Illustrators in the United States

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    Gayle Wheatleys

    Gayle Wheatley is a professional illustrator, painter, and art director, who specializes in fun, fashionable, and irresistibly glamorous illustrations and vibrant, dream-like, and delightfully textured paintings.

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    Ekaterina Kulikova

    Ekaterina Kulikova is based in New York where she creates her sophisticated, sensual and elegant fashion illustrations. She uses delicate layers of delightful patterns, ornaments from Russian & Middle East cultures that are integrated with a precise and sophisticated line drawing.

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    Carol Yoshizumi

    Bright, painterly style illustrations for the children/teen market. As seen in American Girl Magazine, "The Two of Us, A Book of Memories" and many other books and magazines.

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    Steve Lieber

    Portfolio of my work in comic books, graphic novels, storyboards, magazine illustration and, concept design.

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    James McMullan

    James McMullan is one of America's foremost illustrators. Best known for his Lincoln Center theater posters and his psychologically intense style of realism, he has also designed and illustrated many magazine articles, book and album covers, and advertisements.

  6. Andy Rementer

    Andy Rementer

    Andy Rementer is an illustrator and painter whose work has been featured in a number of high-profile brands and publications.

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    Jessica Buie

    Jessica Buie is a San Diego based designer and illustrator with a focus on hand drawn typography and vector based artwork.

  8. Bobby Gombert

    Bobby Gombert

    Specializes in humorous illustration and the creative development used in product branding, marketing, advertising pieces, greeting cards, books and more.

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    Frank Chimero

    Frank Chimero is a designer and illustrator. He's clients include The New York Times, Nike, Wired, Microsoft, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Facebook, Starbucks, and Fast Company.

  10. Amber Vittoria

    Amber Vittoria

    Amber Vittoria is an artist working in New York City; her work focuses on the accurate portrayal women within art, and she has collaborated with like-minded brands, such as Gucci, The New York Times, and Instagram, on pieces that further said narrative.