Exhibition Design Studios

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  1. Nissen Richards Studio

    Nissen Richards Studio

    Nissen Richards is a London-based design studio that evolved from a collaboration between architecture and theatre design. Today, we are a multidisciplinary practice that works across architecture, exhibitions, graphic design, theatre, story-telling, film and animation. At its core, our work is about creating spaces that stimulate experiences.

  2. Kossmanndejong


    Kossmanndejong is a design studio in Amsterdam for exhibition architecture. The firm was set up in 1998 by Herman Kossmann (1958) and Mark de Jong (1960), both of whom graduated in architecture from Delft University.

  3. Coordination Design

    Coordination Design

    Coordination Design is a team of a brand sensitive creatives specialized in exhibition design/corporate environments, design management, design consulting, retail and furniture design.

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    Philip Simpson

    Philip Simpson Design specialize in design for the arts, cultural, museum and heritage sectors. We have a track record for delivering award-winning interpretations in stimulating and accessible ways. We work together with bespoke interpretation teams, 3D designers and AV specialists and build strong client relationships and deliver on their aspirations.

  5. Design IO

    Design IO

    Design IO is a creative studio specializing in the design and development of cutting-edge, immersive, interactive installations and new forms of storytelling. Design I/O develops installations and digital experiences for events, galleries, museums, exhibitions and public space and specializes in creating engaging, meaningful interaction with the public.

  6. Studio Matthews

    Studio Matthews

    Studio Matthews is a Seattle-based design firm founded by director Kristine Matthews. We design exhibitions, installations, signage & wayfinding, branding & identity, print, websites, public consultation, campaigns, and just about anything you throw at us.

  7. H2E


    H2E offers creative, contemporary design solutions for the urban environment, exhibition and spatial design.

  8. Paolo Cesaretti

    Paolo Cesaretti

    Paolo Cesaretti is specialized in exhibit/retail design and brand identity with a strong concern on innovation and research. The client list spreads internationally including leading companies in different business fields such as manufacture and trade, mass market, digital media, finance and communication.

  9. Ideum


    Ideum creates compelling digital experiences and designs integrated hardware products to engage visitors in public spaces. We develop interactive, visitor-centered exhibits utilizing new and emerging technologies for museums, Fortune 500 companies, and other entities throughout North America and around the world. Our firm provides design services, custom software development, and audio-visual (A/V) integration.

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    Exit Design

    Exit Design is a design and consulting company based in Barcelona. Our projects include state of the art interactive installations and exhibiting solutions that are specially designed and produced for every project.

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    Studio Tectonic

    Studio Tectonic provides master planning, exhibit design, interpretive planning and complete project implementation.

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    Double Decker

    Double Decker is a curating agency based in London that facilitates the generation of a wide range of art and design projects that span both the commercial and museum worlds.

  13. The Liminal Space

    The Liminal Space

    The Liminal Space is a creative consultancy who take a fundamentally different approach to delivering on client challenges. Our team has depth of experience in the worlds of art, design and academia, and breadth of expertise spanning architecture, film-making, graphic and exhibition design, fashion, food and futures.

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    Exhibition Plus

    Established in 1989 Exhibition Plus is a dedicated interpretative exhibition design group. Our portfolio ranges from temporary exhibitions to complete museum installations.

  15. Tactile Studio

    Tactile Studio

    Tactile Studio is an inclusive design agency, aimed to promote access to arts and culture for everyone. We specialize in designing educational solutions enhanced by sensory experiences - touch, sound, smell.

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    Aesthetec Studio

    Aesthetec Studio is a Toronto-based interactive exhibit design and technology company that creates engaging experiences. From public spaces to innovative products, Aesthetec finds creative solutions to address user interaction and technological challenges for a wide range of clientele including museums & science centres, cultural institutions, retail and hospitality, advertisers, artists, and designers.

  17. Pentone 313

    Pentone 313

    We are a team of designers and developers with vast experiences in exhibition & events industry.

  18. Kling Klang Klong

    Kling Klang Klong

    Kling Klang Klong is a creative studio for interactive sound, music and acoustic narratives. Our work stands at the intersection of art, science and communication. We are a versatile team experienced in composition, sound design and programming. We pursue our own research on music composition, sensor interfaces, motion-to-sound software, generative composition and concepts of interaction.

  19. Exhibitus


    Exhibitus is an award-winning custom exhibit company specializing in 3-dimensional design for trade shows, corporate events, user conferences, permanent installations, museums and corporate interiors.

  20. Hello Wood

    Hello Wood

    Based in Budapest, Hello Wood Studio specializes in designing and building custom-made, temporary and site-specific installations that people can use and enjoy.

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    Atomare offers a broad variety of design services with a strong focus on contemporary styling, ranging from architectural, interior and brand space design to accessory, furniture and product design.

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    Intu Design

    Intu Design is an Ottawa, Canada based design consultancy with a focus on design for public programming spaces. Since 1997, we have been transforming spaces into places, by creating evocative, engaging and informative designs for interpretation, exhibits and signage for both interior and exterior spaces.

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    Evidence Design

    Evidence Design is an award-winning studio creating new directions for spatial communication and learning for over a decade. Located in the energetic community of DUMBO, Brooklyn, we are architects, industrial designers, graphic designers and content specialists who plan and design museum exhibits and other dynamic information environments.

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    ASTOUND Group

    ASTOUND Group is a global design and fabrication house, building end-to-end solutions for events, exhibits, and environments, for some of the world's most recognized brands.

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    Provost Studio

    Provost Studio is a multi-disciplinary, design and consulting practice with international reach, focused on corporate/commercial interiors, branded environments and broadcast scenic design. The studio is based in Raleigh-Durham with a satellite office in New York City.

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    Pinnacle Exhibits

    Pinnacle Exhibits is a 3D brand agency. We design, build, and manage environments for marketing, sales, education, and interaction.

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    Jardine Couture

    Specializing in the creation of relevant, purposeful and well-made furniture and spaces for exhibition, workplace and retail. Working both direct to end user in collaboration with various specialists.

  28. Synapse Exhibits

    Synapse Exhibits

    Synapse Exhibits specializes in the design, build & installation of custom exhibition, tradeshow & convention booths & displays. We provide a full service anywhere in Canada, USA & Europe.

  29. Riggs Ward

    Riggs Ward

    Riggs Ward is an award-winning development and design firm employing a team of talented associates to provide a unique range of services for established, new, and emerging museums, visitor centers, and similar cultural institutions.

  30. Sibbett Group

    Sibbett Group

    The Sibbett Group creates learning environments that empower guests to discover stories for themselves as they move through imaginative, wonder-filled spaces.