Graphic Design Companies

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    Pivot Design Group

    Pivot is a group of professionals who specialize in designing experiences between people and the brands, products, services, and apps that they use.

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    Toolbox are an Adelaide based multi-disciplinary graphic design studio. Our core focus is corporate identity and branding, with applications to websites, corporate documents, signage, packaging and promotional material.

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    Hutner Descollonges

    Hutner Descollonges is an award-winning, committed and passionate team of designers. At the helm are Sue Hutner and Justine Descollonges, providing strategic direction and inspiration to a diverse group of accomplished team players.

    San Francisco, CA, United States
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    Exposed, experts in retail branding. From brand identity development to store interior, packaging to promotion.

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    G1 Creative

    G1 Creative is an independent creative design studio based in South Cumbria. Offering: brand design/development, promotional literature design/production, website design and development.

  6. Ishan Khosla Design

    Ishan Khosla Design

    Ishan Khosla Design specializes in brand identity, website, and print collateral design. Our continued interest in creating distinct, personal and 'handmade' work for our clients integrates with the idea of collaborating with other creative people.

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    Paquin Design

    Paquin design is a graphic design agency from Quebec, which is also designing websites, using the best and latest modern technologies.

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    Metz Creative

    Metz Creative is a boutique graphic design studio located in Parkdale, Melbourne. Born out of a love of brands, we are a passionate team that have earned a reputation for helping our clients grow their businesses and creating brand experiences people love.

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    Strano and Pettigrew

    Strano and Pettigrew is a well established design firm specializing in brand identity and corporate communications. We offer a comprehensive range of creative services such as design, brand identity, brand management and strategy.

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    Urbansoul Design

    Graphic design studio based in Manchester. Specialising in brochure design, company sales literature, educational prospectus and website design.

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    Splinter Design

    Splinter is an award winning multi-disciplinary design studio based in Liverpool City Centre. We specialise in the production of corporate identity, new media and printed solutions.

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    McGregor Shott

    McGregor Shott is an acclaimed graphic design and branding agency located in Santa Clarita. McGregor Shott specializes in creating award-winning work for cities, colleges, and economic development agencies.

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    Bex Brands

    Bex Brands provides branding, marketing, advertising and graphic design services from San Diego, California.

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    ParaART is committed to providing the highest quality creative solutions that are unique for every client, cost-effective and responsive to clients needs.

  15. Pivot


    Pivot is a group of experienced marketers, designers and brand innovators who build household brands. With a "consumer first" mantra, Pivot thrives on championing ideas that make a difference through brand identity, packaging design, new product innovation and more.

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    MPAD are a creative design agency based in South West UK. Offering brand, print and website design tailored design solution for any company or organisation.

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    Graphic design and advertising studio based in Cagliari Italy and New York.

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    Useful Studios

    Useful Studios is a design firm focused on the usefulness of client communication channels, whether a website, brand identity, or printed material. We provide the experience and capabilities of a large consultancy, with the personal service and great value of a small company.

  19. Empirical Designs

    Empirical Designs

    Empirical Designs is a New York graphic and web design agency based in NYC. Our focuses include logo design, branding, web design, print & digital marketing materials that help get your brand the attention it deserves.

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    A full service design for print and web design and development agency offering a full range of services from corporate ID, advertising, literature design and branding to web design and application development.

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    Caliente Creative

    Caliente Creative is a graphic design firm located in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. We create sizzling, sensational and smart communications that resonate with consumers and help our clients to shine in their marketplace. Through interactive media and printed communication, we specialize in brand strategy, visual identity, marketing communications, retail design and packaging.

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    Here at Noisyspace we consider ourselves the "creative missing link" by offering an unique approach to your design requirements.

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    We're a marketing and design agency based in Kendal. Our range of creative services, in digital and print, offers solutions for website design and development (including WordPress CMS and ecommerce), design for print, branding, marketing, and advertising.

  24. RSM Design

    RSM Design

    RSM Design is a passionate team of creatives. We live at the intersection of graphics and architecture by defining brands and creating memories- turning ideas into reality. We believe in design that respects cultural contexts, exceeds expectations and enriches personal experiences.

  25. Sevenfold Creative

    Sevenfold Creative

    We are brand builders and designers, strategists and creatives, with extensive experience connecting brands to people in todays evolving market. From brand identity to web design, packaging, print promotion, advertising and media, we enable businesses across a wide range of industries and sizes establish a local, national or global presence that separates them from the rest.

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    Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group

    HZDG is a premier design and marketing firm offering branding, interactive, print, and unconventional solutions to a wide range of clients. HZDG produces award-winning work for national and international clients.