies and individuals to complement their areas of expertise - fields that range from computers, electronics, and machinery, to pet toys and sports equipment.

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    Swarm is an independent, scalable design and engineering firm. Swarm makes product concepts a reality. From industrial design to engineering analysis, from packaging design to branding and web development - Swarm knows product development.

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    CDN is a single source product development partner for several Fortune 500 companies, working on some of the world's most recognizable brands. Since our organization in 1985 CDN has developed countless products that have been commercially successful in markets such as consumer products, commercial and industrial equipment, and healthcare devices.

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    JL Troupe

    JL Troupe is a full service engineering and design firm located in Huntsville Alabama, the high tech center of the Southeast. We can take your ideas from concept to reality with a dedicated professional staff that is in tune with your needs.