Engineering Design Consultancies in the United States

  1. Intelligent Product Solutions

    Intelligent Product Solutions

    Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS) is an award-winning global product design and development company that is headquartered in New York. IPS has all the capabilities under one roof to ideate, prototype, create and deliver finished products involving a wide range of design and engineering competencies. IPS offers expert product design and engineering services, including Internet of Things, software application development, UI/UX and wearable technology solutions.

  2. GRAEF


    GRAEF is a multi-discipline, architectural engineering, planning, and design firm dedicated to serving public and private clients throughout the United States. We offer our clients a full range of design services, and we take pride in having a dedicated staff skilled in the latest technologies and knowledgeable about the evolving marketplace.

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    HaA Design

    HaA brings insightful and creative people together from all across the globe. Everyone brings something different to the table, but what we all have in common is a passion for design, innovation, and usability.

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    Sparkfactor Design

    Sparkfactor Design is a product development consultancy offering product engineering services, product definition, and industrial design. Whether you'd like turn-key new product development or more engineering bandwidth, we have the creativity and expertise to get it done right.

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    Barani Design

    Small engineering design consult specializing in commercial products, atmospheric sensor products, automotive motorsport design, aerospace mechanical, aerodynamic design and general engineering.



    NEUVATEK is an innovation firm based in Austin - Texas, developing tomorrow's innovations to address present needs. With more than twenty years of experience in technology creation, NEUVATEK is seeking to participate in the creation of a promising future, driven by its passion for creativity.

  7. Empire Group

    Empire Group

    Empire Group is a full-service product development company that enhances your ability to move with speed and confidence through all stages of development by providing customized solutions in design, engineering, prototyping, graphic design, and manufacturing. For over 20 years, we have been a trusted and dependable partner for our customers.

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    Design 2 Matter (D2M) is a full service engineering and design consultancy based in the Silicon Valley and Hong Kong. Our international team of product development veterans specializes in concept generation, solution identification and engineering execution - spanning concept generation through to manufacturing.

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    A2 is a product development consultancy focused on design strategy, market and user research, industrial design and engineering. We have unparalleled experience in bringing award-winning, highly saleable housewares, electronics, major appliances and other user-focused products to market.

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    Creative Engineering

    Creative Engineering, LLC was founded in 1995 to provide a superior product development service blending creative innovation with design for manufacture. The result is a fluid development process free from traditional bottlenecks.

  11. Evocativo


    We are your one-stop product development resource. We turn ideas and concepts into fully documented engineering specifications and drawings you will need to have your product manufactured. We are experienced in the commercial, retail, industrial, automotive and aerospace industries.

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    Piton Engineering

    Piton Engineering is a Southern California based product development firm specializing in the design of electronic products. We have experience in medical, consumer, industrial, telecom, military and avionic markets. Our expertise includes mechanical design, industrial design, PCB design, prototyping and documentation.

  13. SPARK Product Development

    SPARK Product Development

    SPARK embodies a refreshing change for companies in search of a product development partner. We put our clients' priorities first, look out for their interests, pursue practical innovation through creative exploration, and spot problems before they become expensive headaches. SPARK excels in the core industrial design and mechanical engineering phases of development, from conceptualizing through tool-ready solutions.

  14. Adept Engineering

    Adept Engineering

    Adept is a professional engineering firm based on Long Island, New York that specializes in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and machine & product development. Our firm was established in 1993, and since then we've been providing innovative engineering ideas and solutions for clients across the United States and close to home here in New York.

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    Design at Work

    Creative designer and experienced engineer using Pro/Engineer for conceptual ideation, prototype building, and production development. 30 years of experience.

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    Pivot International

    PIVOT international, is a full service manufacturing, engineering and product design company serving ODM and OEM consumer product and electronics customers since 1985.

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    Frisella Design

    Frisella Design has over 30+ years experience building custom automation for the manufacturing world. Specializing in custom automation and robotic integration, our exceptionally skilled engineers have tailor-make machines for big business.

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    EDM Department

    EDM is an engineering and design firm renowned for its manufacturing capabilities. We push the limits of manufacturing by combining our customers' expertise with our capabilities & experience.

  19. Fiftyswiss


    Fiftyswiss is a US based industrial design and mechanical engineering firm. With over 25+ years' experience we have refined a process to combine both industrial design and engineering disciplines to provide the greatest potential for innovation, individual user experience, marketplace adoption and consideration for the entire product lifecycle. Our goal is to create the most cost-effective and thoughtfully designed product to lead your category.

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    Cusp Development

    Cusp is a product development consultancy focused on identifying and making the most of product potential - creating competitive advantage through technical and design innovation.

  21. NOVO Engineering

    NOVO Engineering

    NOVO is an engineering services company that provides product development services from inception through pilot manufacturing. We develop first-in-class products for our clients in the medical device, biotech instrument, digital printing, and commercial product markets. NOVO combines a robust development process, skilled engineering team, and optimized infrastructure to produce fast, high-quality solutions to the most difficult technical and design challenges.

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    Electromechanical design engineering and product development firm offering mechanical design, industrial design, and electrical design.

  23. AKF Group

    AKF Group

    AKF Group is a full-service consulting engineering firm serving public and private sector clients across the United States and around the world.

  24. 123 Design

    123 Design

    123 Design is an award-winning consultancy providing services that span the entire product design, development, prototyping, engineering and manufacturing processes. The firm assists Fortune 50 companies as well as individual inventors with products in the Consumer, Medical, Industrial, Commercial, and Transportation markets.

  25. BrooksTech


    Brooks Technical Solutions is a design firm with close to twenty years of experience ready to fulfill your product development needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur with an idea and need professional assistance to make it a reality or a manager of an engineering department requiring additional manpower to complete a product on the fast track, BrooksTech can get the job done.

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    Function Engineering

    Function Engineering is a mechanical engineering and design firm focused on new product development. We have offices in Palo Alto (headquarters), Atlanta, San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Taipei, and New Orleans.

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    Veryst Engineering

    Veryst Engineering offers premium engineering services and consulting at the interface of technology and manufacturing.