Graphic Design Blogs

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    CardFaves showcases the most inspirational business cards designed by graphic designers from around the world that they've found while searching various portfolios around the web.

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    Plus 63

    +63 is a collective blog dedicated to providing an online venue for Philippine creatives. The idea behind +63 is to create a rallying point for the industry by adapting and updating the international country code for the Philippines into a recognizable trademark for Filipino culture, design, and art.

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    BonFX is a graphic design blog by Douglas and Mary Bonneville.

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    Lisa Holland

    A blog dedicated to exhibiting original artwork, as well as providing commentary on current artistic, graphic design, and fashion trends. Also provides commentary on graphic design and advertising news.

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    Design weblog for designers, Downgraf provides inspiration for designers and developers also provide Photoshop tutorial and free files for web and graphic designers.

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    Pike Murdy

    Mike Purdy, a freelance graphic designer based in Knoxville, Tennessee. This site is home to a brief selection of my personal work and writings.

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    Pushing Snowballs

    Pushing Snowballs is a community devoted to helping creative businesses find the most effective and efficient ways to promote themselves and get more work.

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    AisleOne is a blog about graphic design, typography, grid systems and anything else that is interesting.