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  1. Chair Times - A History of Seating

    Chair Times: A History of Seating

    Chair Times: A History of Seating takes the reader on a journey through a "sea of chairs." This book features 124 objects, dating from 1807 to the latest 3D-printed designs, arranged in the order of their production year, to create a timeline of modern furniture design.

  2. Furniture Marketing - From Product Development to Distribution

    Furniture Marketing: From Product Development to Distribution

    Furniture Marketing, 2nd Edition, contains an overview of how furniture products are developed, marketed, and presented to targeted retailers and consumers. Bennington focuses on developing an appreciation for furniture as a functional art form. This new edition covers the entire industry, including types of furniture, design periods, product development, and manufacturing.

  3. Atlas of Furniture Design

    Atlas of Furniture Design

    The Atlas of Furniture Design is the most comprehensive overview of the history of furniture design ever published. The 1,028-page book documents 1,740 objects by 546 designers and 565 manufacturers and features more than 2,500 images, from detailed object photographs to historical documentation such as interiors, patents, brochures, and reference works in art and architecture.

  4. Herman Miller - A Way of Living

    Herman Miller: A Way of Living

    Herman Miller: A Way of Living presents a comprehensive history of this innovative furniture company, from its founding in the early twentieth century to today. For more than 100 years, Michigan-based Herman Miller has played a central role in the evolution of modern and contemporary design, producing timeless classics while creating a culture that has had a remarkable impact on the development of the design world. Ten chapters and thousands of illustrations tell the Herman Miller story, documenting its defining moments and key leaders.

  5. Chair Anatomy - Design and Construction

    Chair Anatomy: Design and Construction

    Through the painstaking work of deconstructing and reducing chairs to their constituent parts, Chair Anatomy gets to the heart of more than fifty iconic designs: how pieces were designed and produced to fit together; why a certain material imparts a certain quality, functional advance, or comfort level; how the chair's structure can withstand stress while being elegant and economical to produce. Offering a truly nuts- and- bolts perspective on masterpieces of design, Chair Anatomy gives insight into a piece of furniture that we so often take for granted.

  6. Miller's Mid-century Modern

    Miller's Mid-century Modern

    From the 'soft modernism' of Scandinavian furniture to the sleek, clean lines of the lighting created by the Castiglioni brothers in Italy, Judith Miller's Mid-century Modern takes an in-depth look at the artefacts and designers that shaped one of the most exciting periods of design history.

  7. 101 Danish Design Icons

    101 Danish Design Icons

    Denmark has long loomed large in international design history. Today, Danish furniture, textiles, home appliances and utensils from the 1960s and '70s are more popular than ever, for sale at design galleries and a rarity at flea markets. This publication provides an extensive overview of those everyday objects that have to this day written design history both in Denmark and worldwide. Along with 32 leading scholars and journalists, the Head of the Library and Research at the Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen, Lars Dybdahl, explores the fascinating history of the individual objects.

  8. Børge Mogensen - Simplicity and Function

    Børge Mogensen: Simplicity and Function

    Børge Mogensen was one of the most important and influential representatives of Danish furniture design. In a career spanning more than 30 years, he created a wealth of quality furniture, many pieces of which, such as his Spanish Chair, are still sold as design classics to this day. Influenced by traditional craftsmanship, Mogensen was also often inspired by Shaker furniture and design philosophies. This monograph examines Mogensen's fascinating approach to design and presents his most well known and most popular pieces of furniture. Workshop drawings, sketches and photographs of his furniture as well as archival pictures from his everyday life offer fascinating insight into the world of the Danish designer, whose furniture is not only attractive, but also always, above all, functional.

  9. Artek and the Aaltos - Creating a Modern World

    Artek and the Aaltos: Creating a Modern World

    The Finnish design firm Artek is best known as the producer and distributor of Modernist bentwood furniture designed by Alvar Aalto (1898-1976). However, its mission was more complex and multifaceted, grounded in the notion that art and design could enhance everyday life. Artek and the Aaltos showcases more than three hundred objects, including furniture, glassware, lighting, design sketches, drawings, textile swatches, and photographs.

  10. History of Furniture - A Global View

    History of Furniture: A Global View

    History of Furniture: A Global View covers the major historical movements in furniture design (from prehistoric periods through contemporary times) and includes parts of the world that traditional history books ignore or underserve, such as Africa and China. It presents the achievements of Western furniture designers, not in isolation from the rest of the globe, but in vibrant contact with it.

