Industrial Design Books

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  1. The Form of Design

    The Form of Design

    The Form of Design is the first all-encompassing book about the visual language of man-made products. This book is not a historical review of thousands of years of evolution of man-made tools, artefacts and objects; it specifically focuses on recent, current and future trends.

  2. The Creativity Catalog

    The Creativity Catalog

    Rather than start with the premise that creativity originates largely from within our minds, The Creativity Catalog looks outward to the things we surround ourselves with in our home and work environments to uncover a trove of products deliberately designed to cultivate our mental faculties through hands-on experience. Among the products featured are furnishings, accessories, shelving, cookware, jewelry, and children's playthings.

  3. Sketching, Product Design Presentation

    Sketching, Product Design Presentation

    Sketching, Product Design Presentation provides insight into methods for approaching different kinds of visual presentation/communication in product design. Influential visual language theories such as Gestalt, Rhetoric and Semantics are discussed within the context of product design by means of pitches, portfolios and presentations from leading design studios.

  4. Jony Ive - The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest Products

    Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest Products

    Leander Kahney offers a detailed portrait of the English art school student with dyslexia who became the most acclaimed tech designer of his generation. Drawing on interviews with Ive's former colleagues and Apple insiders, Kahney "takes us inside the creation of these memorable objects."

  5. When Design Really Works

    When Design Really Works

    When Design Really Works takes a deeper look at the objects that enrich our lives through the examination of 80 classic designs that have stood the test of time through the centuries. Divided into ten categories - from beauty and communication to convenience and expression - the defining qualities of each design is dissected to draw the reader's attention to the aspects that have made it so successful for so long.

  6. Well-Designed - How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love

    Well-Designed: How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love

    Nest, and companies like it, understand that emotional connection is critical to product development. And they use a clear, repeatable design process that focuses squarely on consumer engagement rather than piling on features for features' sake. In this refreshingly jargon-free and practical book, product design expert Jon Kolko maps out this process, demonstrating how it will help you and your team conceive and build successful, emotionally resonant products again and again.

  7. Disobedient Objects

    Disobedient Objects

    From political activism comes the art of protest, symbols, and designs that defy standard definitions. This timely book shows how objects can change the world by out-designing authority. Disobedient Objects focuses on the period from 1980 to the present, a time that brought new technologies and political challenges to protest movements. Provocative and engaging, this book showcases how artists have produced work within the context of social movements, which become the vibrant engines for ingenuity and collective creativity.

  8. Crazy Design

    Crazy Design

    Crazy Design showcases the work of our leading product designers, picking out the most inventive, contemporary and fun work around and presenting it in an accessible, engrossing guide. Well-known designers, such as Marcel Wanders with his delicate, beautiful Crochet Chair, are included amidst exciting new figures; designers like João Sabino, creator of the Keyboard Bag, which breathes ingenious new life into the computer keyboard. Each product is illustrated alongside a description that brings insight into the work, the creator and the story behind its design.

  9. Red Dot Design Yearbook 2014/2015

    Red Dot Design Yearbook 2014/2015

    The Red Dot Design Yearbook 2014/2015 is a compilation of the three individual volumes Living, Doing & Working, in order to present the entire spectrum of innovative products new features from all sectors of product design.

  10. What Makes Great Design

    What Makes Great Design

    What Makes Great Design showcases eighty exceptional creations, from the Polaroid Land camera and the Sony Walkman to the Coca-Cola bottle and Converse All Stars. Featuring designers as diverse as Le Corbusier, Dieter Rams and Philippe Starck, this insightful book highlights the elements of each design that distinguish it from its peers.

  11. The Art of Things - Product Design Since 1945

    The Art of Things: Product Design Since 1945

    The Art of Things: Product Design Since 1945 narrates the history of modern design in each of the major industrialized nations in turn. Its engaging text, written by leading historians of design, is accompanied by more than 650 vibrant color plates, illustrating both iconic designs and lesser-known but still influential creations.

  12. Iconic Designs - 50 Stories about 50 Things

    Iconic Designs: 50 Stories about 50 Things

    Iconic Designs is a beautifully designed and illustrated guide to fifty classic 'things' - designs that we find in the city, in our homes and offices, on page and screen, and in our everyday lives. In her introduction, Grace Lees-Maffei explores the idea of iconicity and what makes a design 'iconic,' and fifty essays by leading design and cultural critics address the development of each iconic 'thing', its innovative and unique qualities, and its journey to classic status.

