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  1. Performance Costume - New Perspectives and Methods

    Performance Costume: New Perspectives and Methods

    Costume, like fashion and dress, is now viewed as an area of dynamic social significance and not simply as a passive reflector of a pre-conceived social state or practice. This book offers new approaches to the study of costume, as well as fresh insights into the better-understood frames of historical, theoretical, practice-based and archival research into costume for performance.

  2. Designing Fashion's Future - Present Practice and Tactics for Sustainable Change

    Designing Fashion's Future: Present Practice and Tactics for Sustainable Change

    How do fashion designers design? How does design function within the industry? How can design practices open up sustainable pathways for fashion's future? Designing Fashion's Future responds to these questions to offer a fresh understanding of design practices within the sprawling, shifting fashion system. Alice Payne shows how design needn't be reduced to a set of decisions by a designer or design team, but can instead be examined as a process, object, or agent that shapes fashion's material and symbolic worlds. Designing Fashion's Future draws on more than 50 interviews with industry professionals based in Australia, Asia, North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom. These diverse perspectives from multinational retailers, independent and experimental contexts ground the discussion in contemporary industry practices.

  3. Introducing Fashion Theory - From Androgyny to Zeitgeist

    Introducing Fashion Theory: From Androgyny to Zeitgeist

    How does a style become a fashion? Why do trends spread and decline? Introducing Fashion Theory explores these questions and more to help you quickly get up-to-speed with fashion theories, from scarcity to conformity, through clear practical examples and fascinating case studies. This book covers core fashion theories, from trickle-down to trickle-up, to political dress and conspicuous consumption. It also features illustrated examples, from Apple's post-postmodernist iWatch to Savage X Fenty's body image message on diversity.

  4. Fashion Thinking - Creative Approaches to the Design Process

    Fashion Thinking: Creative Approaches to the Design Process

    The second edition of Fashion Thinking features six new interviews, with insight from the director of Open Style Lab, Grace Jun, and Yeohlee Teng, whose designs have earned a permanent place in the Costume Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. There are also four new case studies, incorporating new technology including adaptive design for the visually impaired and the use of augmented reality. Beautifully illustrated and structured to clearly demonstrate how to take ideas from concept to design, Fashion Thinking demystifies the creative thinking process to help you develop your own unique collection.

  5. 100 Years of Fashion

    100 Years of Fashion

    100 Years of Fashion documents in pictures the most exciting and diverse period in fashion: from 1900 to today, covering high society, uniforms, sportswear, streetwear and couture. Over 400 photographs and illustrations, many published for the first time, tell the stylish story of a fashion revolution.

  6. Paul Smith

    Paul Smith

    A new monograph capturing the unique spirit and one-of-a-kind creativity of British fashion icon Sir Paul Smith. Created in close collaboration with the design legend, this book celebrates the iconic brand through the lens of 50 objects, chosen by Sir Paul himself for the inspiration they have provided him over the years. The carefully-selected objects have impacted Sir Paul's worldview, creative process, and adherence to a design approach that's always imbued with distinctly British wit and eccentricity. Every item illuminates a different aspect within the designer's work and leads to discussions on subjects as varied as the formality of a suit, the importance of teamwork, and the power of humor - providing colorful, candid insight into one of the most creative minds working in design today.

  7. Stone Island

    Stone Island

    Since its inception in 1982, Stone Island has acquired a worldwide cult following for its cutting edge outerwear. Neither fashion, nor luxury, nor streetwear, Stone Island has combined the elements of all three into a unique mix that has resonated with the Milanese paninari, the British football diehards, and the North American hip-hop fans alike. This definitive monograph captures the story of Stone Island, combining its history and ethos into one definitive source. With never-before-seen images and three major texts capturing the brand's story, it will surely delight the brand's diehard fans as well as those who are new to the world of Stone Island.

  8. Naeem Khan - Embellished

    Naeem Khan: Embellished

    Celebrated fashion designer Naeem Khan unveils a world of chic opulence and modern glamour in this illustrated volume featuring his sought-after red-carpet dresses, elegant bridal gowns, and beautifully beaded and embroidered statement pieces.

  9. Fashion in the 1960s

    Fashion in the 1960s

    From Mary Quant to Mods and Rockers, this is a colorful illustrated history of the most revolutionary decade for British fashion in the twentieth century: the 1960s. Fashion historian Daniel Milford-Cottam offers a concise guide to the changing styles and trends across the decade, which are vividly brought to life by a range of stunning images.

  10. Knitwear - An Introduction to Contemporary Design

    Knitwear: An Introduction to Contemporary Design

    Fully revised and updated, this new second edition of Knitwear provides an invaluable introduction to the use of knitwear in fashion design. The book delves into the characteristics and behavior of many varieties of yarn and fiber, from traditional to contemporary, providing easy-to-follow diagrams, practical examples, and rich illustrations throughout.