  11. B&B Italia - 50 Years and Beyond

    B&B Italia: 50 Years and Beyond

    This book tells about the past and present of B&B Italia and contains important contributions from Renzo Piano, Ferruccio De Bortoli, and Deyan Sudjic, that testify to the importance and consistency of B&B Italia on the Italian and international cultural and economic scene.

  12. 100 Midcentury Chairs - And Their Stories

    100 Midcentury Chairs: And Their Stories

    100 Midcentury Chairs: And Their Stories features the top 100 most interesting, most controversial, or simply most beautiful chairs from the period spanning 1930-1970, selected by expert curator and chair addict Lucy Ryder Richardson. Showcasing a range of top international names, including Robin Day, Charles and Ray Eames, Ernest Race, Arne Jacobsen, Pierre Paulin, Finn Juhl, Harry Bertoia, Ero Saarinen and Norman Cherner. There is also an exploration into materials and manufacturing processes, plus lots of information about the manufacturers that brought chair designs to the masses, such as Knoll, Herman Miller, Fritz Hansen and Asko.

  13. Guerilla Furniture Design - How to Build Lean, Modern Furniture with Salvaged Materials

    Guerilla Furniture Design: How to Build Lean, Modern Furniture with Salvaged Materials

    This innovative guide presents dozens of strategies for upcycling scrap cardboard, metal, plastic, or wood into dependable shelving units, sturdy tables, and fun lamps. With directions for 35 easy and inexpensive projects that include a Cardboard Cantilever Chair, a License Plate Bowl, a Conduit Coatrack, and much more, you'll be inspired to start filling your home with unique high-style furniture that makes sense for both your wallet and the environment.

  14. Reinventing Ikea - 70 DIY Projects to Transform Ikea Essentials

    Reinventing Ikea: 70 DIY Projects to Transform Ikea Essentials

    Offering modern, ready-to-assemble furniture, Ikea proves that spaces can be functional and affordable. But sometimes you're left wanting more: furniture that's adaptable, creative, and most important, in line with your taste. Reinventing Ikea shows you how. The book features 70 customization projects conceived from popular Ikea products.

  15. Almost 100 Chairs for 100 People

    Almost 100 Chairs for 100 People

    A little book redesigning the shape and the role of the chair, adapting it to different people, personalities and body features.

  16. Chairs by Architects

    Chairs by Architects

    Does an architect's style always come across, regardless of medium? Pairing great buildings with great chairs by the same architect, Chairs by Architects demonstrates how the defining qualities of a building's style can also be evident in that architect's furniture designs. Pieces of furniture, like manifestos, become signatures of architectural style. The fifty-five architects featured here include early modern architectural pioneers such as Otto Wagner, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Antoni Gaudí, and Walter Gropius, together with more recent modern masters such as Oscar Niemeyer, Santiago Calatrava, Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, and Daniel Libeskind.

  17. André Dubreuil

    André Dubreuil

    A monograph on André Dubreuil, a key figure in British design of the 1980s.

  18. How to Build Modern Furniture

    How to Build Modern Furniture

    How to Build Modern Furniture, first published in two volumes in 1951 and 1952, is a classic, practical guide to making simple, well-proportioned furniture in the home workshop. Profusely illustrated with detailed plans and drawings, the book brings together dozens of construction techniques and furniture plans, along with detailed construction advice for every step of the process.

  19. Furnitecture - Furniture That Transforms Space

    Furnitecture: Furniture That Transforms Space

    Furnitecture is a sourcebook exploring the furnishings, interior environments, and solutions for small spaces at the meeting point between design and architecture. The book features the work of a rising generation of designers across the globe who are starting to think about furniture in an architectural way, resulting in pieces that brilliantly transform interior spaces.

  20. Street Furniture Design - Contesting Modernism in Post-War Britain

    Street Furniture Design: Contesting Modernism in Post-War Britain

    Eleanor Herring's unique study of street furniture in post-war Britain considers how objects which are now familiar parts of our urban environment were designed to populate public spaces. Herring explores the design of lampposts, post boxes, parking meters, and signage in the context of a government backed by various bodies keen to propagate 'good' modern design, in a Britain whose towns and cities had been laid waste by bombing and the privations of war.

  21. Mid-Century Modern Icons of Design

    Mid-Century Modern Icons of Design

    The mid-twentieth century was one of the most popular, collectable, and dynamic periods of international design. Drawing on the inventive style of the era, Mid-Century Modern Icons of Design features exclusive illustrations of iconic mid century designs, from Eames chairs to Poul Henningsen lamps and George Nelson clocks, all rendered in a distinctive graphic style befitting the era.

