Industrial Design Companies in Canada

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    Fig40 is an industrial design company focused on the thorough and inspired creation of physical things. Beginning in early 2008, Lee Fletcher and Terence Woodside created Fig40 combining 15 years of award winning industrial design, with 15 years of award winning engineering to create a team equipped to take any product from concept through to full implementation.

  2. Advanta Design Group

    Advanta Design Group

    Since 1992, Advanta has created product designs for the industrial space and consumer markets. We have served start-up entrepreneurs and international corporations. Since we specialize in serving companies focused on niche markets in the business-to-business sector, many of our clients are technology start-ups or mid-sized companies. Advanta has repeatedly demonstrated that solid ideas honed by a rigorous design process become products that dominate their market categories for years. Our core clients see Advanta as a source of strategic advantage. With new product ideas, our clients perceive new ways to meet strategic market needs. We provide compelling design solutions to present their innovative concepts to the market.

  3. Gibson Product Design

    Gibson Product Design

    Gibson Product Design is an award-winning industrial design firm working in business and consumer electronics product development. Based in Ottawa Ontario, Canada's primary high technology center, we are a full service office, carrying projects from initial strategy and concept through production CAD and documentation.

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    Humanscope is a product development company based in Toronto. We provide integrated research, Industrial design, product design engineering, development, and manufacturing services. We work with our clients to create meaningful, innovative product solutions that improve the human experience.

  5. Bridge Factory

    Bridge Factory

    Bridge Factory is an award-winning industrial design firm that helps organizations bridge the gap between the needs/desires of customers and industry-leading product design.

  6. Cortex Design

    Cortex Design

    Cortex Design is a product design + manufacturing firm located in Toronto's burgeoning art and design district. We design groundbreaking new products, create working prototypes, and provide both onshore and offshore manufacturing for our clients looking to launch new product ventures. We use a cross-disciplinary, systematic approach for each client's project that delivers quick, creative results. If you have a product idea but do not know how to produce it, give us a call. We provide concepts sketches, CAD models, renderings, prototypes, production drawings, and manufacturing support across a huge variety of industries.

  7. Tungsten Collaborative

    Tungsten Collaborative

    Tungsten is an innovative physical product design and engineering firm based in Ottawa, Canada. Our collaborative approach to design ensures successful results for clients of all sizes. We leverage the full experience of our entire design team from start to finish.

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    Starfish Medical

    For over 10 years, StarFish Medical has been designing, developing and manufacturing world class medical devices for a select clientele.

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    SurfaceID is a Montreal industrial design firm. Onsite or remotely, day or night, the designers and engineers at SurfaceID will accommodate and compliment your in house team.

  10. Spark Innovations

    Spark Innovations

    Spark Innovations is an award-winning industrial design company specializing in the development of innovative products and inventions. Spark Innovation's professional team has taken thousands of products from the early stages of an idea to the mass market.

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    Tactix Gear Workshop

    Tactix Gear Workshop is a sports gear design firm. We develop products that innovate, outperform and impress. We provide streamlined product development services such as ideation, development and in-house prototyping.

  12. Form3


    Form3 is an industrial design & product engineering firm, helping businesses build innovative, sustainable, and quality products for their markets.

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    Design Directive

    Product design and development firm specializing in strategic realization of innovative products that capitalize on emerging market opportunities. DDI offers comprehensive array of services including product design, prototyping, design validation, tooling, technical documentation, and product marketing.