  13. DesignPOP


    DesignPOP is a curated selection of game-changing product design in the 21st century highlighting ideas, production processes, materials and more that have changed the way we think about design.

  14. Designing the Internet of Things

    Designing the Internet of Things

    Both a creative and practical primer, Designing the Internet of Things explores the platforms you can use to develop hardware or software, discusses design concepts that will make your products eye-catching and appealing, and shows you ways to scale up from a single prototype to mass production.

  15. Material Innovation - Product Design

    Material Innovation: Product Design

    Material Innovation: Product Design presents carefully selected products that showcase the innovative use of a particular material. The authors focus on specific product categories that include grown materials, surface fortification, advanced composites, additive manufacturing media, recycled materials, and the integration of electricity. A wide range of products spanning from medical equipment to clothing are featured, along with six specially commissioned visual narratives by experts in the field.

  16. Marcel Wanders - Pinned Up

    Marcel Wanders: Pinned Up

    Marcel Wanders: Pinned Up showcases the oeuvre of Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. The book reveals his drives and inspirations, offers a historical and theoretical context and provides insights into the production process of a number of ground-breaking projects with essays by renowned authors in the field of industrial and interior design.

  17. CAD and Rapid Prototyping for Product Design

    CAD and Rapid Prototyping for Product Design

    Presented in a visually engaging format, this book is packed with case study examples from contemporary product designers, as well as screen shots, CAD models, and images of rapid prototypes highlighting the design process. This book shows how CAD and RP software is used in product design and explains, in clear language, the similarities and differences between the different software packages and processes.

  18. Breaking In

    Breaking In

    With advice from over 100 product design luminaries on how to build the portfolio you need to get the job you want, Breaking In gives you an unfair advantage over the rest.

  19. Goods - Interior Products from Sketch to Use

    Goods: Interior Products from Sketch to Use

    Instead of just filling a book with new products, Goods takes design publishing a step further: iconic interior design products are analyzed and featured from sketch to realization.

  20. The Industrial Design Reference and Specification Book

    The Industrial Design Reference & Specification Book

    The Industrial Design Reference & Specification Book is filled with information that is essential to successful product design, including information on measurement conversions, trademark and copyright standards, patents and product-related intellectual property rights/standards, setting up files for prototyping and production runs, and manufacturing and packaging options to optimize the design.

  21. Star Product Designers

    Star Product Designers

    Star Product Designers offers an insider's look at the best product designers working today.

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    Guzzini: Infinite Italian Design

    One hundred years of history of one of the most innovative companies promoting Italian design. This book describes the development of the Guzzini company - 100 years of history set out in fascinating detail, with a succession of protagonists of Italian and international culture: Gillo Dorfles, Oscar Farinetti, Aldo Bonomi, Robin Levien, Angeletti Ruzza, Karim Rashid, and many other leading designers.

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    Korea Power: Design & Identity

    From cars to electronics, Korean design is conquering the world. This book explores Korea's contemporary design culture between tradition and the future.

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    iF Design Awards 2013: Product

    A compilation of yearly design awards, these volumes feature the best of product designs, along with a selection of outstanding creatives working today.

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    British Stuff: Life in Britain Through 101 Everyday Objects

    Through the everyday objects that are part of the fabric of contemporary life in the UK, this fascinating full-color photographic compendium introduces Britain in a new way. Containing a wealth of iconic British design staples as well as the treasures of everyday life-from the Mini and the Anglepoise lamp to M&S underwear and the Argos catalog-this guide is a must-have for anyone who wants to understand British culture from the inside out, complete with all its idiosyncrasies and quirks.

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    Origins of Form

    This book will make readers-especially those who design and build-aware of their physical environment and how to break away from previously held assumptions and indifference about the ways forms in our human environment have evolved.

  27. Design Incubator - A Prototype for New Design Practice

    Design Incubator: A Prototype for New Design Practice

    Arranged by themes and consisting of documentary photographs, illustrated sketches, renderings and diagrams as well as articles and texts, this book presents an extensive archive of projects and workshops in product and research development.