  11. The World of Federico Forquet - Italian Fashion, Interiors, Gardens

    The World of Federico Forquet: Italian Fashion, Interiors, Gardens

    This book offers a sweeping survey of the work of celebrated bon vivant Federico Forquet - whose decades-long design career has embraced couture fashion, elegant interiors, and imaginative gardens, reflecting both the best of Italian style and the dolce vita era of Rome.

  12. Italian Shoes - A Tribute to an Iconic Object

    Italian Shoes: A Tribute to an Iconic Object

    The world of Italian footwear interpreted through playful visual pairings by fashion photographer Giovanni Gastel. A fitting tribute to the excellence of Italian manufacturing, for all those who love elegance and creativity, and for all women who love shoes.

  13. Harper's Bazaar - First in Fashion

    Harper's Bazaar: First in Fashion

    'Harper's Bazaar: First in Fashion' offers a fascinating look at one of the most groundbreaking publications in the world. This book traces Harper's Bazaar's colorful history and the important figures who have shaped it, influencing fashion - and more broadly, culture - decade after decade.

  14. Dior Hats - From Christian Dior to Stephen Jones

    Dior Hats: From Christian Dior to Stephen Jones

    Opening with a focus on hats designed by Christian Dior himself, the book explores the house's headdresses over the years--from the first millinery of the New Look to Yves Saint Laurent's Venetian masks, the toques of Marc Bohan, dramatic boaters by Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano's extravagant confections, the graphic neck bow by Raf Simons, and romantic designs by Maria Grazia Chiuri. Jones's insightful texts are accompanied by contributions from leading experts and enlivened by drawings and photographs from Dior's archives; shots by famed photographers, such as Richard Avedon, Sir Cecil Beaton, and Craig McDean; and exclusive new images by Sølve Sundsbø.

  15. Time in Fashion

    Time in Fashion

    Few phenomena embody the notion of time as well as fashion. Fast-moving and rooted in the 'now', it's constantly creating its own past through the process of rapid style change. Uniquely poised between the past and the future, fashion's relationship with time is unorthodox. Rather than considering time in the conventional sense, this anthology explores three alternative ways to think about fashion and time: the first identifies the seasonal nature of fashion as an industry, and shows how this has impacted on workers and wearers alike. The second looks at fashion design as a ceaseless process of adaptation, reconstruction and recombination of motifs, in which nostalgia and revivals play their part. The third construes fashion's 'imaginary', with its capacity for fantasy and myth-making, as a form of alternate history that asks 'what if?'

  16. The Fashion Designer's Textile Directory

    The Fashion Designer's Textile Directory

    The Fashion Designer's Textile Directory features the best fabrics for creating specific garments, explaining how each fabric's qualities make it suitable for various items of apparel. This valuable materials directory for professional dressmakers and fashion designers is also a good reference source for students of fashion design, as well as for those who make their own garments.

  17. About Time - Fashion and Duration

    About Time: Fashion and Duration

    About Time: Fashion and Duration traces the evolution of fashion, from 1870 to the present, through a linear timeline of iconic garments, each paired with an alternate design that jumps forward or backward in time. These unexpected pairings, which relate to one another through shape, motif, material, pattern, technique, or decoration, create a disruptive fashion chronology that conflates notions of past, present, and future.

  18. Chanel - Her Life

    Chanel: Her Life

    Chanel: Her Life explores every facet of Chanel's universe: her fascinating private life as well as the famous icons of her fashion empire: the tweed jacket, the little black dress, N° 5 perfume, the pearls, the camellia. The result is a comprehensive biography that reveals Chanel's style to be the outcome of rigorous elegance, resolute self-belief and a determinedly unconventional stance. The book, designed and with drawings by Karl Lagerfeld, and with a new foreword by Picardie celebrating Lagerfeld's extraordinary time at the House of Chanel, is the definitive biography of the tantalizingly elusive Coco Chanel.

  19. The adidas Archive

    The adidas Archive

    100 years ago the brothers Adolf ('Adi') and Rudolf Dassler made their first pair of sports shoes. Hundreds of groundbreaking designs, epic moments, and star-studded collabs later, this book presents the first visual review of the adidas shoe through more than 350 models including never-before-seen prototypes and one-of-a-kind originals. To further develop and tailor his products to athletes' specific needs, Dassler asked them to return their worn footwear when no longer needed, with all the shoes eventually ending up in his attic. This collection now makes up the 'adidas archive,' one of the largest, if not the largest archive of any sports goods manufacturer in the world - which photographers Christian Habermeier and Sebastian Jäger have been visually documenting in extreme detail for years.

  20. The Women Who Revolutionized Fashion - 250 Years of Design

    The Women Who Revolutionized Fashion: 250 Years of Design

    The Women Who Revolutionized Fashion highlights early innovative and contemporary designers working in a variety of materials and genres. This unique book profiles widely-known early fashion vanguards such as Jeanne Lanvin, Callot Soeurs, and Madeleine Vionnet, as well as underrepresented women who revolutionized fashion from the mid-1700s to the present. More than one hundred works--including street fashion, ready-to-wear, traditional, and haute couture--celebrate women designers' concepts of dress and beauty.

