Design Consultancies

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  1. Peopledesign


    Peopledesign helps leaders transform their businesses through experience design.

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    Experientia is an international experience design consultancy With the needs and contexts of people driving our designs, we create product and service experiences that really matter to them.

  3. Made Thought

    Made Thought

    Founded in 2000 by Paul Austin and Ben Parker, Made Thought is a London design studio that helps luxury brands harness the power of progressive design to change behavior. Made Thought challenges convention to create brands that are desirable and elevated. The studio believes that deep thought is a prerequisite of great design.

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    A Piece of Pie

    A Piece of Pie is a forward thinking innovation-focused consultancy rooted in business anthropology known for delivering actionable results that directly impact organic growth.

  5. Studio Römer

    Studio Römer

    Founded by Dr. Barbara Römer, a strategy consultant who specializes in developing cultural visions for cities, Studio Römer is a creative consultancy for global arts strategies.

  6. Comte Bureau

    Comte Bureau

    Comte Bureau helps you innovate and create better services, products and environments. We firmly believe that it's possible to create value for clients, and at the same time shape the future in a responsible way. We are an interdisciplinary team consisting of social scientists, architects, graphic designers, service designers, product designers and business consultants. And whether the goal is to rethink a public service, improve a brand concept or design a space we use the same approach which starts with a deep understanding of people - followed by a development of solutions responding to their needs.

  7. PostlerFerguson


    PostlerFerguson is a London-based research and design consultancy helping private and public organizations to develop robust solutions to complex problems using object and media-based strategies.

  8. GRAND.


    GRAND. is an innovation and strategic design firm made up of people who feel great passion and esteem for what they do. They find solutions to problems and help fearless companies search for new ways of satisfying clients through research and innovation.

  9. Matter Unlimited

    Matter Unlimited

    Matter Unlimited is a strategic and creative consultancy built for the purpose-led economy. We are situated at the intersection of culture, capital and cause. From ESG Strategy and narrative development, to issue-driven campaigns, we leverage our unique perspective to create impactful solutions to service our clients' needs.

  10. Ask Us For Ideas

    Ask Us For Ideas

    AUFI connects ambitious brands with remarkable agencies based on a unique understanding of a curated network of the world's best and most relevant independent agencies, navigating brands through the nuances of briefing, meeting, and selecting their creative partners.

  11. Common


    Common is a strategic design consultancy. We deliver sustainable business value through the intersection of design and technology. We design and launch innovative brands, products and services. Most of all, we partner with leaders and visionaries to make a difference in their businesses, industries and cities. Common is currently based in Singapore and Shenzhen, but our work and clients come from around the world.

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    IA Collaborative

    IA Collaborative is a creative enterprise specializing in research, strategy and design. IA utilizes advanced ethnographic research methods to gain insights into what users truly need and desire. We leverage that knowledge into innovative design solutions that meet those needs and build business value for our clients.

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    The Meme

    The Meme is a user experience and design innovation consultancy specialized in understanding people, cultures and emerging technologies. We help leading companies to innovate and generate continuous growth by developing meaningful and marketable user-centered experiences for products and services, creating lasting emotional connections to their customers. Our interdisciplinary team applies The Meme's strategic research and design methods to help our clients discover key opportunities for innovation.

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    Doblin is an innovation strategy firm. We craft comprehensive, reliable, and repeatable approaches to innovation. We have more than two decades of experience helping business leaders tap their organization's full innovation potential.

  15. Belong


    Belong is a design and innovation consultancy with a difference. We use a human-centric approach to help organizations create products and services for the widest possible audiences.

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    Aesthetic Movement

    Aesthetic Movement is a think tank for smart, creative collaborations and a harbinger of style. We believe that considered design and frequent brushes with beauty can enhance the overall quality of life, and we aim to contribute to that end with every project and partnership we undertake. Our unique ability to provide award-winning design services alongside our sales and marketing expertise enables us to present clients with the most comprehensive solutions.

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    Ideas To Go

    Ideas To Go is a creative process consulting firm that specializes in helping Fortune 500 companies generate consumer-centered concepts for new products and services, positioning, naming and promotions projects.

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    Ex;it a research and design strategy firm. Before designing strategies, we work to gain a deep understanding of the challenges, realities, constraints and opportunities of an environment. This understanding allows us to create a management and design tool to determine and guide an organization's priorities.

  19. Hellon


    Hellon uses service design expertise and methods to help businesses evolve towards human-to-human experiences. In a world obsessed with digital transformation, we bring the forgotten human back to the core of a truly omnichannel approach. We also run programs inside businesses to create organizational change. Our work creates empathetic services and working environments, it has impact. Hellon launched in 2009 and has offices in Helsinki and London. Clients include KONE, Nordea Bank, O2, Orange and Teliasonera.

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    Engine Service Design

    Engine specialises in helping private and public sector organisations to develop and orchestrate services that make customers happy. We work behind the scenes exploring what customers really need and the systems and processes that govern the delivery of services.

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    Metric Lab

    Metric Lab was founded in 2005 by two former NASA research associates. Utilizing a unique and flexible research methodology, Metric Lab provides user experience and human factors research to technology companies, design firms and government agencies world-wide.

  22. Simon Teer

    Simon Teer

    Simon Teer coaches and mentors emerging and established design firms that typically specialize in products, furniture, graphics and interiors.

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    Think Brownstone

    Think Brownstone is an experience design consultancy - our clients' customers and business models are demanding increasingly sophisticated ways of interacting, and we're being asked to help architect the total experience from the ground up.

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    Michon is a creative agency that puts heart and soul into everything that it does.

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    Frontier Project

    Frontier Project investigates human decision-making in markets and organizations, and then design programs to influence customer choices and employee performance.

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    Growth Spark

    Growth Sparkis a Cambridge-based agency helps e-commerce companies enhance operating efficiency and improve profitability through strategic design and innovative technology. Since 2008, Growth Spark has completed 250+ projects ranging from startups to billion dollar global enterprises. By applying a thoughtful approach to understanding a client's business, Growth Spark develops pragmatic solutions to guide them through today's challenging marketing and technology environments.

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    Twelve20 work with you to communicate to your clients through brand development, graphic design and web application development.

  28. TEN


    TEN is an exciting new innovation support structure that enables you to find a better direction for your project, de-risking decision making and offering you access to top innovators in health - over 100 of the best boutique agencies and independents all under one roof with a single access point.

  29. New Haircut

    New Haircut

    As a global leader in product innovation, New Haircut uses design thinking to help corporate teams discover critical opportunities for new products and services.