Design Blogs

  1. Design Mind

    Design Mind

    The Design Mind by frog features articles from top strategists, designers, and technologists on the newest developments in their fields. Additional features include upcoming events listings, artwork, and more.

  2. Ambalaj


    Ambalaj is a design blog, and was founded in 2008. Our mission is to showcase carefully selected news from the world of consumer insights, design & technology. We analyze and report everyday needs and solutions, that make sense to people and are sustainable to the world. The blog has grown into one of the world's most influential sites for design inspiration, engaging creative thinkers and doers globally.

  3. DesignWanted


    DesignWanted is an international digital platform, oriented at the promotion of the best design, architecture and tech. Since October 2015, we bring together professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs to share knowledge, tools and opportunities.

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    Back of the Envelope

    Back of the Envelope is the British Council Architecture, Design, Fashion team's blog, for us to share the development of our projects around the world, and report on what's happening in our field in the UK.

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    The Gilded Owl

    The Gilded Owl is a blog dedicated to craftsmanship and beauty in design, art, music and fashion. The Gilded Owl aims to inspire those interested in design and the way creative forces influence the way we live.

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    KE-ZU Blog

    KE-ZU Blog is intended as an up-to-date, as it happens reference point for matters of design, general creativity, our industry developments, your feedback and a general design news source.

  7. Cool Hunting

    Cool Hunting

    Cool Hunting is an award-winning independent publication that uncovers the latest intersections of design, culture and technology. We are a team of writers and editors whose curiosity fuels an ongoing quest for the discovery of true inspiration.

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    Told by Design

    Curated by Guim Espelt i Estopa, the blog tries to show how fictional narrations describe either objects, graphics, design processes or interactions.

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    Yatzer is a online design magazine / blog for all disciplines of design, such as interior, graphic, architecture, fashion, industrial and more.

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    Design Milk

    Blog devoted to modern design, including art, furniture, and home accessories. Features specific designers and artists, internet finds, and just cool stuff. Primarily focused on minimalism and modernism.

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    The Design Writer

    The Design Writer is a blog that celebrates the ideas behind design. It includes feature articles, design writing from around the web, and news and products from Sydney, Australia and the world.

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    Speak Art

    Speak Art is a community where artists, designers or anyone who's interested in art and design can get together and share their works, inspirations, experiences.

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    MissMalaprop is where modern handmade meets sustainable design. It spotlights the best in independent designers & artists, eco-friendly and sustainable products, New Orleans & Gulf Coast based businesses and issues, and people & organizations who are working to make the world a better place.

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    B-fragile is committed to bring you the best and most original creations in contemporary design. Our focus is mainly on the small series, one-of-a-kind pieces and prototypes.

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    Design Corner

    DesignCorner is an online archive for design news and posts, covering the areas of product design, interaction design, innovation, research, graphic design, advertising and object culture.

  16. blank


    Materialicious is a material, product and design journal, with lots of great resources, some good ideas, and a bit of old fashioned know how thrown in for good measure.

  17. blank


    A fairly new blog that focuses around fashion, furniture, architecture, and transportation design.