  22. Romeo Sozzi and Promemoria

    Romeo Sozzi and Promemoria

    A revealing look at the designer behind Promemoria's stunning handmade furniture, and the luxurious interiors that embody his passion, refined taste, and eclecticism. As the third generation of specialized wood craftsmen in cabinetmaking and restoration, Romeo Sozzi made his debut in interior decoration in the 1970s. Since 1988, he and his three sons have run his company, Promemoria, which has become not just a producer of internationally high-profile furnishings but also a laboratory of innovative design. This volume is a discovery of Sozzi's world and work, the epitome of the refined Italian lifestyle.

  23. Ekstrøm Extreme - Norwegian Industrial Design and Furniture Culture

    Ekstrøm Extreme: Norwegian Industrial Design and Furniture Culture

    Terje Ekstrøm was the first postmodern designer in Norway and his futuristic chairs even made it into the Star Trek TV-Series. Ekstrøm Extreme is the first monograph on the designer. As this richly illustrated book shows, Ekstrøm was both a product of his own time and far ahead of it. Seen as one of Norway's first postmodern designers, his internationally successful Ekstrem chair achieved iconic status due to its unique and visionary qualities, as did his audio equipment design for the renowned Tandberg Radiofabrikk.

  24. Furniture-Makers and Consumers in England 1754-1851

    Furniture-Makers and Consumers in England 1754-1851

    Covering the period from the publication of Thomas Chippendale's The Gentleman and Cabinet-Makers' Director (1754) to the Great Exhibition (1851), this book analyses the relationships between producer retailers and consumers of furniture and interior design, and explores what effect dialogues surrounding these transactions had on the standardisation of furniture production during this period. This was an era, before mass production, when domestic furniture was made both to order and from standard patterns and negotiations between producers and consumers formed a crucial part of the design and production process. This study narrows in on three main areas of this process: the role of pattern books and their readers; the construction of taste and style through negotiation; and daily interactions through showrooms and other services, to reveal the complexities of English material culture in a period of industrialisation.

  25. The Lucky, Plucky Chairs

    The Lucky, Plucky Chairs

    When a set of eight classic old No. 14 Thonet chairs are threatened with certain doom, their ingenuity saves the day. Together they discover a way to escape, and encounter a world of the most wonderful and imaginative chairs from around the globe. The Thonets discover, too, that they have a talent for the stage. This charming tale by Rolf Fehlbaum, with delightful illustrations by Maira Kalman, is accompanied by a brief and informative glossary of 22 of the most innovative chairs created in 150 years.

  26. Brazil Modern - The Rediscovery of Twentieth-Century Brazilian Furniture

    Brazil Modern: The Rediscovery of Twentieth-Century Brazilian Furniture

    Twentieth-century Brazilian furniture design is perhaps the last great largely unknown tradition of modernism, characterized by rich and sensually textured hardwoods and an ingenuity, grace, and simplicity that exemplify the national character of brasiliadade. With well over 400 historic images and new photography, Brazil Modern: The Rediscovery of Twentieth-Century Brazilian Furniture surveys the history and legacy of this innovative design tradition.

  27. Goods 2 - Interior Products from Sketch to Use

    Goods 2: Interior Products from Sketch to Use

    Goods 2 includes 46 iconic design products are analysed and featured from conceptual design sketch to realisation. It also shows international reference projects where these products have been used successfully.

  28. Eileen Gray - Her Work and Her World

    Eileen Gray: Her Work and Her World

    The renowned and highly influential architect, furniture-maker, interior designer and photographer Eileen Gray was born in Ireland and remained throughout her life an Irishwoman at heart. An elusive figure, her interior world has never before been observed as closely as in this ground-breaking study of her work, philosophy and inner circle of fellow artists. Jennifer Goff expertly blends art history and biography to create a stunning ensemble, offering a clear beacon of light into truly understanding Gray - the woman and the professional.

  29. Wood Art - Innovative Wood Design

    Wood Art: Innovative Wood Design

    Warm and organic, yet imbued with strength, wood can perform in unusual ways depending on its use and setting. Working with new or reclaimed wood, bent plywood, or solid wood construction, the designers featured in this book all bring something new, creating forms from the whimsical to the elegant, the delicate to the robust.