Illustration Agencies

  1. Inky Illustration Agency

    Inky Illustration Agency

    Inky Illustration Agency represents outstanding international illustrators. Our exceptional range of illustrators have been commissioned by clients from all over the globe and have worked on a large number of advertising campaigns, publishing, editorials, as well as a huge variety of innovative and creative assignments.

  2. Illozoo


    Illozoo is a contemporary illustration agency representing a combination of emerging and veteran illustrators from around the world. Each illustrator at Illozoo offers a unique style, technique and creative visual solution to clients in the advertising, design, publishing, corporate, fashion and gaming industry.

  3. Lindgren and Smith

    Lindgren & Smith

    Pat Lindgren & Piper Smith have been representing some of the top illustration talent in the United States.

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    Das Grup

    Das Grup represent talented illustrators who work on packaging, editorial, and children books.

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    Marie Bastille

    Illustrators agent since 1988 we represent over than 20 famous illustrators working for various clients as advertising agencies, editorials or publishers.

  6. Anna Goodson

    Anna Goodson

    Anna Goodson Illustration Agency helps creative thinkers connect with illustrators and motion graphic artists - so they can transform their ideas into powerful visual content.

  7. SEPIA


    Founded by Anja Laame and André Laame, SEPIA represents professional illustrators. As a photographer and an illustrator they are passioned for good design.

  8. Plum Pudding

    Plum Pudding

    As one of the leading children's illustration agencies in the world, Plum Pudding Illustration Agency is known for being one of the most dynamic, passionate and proactive agencies, representing some of the most talented children's illustrators from across the globe.

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    Good Illustration

    Good Illustration is a family-run agency with the perfect mix of experience and youth. Respected and trusted by leading advertising agencies, publishing houses, media groups, newspapers and brands across the globe, Good Illustration has always been proud to represent a wealth of talented illustrators with a diverse range of styles and techniques.

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    Kinky Illustrators

    Portfolio / Agent of international illustrators. All illustrators are working for advertising campaigns, industries, book distributors, magazines, fashion and music.

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    Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, founded by designers and publishing professionals experienced in London, Owl represents the top creative talent from Central Eastern Europe.

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    Central Illustration Agency

    The Central Illustration Agency is one of the world's leading resources for the very best in contemporary commercial art. Based in Mayfair in the heart of London, CIA represent a strikingly diverse group of illustrators and designers from all over the world working with the advertising, design and publishing industries.

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    Illustration Ltd.

    Founded in 1929, Illustration Ltd is a leading international illustration and animation agency with offices in London, New York, Hamburg, Paris, Shanghai, Mumbai and Sydney. We represent over 150 of the world's leading illustrators, artists and animators with experience spanning advertising, design, publishing, editorial to name a few.

  14. Astound


    Astound US Inc has been a leader in global artist representation since 2013. With offices in New York City and London, Astound represents illustrators worldwide, across all styles and genres. We aim high - to Astound - by being the Agency with the best in contemporary children's book illustration, licensing, and commercial art.

  15. The Big Red

    The Big Red

    Here at The Big Red Illustration Agency, you will find the finest selection of talented, professional, and dedicated illustrators in the industry today.

  16. Spinning Yarn

    Spinning Yarn

    Spinning Yarn prides itself on the relationships we build with our clients and with each other. These relationships begin because of our intense respect for the work we produce and they thrive because our clients trust us to communicate their stories. Together we produce high-quality imagery and consistently exceed expectations with open communication, professional practices and creative solutions. In sum, we're a small agency with a big appetite for powerful, engaging, visual storytelling.

  17. Advocate Art

    Advocate Art

    Advocate Art was founded in 1992, with a group of illustrators who liked the idea of having an agent but not the other things that often came with that. We call our ethos 'F.A.C.T.': Fairness, Ability, Creativity and Trust. It's about doing the right thing and being with the right people. We think our principles set us apart from conventional agencies & by sticking to them we have attracted the most creative illustrators and artists who in turn attract (with a little help) the best clients.

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    McCown Design Agency

    McCown Design Agency is a cutting edge design agency located in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in digital illustration, storyboards, graphic design, virtual world design/concept, website design, corporate identity, and product branding. With 12 years experience in markets ranging from children advertising to fashion advertising, we can bring your vision to life and create the perfect tools or product to attract today and tomorrows target market.

  19. Umer


    Founded in 2006, Umer is an artist agency based in Slovenia, representing illustrators, animators, and photographers in the region. Our primary task is to find the most suitable creative person and seamlessly integrate their talents into your project or team, while managing timeframe and budget concerns hands-on.