Exhibition Design Consultancies

  1. Tinker Imagineers

    Tinker Imagineers

    Tinker Imagineers is an agency for creative consultancy and experience communication based in Utrecht. The agency brings ideas to life. With a team of thirty inspired consultants and producers, Tinker co-creates exhibitions, experiences and events for progressive companies, social organisations and museums.

  2. Simon Morris Associates

    Simon Morris Associates

    With a multidisciplinary team of professionals we blend strategic knowledge, fresh ideas and cutting-edge technology to create environments and brands that connect with people.

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    From concept development, through opening day, and everything in-between, Thinkwell is a full-service creative partner for your projects. Our passion and expertise encompass all kinds of guest experiences - attractions, events, exhibits, live shows, multimedia and online production.

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    As a multidisciplinary design agency with a vibrant and forward thinking team, we pride ourselves in creating individual solutions through innovative design. Ignition offers a complete design solution from concept to installation.

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    GuM specializes in design for galleries & museums.

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    Jack Rouse

    Jack Rouse Associates is a worldwide master planner, designer and producer of museum exhibits, themed entertainment attractions and sports facilities.

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    Moss Bureau

    Moss Bureau is an art & design gallery and consultancy firm which provides goods and services to all manner of clientele, from private collectors to commercial businesses and museums.

  8. Geoffrey M. Curley and Associates

    Geoffrey M. Curley + Associates

    Geoffrey M. Curley + Associates (GMC+A) is an innovative consulting company working with nonprofit and commercial institutions to support the development and execution of vibrant, educational, hands-on and minds-on experiences. Our temporary and permanent exhibits are more fun, memorable, and marketable when emotional storytelling is paired seamlessly with rich visuals, textured audio elements and engaging tactile experiences. Integrating cutting edge ideas, our authentic environmental exhibit design embraces new boundaries and shapes new paradigms.

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    Since 2000, NEST ONE has developed new and brand-specific formats to transform ideas into design and space. We tell stories that are turned into experience-spaces through people and encounters.

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    Orange Tangent

    OrangeTangent is an industrial design and exhibit design consultancy firm. We are dedicated to creating insightful design solutions for our clients by delivering clean, simple and functional designs while meeting time and budget constraints.

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    The Concept Lounge

    The Concept Lounge is a curatorial collective that works across the design industry to host tailor-made exhibitions, workshops and events in partnership with individuals and institutions. By providing a forum for debate and the opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange, we celebrate and encourage engagement with contemporary design and practice.

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    Jellybean Creative

    Jellybean Creative are a multi-disciplined, creative design consultancy based in Leicestershire. They provide dynamic exhibition display stands, from concept design through to final installation. They also work on impactful retail and commercial interiors, corporate graphic design, along with highly imaginative - yet practical POP/POS display solutions.

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    Lilford Smith

    Lilford Smith specialise in designing and building exhibitions for museums and corporate clients. Transforming ideas and information into messages for the target audience.