Sound Design Companies

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  1. MassiveMusic


    MassiveMusic is one of the leading music agencies in the world with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. The agency helps brands find their voice and tell their story through music. MassiveMusic produces and composes for the advertising, broadcast branding and interactive worlds. They develop music strategies for global brands, provide music search and licensing services.

  2. audity


    Audity a company specialized in brand sound and UX sound. Audity is currently assisting companies in the automotive, power tool, home appliance and medical sectors with their acoustic brand and product challenges.

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    Jackleg is a full-service creative audio studio, based in Milan. We design audio contents for fashion & luxury brands industries, advertising, stores, radio & TV, online, cinema and broadcast.

  4. soda-sound


    soda-sound was founded by music producer and sound designer Ted White, with one simple aim. To create unique and memorable sounds to support your stories. From catchy sound idents to full contemporary orchestral scores we have it covered. Whatever your musical needs, pop open the can and take a sip from our diverse roster of composers and find the sound to your story.

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    The Studio B

    The Studio B is a sonic branding, sound design and music production creative company located in Atlanta, GA. Our focus is in crafting original sound experiences to enhance the emotional impact for media whether it be for technology, film, television, or products.

  6. CypherAudio


    CypherAudio works directly with clients, studios and agencies to craft auditory experiences that inform, engage and immerse. We've designed for curated art, motion graphics, commercial, feature film, broadcast network, gaming, interactive, site-specific installation and mobile applications.

  7. Sonic Union

    Sonic Union

    Sonic Union is a new NYC-based audio post house. The team offers top agency and editorial players an unsurpassed recording, mixing and finishing resource in Manhattan's Union Square.

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    Black Iris

    With studios in NY, LA, and VA, Black Iris is a talented collective of true musicians rooted in the independent music scene, providing original compositions and scores for entertainment, advertising, and media.

  9. Still North Media

    Still North Media

    Still North Media is a Michigan based sound design studio that delivers post production services for film, television, video games, and audio books.

  10. The Soundery

    The Soundery

    The Soundery is a music & sound design studio creating fresh and unique sounds for visual content. We work closely with animators, creatives, agencies and clients to create audio that gets attention and responds to the brief with creative flair.

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    Sound Lounge

    New York-based Sound Lounge is an industry leading provider of audio post production services.

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    Silent Studios

    Silent Studios is a design, direction and music studio based in London with an output that combines image and sound to create beautifully crafted work for bespoke surroundings, installations and experiences. Founded by Creative Director Nathan Prince and Composer Liam Paton, Silent Studios has grown to become a versatile creative house blurring the boundaries between art, design, music and interactive projects.

  13. Aural Boutique

    Aural Boutique

    Aural boutique is an award winning studio that creates immersive sonic landscapes, custom music & tailored sound design for games, commercials, films, television and new media. We are true believers that a bespoke sound experience creates the quintessential signature for your brand. Music & sound is a highly powerful medium that elicits an emotional response from the listener, captivating them on a far deeper level than visuals alone. We have had the pleasure to work on +60 brand videos, +70 commercial games & applications and numerous films. We have won the Best of The Year Award back to back & the Grand Prize Platinum Music Competition.

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    Silver Sound

    Silver Sound is both a NYC post production sound house and a team of location sound mixers.

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    Mixology Post

    A NY-based creative audio company providing original music, sound design, audio branding, post-production and mixing, specializing in film and television.

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    CMoore Sound

    CMoore is a music production, sonic branding and sound design collective in San Francisco, CA. Our focus is in crafting original audio to enhance the emotional impact for commercials, film, television, and cultural media.

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    Interference creates unique audio environments for broadcast design. Representing numerous composers, Interference knows how to enhance channels identities by sculpting elegant sound bumpers that will emerge from a noisy and dense broadcast stream.

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    Silver Box Audio

    Silver Box Audio is a full service audio production company based in the Atlanta, GA area. With over a decade of experience we can provide you with industry standard results from concept to delivery. Whether you need custom sound design, original music composition, mixing and mastering or dialogue recording and editing we have the expertise and facilities to help bring your ideas to life. No project is too big or too small.

  19. IMN Creative

    IMN Creative

    IMN Creative is a post production sound and picture facility for theatrical, television, and multimedia projects.

  20. Foxhole Studios

    Foxhole Studios

    Foxhole Studios specializes in sound design, sonic branding, web video production, voice over, foley, podcasting and more. Our team of composers, videographers, musicians, engineers and designers can enhance your creative content with a sonic edge.

  21. Buttons NY

    Buttons NY

    Buttons is an audio-driven creative studio, the invisible playground, pushing for commercial and entertainment producers.

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    Sound Design Leeds

    Established in 2011 by Andy Thomson the studio has created audio for global and national brands alike. You can find out about some of our recent work in the link above and if you want to discuss any projects, no matter what size, just get in contact.

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    Dark Studio

    Audio post production studio with the best industry standards for over 15 years. Our history of creative and Gemini award winning work means our clients can count on us to deliver perfection in sound and service on time, every time.



    BCNSOUND creates bespoke sound design and music compositions for audiovisuals, from installations and artworks through to adverts, documentaries and feature films. We have participated in hundreds of projects and pride ourselves on original thinking and unusual solutions. We participated in several open titles for the prestigious OFFF design festival in Barcelona and are always open to new collaborations.

  25. Explosion Robinson

    Explosion Robinson

    Explosion Robinson is a creative audio post-production studio specializing in sound design and sonic identities for brands and networks. From custom music and sound design to voice over casting and mixing, we strive to create the right sound to tell your story, define your brand, and convey your ideas.

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    Bailey Math Sound

    Bailey Math Sound, formerly Terminator Smile, is an audio house located in Brooklyn, NY. As the owner and creative director, Bailey Math believes in the true spirit of collaboration and working with clients to take their ideas to the next level. Bailey brings over a decade of experience in leading and collaborating in projects requiring sound supervision, recording, mixing, mastering, composing, and sound design. Bailey Math Sound can either work closely with you or take the lead on any project requiring a strong backbone of high quality sound.

  27. Echoic Audio

    Echoic Audio

    Echoic creates soundtracks for a range of leading brands, directors, creative agencies and artists. We work across motion, film and art.

  28. Box Of Toys Audio

    Box Of Toys Audio

    Box of Toys Audio is a creative music & sound design studio based in London. Working in collaboration with our clients, we explore new and exciting ways to push the boundaries of how we communicate with sound. Our passion for audio drives us to create a bespoke, innovative and forward-thinking product. It challenges us to discover distinct sonic solutions and meet every brief with a fresh and considered approach.

  29. Red Facilities

    Red Facilities

    Red Facilities is an independent sound design and audio post-production company. For advertising companies, we create award-winning sound for radio and TV advertising campaigns with passion and flair. From your initial brief, through voice casting to artist direction, final production and distribution we'll take care of the entire production process.

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    Ladoré is an audio-branding creative consultancy, specializing in sound identity and brand experience through music. We believe that, based on a consistent and durable strategy, music have the power to build a strong brand, make it arise, strengthen its uniqueness and create a special relationship with its audiences.