Design Research

  1. STBY


    STBY is a design research company based in London and Amsterdam, with strong links to specialised partners around the world.

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    CENSE Research + Design

    CENSE Research + Design is a multidisciplinary social design studio consultancy focused on systems approaches to health promotion, service design, research and evaluation.

  3. Turian Labs

    Turian Labs

    Turian Labs is an innovation consulting company that draws on 'design thinking' to drive innovation at the intersection of business, culture, technology & the arts. Our services encompass user-centered research, megatrend-driven business foresight & executive learning programs with the aim of building 'design-led' organizations.

  4. SonicRim


    SonicRim conducts contextual research for understanding user experiences. We understand experience in a manner that can be applied to product development, brand development, and business strategy. We have pioneered many of the tools and techniques that form the basis or user-centered design today.

  5. Sutherland Labs

    Sutherland Labs

    Sutherland Labs is an experience design agency based in London, UK and San Francisco, US. Part of Sutherland, a global process transformation company, we work with the world's leading brands, putting people at the heart of design to create smarter solutions that not only grow businesses but also enhance everyday human experiences.

  6. Sylver Consulting

    Sylver Consulting

    Sylver Consulting is an international innovation research and strategy firm focused on customer-driven insights that lead to market and organizational growth.

  7. Bentley User Experience Center

    Bentley User Experience Center

    We are a global user experience consulting group based at Bentley University. Since our foundation in 1999, we have provided hundreds of clients around the world with user experience research, design, and strategy services.

  8. Design Factors

    Design Factors

    Design Factors is a collaborative group of professional and post graduate design researchers based in the University of Limerick, Ireland.

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    Cities x Design

    A 35-city trans-media research trip across the United States that is recorded online and will later be released in film, exhibition and book form.