Fashion Companies

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    Jolaby Accessories and Clothing. The product range presently includes bags, purses, belts, flower brooches, stationery and clothing. The Jolaby collection feeds on originality & is combined with playful imagery to create a contemporary edge.

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    Liz Davenport

    Liz Davenport garments are a mix of the latest trends, combined with great quality and perfect fit. Liz Davenport continually proves to be one of Australia's most successful and well respected retailers of womenswear.

  3. Derek Lam

    Derek Lam

    Derek Lam was founded in New York City, in 2003, by Derek Lam. The Company creates luxury products with a modern sensibility, known for its calculated simplicity and thoughtful detailing. The collections include women's clothing, shoes, handbags and eyewear.

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    Brown Buffalo

    The Brown Buffalo is an international American design house specializing in backpacks, wheeled luggage, handbags, wearable accessories, wood stoves and furniture. We employ architecturally minded methods to create product from process.

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    Designer Leonie Sens creates pieces that are high fashion accessories & everyday comfort feel basics as the same time. Each piece is based on an individual print design.

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    Founded by the Messmer brothers in 1923 as the original innovative sports brand, hummel currently is active in both teamsports and sportfashion product areas, offering unique expressive designs with character, storytelling and good energy. Examples of this unique character include sponsorship of the Tibet National Football team, Grassroots soccer, and the recent participation in the Kid Robot Dunny Show CPH.

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    Matt Murphy

    Luxury leather accessories for men and women. A New York design company specializing in accessories, graphics, and branding for a diverse client base including leading companies, hotels, and institutions form around the world.

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    Copenhagen Kasbah

    Copenhagen Kasbah is a Danish fashion company within womenswear, that design and marketing two annual collections. The style is balancing avantgarde and aesthetics.

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    A collection of hand-made accessories: scarves, bags and expanding. These are one-off unique pieces for those who want something a bit different.

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    Addict Clothing

    Addict is a UK based clothing company. We specialise in men & womens clothing, jeans, camouflage, caps & spray paint. Streetwear with skate influence. Design collaborations include G-Shock watches & Vans trainers.