Design Galleries

  1. Friedman Benda

    Friedman Benda

    Friedman Benda was founded in 2007 by Barry Friedman and Marc Benda as a venue for established and emerging designers and artists who push the boundaries of their mediums. The gallery features a program of rotating exhibitions of contemporary work by some of the world's leading artists, architects, and designers.

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    Aram Gallery

    The Aram Gallery is an independently curated space that encourages and promotes understanding of contemporary design, by presenting experimental and new work with a special interest in the work of designers and artists in their early careers.

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    Gallery for Russian Arts and Design

    GRAD is a pioneering institution that brings new insights into Russian art, design and culture to international audiences through exhibitions, publications, live events, collaborations and digital engagement. Our purpose is to share our specialist knowledge in ways that capture the imagination, inspire creativity and spark new ideas.

  4. Les Ateliers Courbet

    Les Ateliers Courbet

    Les Ateliers Courbet is a New York-based design gallery noted for its distinct curatorial focus dedicated to the ongoing craftsmanship mastery and design legacies carried-on by the contemporary artisans and centuries-old manufacturers it represents.

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    Volume Gallery

    Volume Gallery is an event-based gallery with a specific focus on American design, particularly emerging contemporary designers. Founded by design aficionados, Claire Warner and Sam Vinz, formerly of Wright Auction, the Volume Gallery releases editions, publications and exhibits that showcase the work of American designers to regional, national and international audiences.