Engineering Design Consultancies

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    Design at Work

    Creative designer and experienced engineer using Pro/Engineer for conceptual ideation, prototype building, and production development. 30 years of experience.

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    EDM Department

    EDM is an engineering and design firm renowned for its manufacturing capabilities. We push the limits of manufacturing by combining our customers' expertise with our capabilities & experience.

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    Verus Precision

    Verus Precision provides new product engineering services to indigenous and leading multinationals. Our core expertise of fixture design, metrology and moldflow, will ensure we become your trusted partner for all future product introductions. Our team of experienced design, metrology technicians and tool makers partner with your development team to create robust solutions you can trust. Based in Ireland, our focus is on supporting Irish, UK and international clients.

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    Pivot International

    PIVOT international, is a full service manufacturing, engineering and product design company serving ODM and OEM consumer product and electronics customers since 1985.

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    Tantrum Design

    Tantrum Design is a Bristol (UK) based Mechanical Design consultancy primarily offering mechanical design, CAD and visualisation services.

  6. Fiftyswiss


    Fiftyswiss is a US based industrial design and mechanical engineering firm. With over 25+ years' experience we have refined a process to combine both industrial design and engineering disciplines to provide the greatest potential for innovation, individual user experience, marketplace adoption and consideration for the entire product lifecycle. Our goal is to create the most cost-effective and thoughtfully designed product to lead your category.

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    Cusp Development

    Cusp is a product development consultancy focused on identifying and making the most of product potential - creating competitive advantage through technical and design innovation.

  8. Dark Red Design

    Dark Red Design

    Dark Red Design is a full service engineering and product design consultancy based in the heart of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Established in 2013, it was founded by director Carlos Latcham in order to bring a more intelligent, streamlined approach to the design process.

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    4c Design

    Established in 2002 in Scotland, award winning 4c Design combines years of experience, creativity and engineering ability to deliver ground-breaking and successful product design engineering solutions.

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    Design 4 Plastics

    Since 1979 Design 4 Plastics has helped hundreds of companies transform ideas into innovative and successful new products. We're passionate about product development embracing each new project as a challenge to create original and better designs that look good, work well and are a pleasure to use.

  11. Bang Creations

    Bang Creations

    Bang Creations is a product design engineering consultancy. For over 17 years, companies and entrepreneurs have relied on us to create, develop, and deliver innovative products that enhance their brands and grow their businesses. From product design to prototyping, production to promotion, we help design and deliver products off the production line that sell.

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    Bennett Engineering Design Solutions

    Bennett offers design services to suit your needs in a range of areas for manufacturing design, product design & manufacture, 3d printing design, modernization & improvements, visualizing designs and factory surveys & layouts.

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    PJB Systems

    Engineering design company located in Fareham, Hampshire. Specialist in the design of electronics systems for military, aerospace, marine and industrial systems. We have expertise in the design and manufacture of LED lighting, RF Communications, Power supplies, sensors and transducers, signal conditioning and digital communications.

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    Haughton Design

    Haughton Design specializes in developing innovative new products and technology through a blend of design creativity and engineering excellence. With a highly experienced team, who really understand materials and manufacturing, we carefully manage the entire development process to deliver market leading products and brands for our clients.

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    Electromechanical design engineering and product development firm offering mechanical design, industrial design, and electrical design.

  16. JOA Designs

    JOA Designs

    JOA Designs is a UK based product design and mechanical engineering consultancy.

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    Waldeck are multidisciplinary consulting civil engineers, structural engineers & sustainable design consultants with offices across the UK.

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    RMG Design

    RMG Design specialises in injection mould tool design / plastic part design using the latest 3D software in the form of SolidWorks.

  19. Linmech


    Linmech is a growing independent company offering design and analysis support to industry. We employ experienced consultant and contract engineers with excellent industrial experience to assist your company in developing new and existing products.

  20. AKF Group

    AKF Group

    AKF Group is a full-service consulting engineering firm serving public and private sector clients across the United States and around the world.

  21. BrooksTech


    Brooks Technical Solutions is a design firm with close to twenty years of experience ready to fulfill your product development needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur with an idea and need professional assistance to make it a reality or a manager of an engineering department requiring additional manpower to complete a product on the fast track, BrooksTech can get the job done.

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    The Centre for Industrial Services Design (CISD) is an analytical service facility located in AIT East Campus which specializes in the research and development of chemical and polymeric systems as well as engineering and design services. Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland
  23. Nyker Design

    Nyker Design

    UK based product design consultants with extensive experience bringing ideas to market. Services include technical drawings, design for manufacture, renderings, and electronics.

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    EDGEPD is a product design and CAD/CAM consultancy that creates customer specific design to manufacture solutions. We work with manufacturing companies helping them to achieve and implement their product and manufacturing requirements.

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    Function Engineering

    Function Engineering is a mechanical engineering and design firm focused on new product development. We have offices in Palo Alto (headquarters), Atlanta, San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Taipei, and New Orleans.

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    Veryst Engineering

    Veryst Engineering offers premium engineering services and consulting at the interface of technology and manufacturing.

  27. MADE


    MADE is a product design engineering consultancy in Scotland. Combining design creativity and engineering to produce innovative and successful products.

  28. Simlead


    Simlead is a versatile consultancy that provides state of the art engineering services, within the concepts of simulation-driven design, design thinking, product lifecycle management, and lean manufacturing. Our mission is to leverage the power of digital design-computational culture and leading-edge manufacturing technologies to foster innovation and create a positive impact to end users.

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    Acorn Product Development

    Acorn Product Development is an innovator in product design and engineering for global manufacturability. Acorn develops mechanical and electro-mechanical products for client companies across industries from consumer goods to computing and networking to medical devices. Offices in Silicon Valley and China.

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    Warwick Design

    The Warwick Design team comprises skilled and experienced designers, engaged in the creation and development of a wide range of innovative industrial products.