Furniture Design Companies in Italy

  1. Kristalia


    Kristalia is a small furniture company in Italy. It was founded in 1994 by young local entrepreneurs joined by two common passions: design and jazz.

  2. Kartell


    Creativity and technology, glamour and functionality, quality and innovation: a combination of extraordinary factors together with a strategic vision of distribution has contributed to the lasting success of Kartell. A leader in design, Kartell addresses an international clientele with a collection unique in originality, variety, size and range. The products are multifunctional and cross-sectional, easy-to-use and with undeniable visual appeal.

  3. Magis


    Magis is the brand that has given a novel twist to domestic design, building its identity on incorporating leading-edge technology into mass production. The company catalog is heterogeneous, often divided into technology families entrusted with a clearcut strategy to different designers.

  4. blank

    Infiniti Design

    A range of furnishing components that combine innovation, technology, ergonomics, research into materials and the culture of design.

  5. blank


    Morelato has been producing furniture for over 60 years in classical and modern styles, evolving over the years to a more and more ecological production process using wood grown on plantations and water base varnish to reduce the use of toxic substances. The Morelato furniture collection is the result of experience and passion, which have been handed on from one generation to the next: from the artisan workshop, where refined inlays were executed, to the qualified industrial production of international level of today.

  6. Desalto


    Desalto is a leading Italian furniture brand well known for its sleek, minimalist aesthetics and advanced manufacturing expertise, especially with metals.