Graphic Design Studios in France

  1. Yorgo&Co


    Yorgo&Co is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Paris, led by Yorgo Tloupas. Our team of designers and typographers - Sophie Hanoun, Emmanuelle Lubaki, Martin Pasquier, Alexandre Pommier, Alexis Tse and Dany Wang - works together with Emmanuelle Beaudet, studio director and our archivist Valeria Fiorentini.

  2. My Name is Wendy

    My Name is Wendy

    My Name is Wendy was born from the collaboration of two independent graphic designers, Carole Gautier and Eugenie Favre. This collaboration unites expertise in graphic and plastic art. The group produces visual identities, formal principals, pictures, patterns and printings. A project is first of all an encounter gathering competences and mutual ethics. Moreover, the Group produces a limited number of sized posters and can use different platforms within plastic realizations to satisfy its needs for expression.

  3. blank


    E+K is a graphic design studio based in Paris researching from paper to screen and from screen to paper.

  4. Publicity Upstream

    Publicity Upstream

    Publicity Upstream is a visual communication studio, based in Rueil-Malmaison, near Paris, France. Founded in 2009, we have been aiming to create memorable and functional communication.

  5. blank


    Obleudesign is an independent graphic design studio offering thoughtful branding and design solutions to a wide range of clients in Europe and the US.



    HERMITS is a graphic design and art direction studio, with a semiotic and phenomenological approach, specializing in identities and symbols design.

  7. LORD


    LORD is a French design agency that creates identity & manages brand communication.

  8. Epok


    Epok is a French duo of graphic designers - Marine Langenegger and Emanuele Fiori - based in France.