Engineering Design Studios

  1. Product Design Experts

    Product Design Experts

    We are a product design and engineering firm that works with companies of many sizes - from start-ups and entrepreneurs to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and multinationals. We leverage and integrate our team's experience and expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering, industrial and human-centered design, and firmware & mobile applications development to create successful products.

  2. DI Labs

    DI Labs

    DI Labs is focused on developing new mechanical and electronic products, IoT gadgets, medical devices fast and cost-effectively. We perform R&D and engineering consultancy, deliver technical specifications and facilitate mass production.

    Мамоново Снт (марфино), Moskovskaya oblast', Russia
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    CEAD is a young and small design and engineering firm located in Delft. CEAD stands for Connecting Engineering and Design, which comes from the expertise of the team members. We are specialized in delivering high end prototypes, conceptual development of ideas and the implementation into production.

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    MEMA Engineering

    MEMA Engineering is a professional engineering firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Richmond. MEMA specializes in new product development; from the early stages of idea generation to full production. MEMA also offers the following engineering services: mechanical engineering/design, finite element analysis, drafting, CNC machining and prototyping.

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    Mechanical engineering and industrial design team to help move your designs forward. Assist your team to achieve design, cost, and performance goals.

  6. is a full-service engineering company with the distinctive ability to integrate various disciplines such as product design, mechanical engineering and prototype building into one final solution. works from a clear structure and broad expertise on the total product development process, from initiative to design to implementation and operation, to come to a groundbreaking final solution together with you.

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    Wright Design

    Cambridge based product design consultancy. Dedicated resource for both industrial design and product engineering.

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    Mulk Design

    Mulk Design provides innovative product design engineering and product development services to industrial designers, creative professionals, and design led companies throughout Melbourne, Australia and the world.

  9. Fortica


    Fortica Mechanical Design specializes in custom designed equipment for manufacturing environments, machine shops, and test & research facilities.