  21. Fashion History from the 18th to the 20th Century

    Fashion History from the 18th to the 20th Century

    Showcasing the Kyoto Costume Institute's vast collection, Fashion History is a fascinating excursion through clothing trends from the 18th to the 20th century. Featuring impeccable photography of clothing expertly displayed and arranged on custom-made mannequins, it is a testimony to attire as 'an essential manifestation of our very being' and to the Institute's passion for fashion as a complex and intricate art form.

  22. Fashion Design - A Guide to the Industry and the Creative Process

    Fashion Design: A Guide to the Industry and the Creative Process

    By following the design process, from the historical and commercial industry context to the final collection presentation, this book provides a clear guide for students as they discover what designing for fashion entails. Along the way, they will explore a wide variety of hands-on, creative methodologies of design ideation, development, and presentation. Supported by inspirational visual content-fashion photography, fashion illustration, sketchbook artwork, technical drawings, and infographics-and case studies, the book offers a unique overview of the fashion industry.

  23. Fashion Central Saint Martins

    Fashion Central Saint Martins

    Celebrating the most famous and influential fashion school in the world, Fashion Central Saint Martins is filled with never-before-seen student work and exclusive interviews with talented graduates who have gone on to become the biggest names in fashion. A treasure trove of early sketches, first collections and fashion shoots by designers such as Hussein Chalayan, John Galliano, Stephen Jones, Dior's Kim Jones, Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Phoebe Philo, Gareth Pugh, and Burberry's Riccardo Tisci, as well as journalists like Vogue's Hamish Bowles and stylists such as LOVE magazine's Katie Grand.

  24. Fashion Evolution

    Fashion Evolution

    Fashion Evolution traces the evolution of fashion through the 250 looks that defined it. From the Chanel suit to the Wonderbra, via Jackie Kennedy, Ziggy Stardust and Alexander McQueen, respected fashion journalist & editor Paula Reed explores each of the styles and visionaries that have defined the way we dress. Spanning fifty years - from the 1950s to the 1990s - and accompanied by striking photographs throughout, Fashion Evolution is the definitive story of the style moments that changed the world.

  25. Galliano - Spectacular Fashion

    Galliano: Spectacular Fashion

    Galliano: Spectacular Fashion is the first detailed guide to the work of one of fashion's greatest talents. Written by internationally renowned fashion expert Kerry Taylor, this beautifully illustrated and meticulously researched book looks in depth at John Galliano's collections from his 1984 graduate show at Saint Martins to his triumphant renaissance at Maison Margiela in 2015. With never-before-seen images of rare designs from private couture archives, close-ups revealing the intricacies of garments, and iconic runway shots showing the designer's most innovative creations in motion, this visually rich book examines his revolutionary designs in unprecedented depth.

  26. Fashion, New Edition - The Definitive Visual Guide

    Fashion, New Edition: The Definitive Visual Guide

    From the extravagance of Ancient Egypt, through the legendary houses of Chanel and Dior, to today's catwalk sensations, 'Fashion, New Edition' shows how fashion reflects people and places, and captures the times in which they lived. Packed with a dazzling combination of original fashion plates, archive images, and commissioned photography, this carefully curated book takes you on a fabulous tour across the centuries as it catalogs the history of what people wear, revealing how Western fashion has been influenced by design from around the world, and celebrating everything from costume to haute couture.

  27. The Book of Pockets - A Practical Guide for Fashion Designers

    The Book of Pockets: A Practical Guide for Fashion Designers

    Whether fashionable or functional-or both-pockets are an important design detail that can enhance the aesthetic of your collection and improve the experience of the wearer. The Book of Pockets features inspirational imagery, overlaid with flat patterns or zoom-ins of the pocket detail; comprehensive information on all things pocket, beginning with their long history and going all the way from workwear to activewear and couture; and practical advice through interviews with fashion designers, curators, and technology developers.

  28. Fashion Knitwear Design

    Fashion Knitwear Design

    Written for fashion, textile, and knitwear design students and young professional designers, Fashion Knitwear Design provides advice on the diverse skills needed to take a design from idea to finished product. The entire design process is covered, including research and concept development, fabric, and garment design development, pattern cutting, and garment construction.

  29. Christian Dior

    Christian Dior

    Capturing the highlights of a major V&A exhibition, this stunning volume celebrates the House of Dior from its foundation in 1947 to the present day. Haute-couture gowns by Christian Dior and the illustrious creative directors who followed him-Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons, and Maria Grazia Chiuri-are showcased here, atmospherically photographed by Laziz Hamani. Archival material-including design sketches by Christian Dior-and press and fashion photography provide colorful context, amplified by introductory texts to each section by V&A Fashion Curator Oriole Cullen.

  30. Seattle Style - High Fashion/High Function

    Seattle Style: High Fashion/High Function

    Seattle Style: Fashion/Function highlights how elegance and practicality co-existed and converged in Seattle wardrobes, providing new insights into local clothing, ranging from couture to outdoor gear, to denim. The book features over fifty garments and accessories from the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) collection, revealing captivating stories about the city's sartorial spirit.