Industrial Design Companies in Germany

  1. Ding3000


    Ding3000 is the studio of the designers Carsten Schelling, Sven Rudolph and Ralf Webermann. On behalf of our clients, we develop new products, based upon an analysis of market and competitors.

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    Werksdesign supports brands with strategic product design solutions. With award-winning designs we support international brands, strategically, with no frills in the context of cultural, technological and social change.

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    BUSSE Design

    As one of the biggest and oldest companies for industrial design and product development in Europe, since 1959 we stand for successful products, target group orientated aesthetic design and interfaces, engineering up to ready for tooling CAD data as well as trendsetting innovations and strategies.

  4. pdlab


    As a strategic innovation and product design agency, we use agile methods to generate visionary future scenarios, develop creative ideas and design intelligent products and interfaces for innovative companies and start-ups.

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    Industrialpartners is a team of experienced and inspirable engineers and designers from Offenbach am Main, Germany. We work in the areas of design strategy, product design, design engineering and construction of moulds for injection moulding.

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    Designaffairs is an owner-managed, strategy- and design-oriented agency for product and brand development. At designaffairs, advanced materials, progressive technologies, sociocultural tendencies, user insights and new ways of interaction are our daily inspiration. We transform this fact into exciting solutions for our clients in a unique, multidisciplinary approach.



    ART-KON-TOR was founded in 1991 and is located in the city of Jena in the middle of the so called 'Green Heart' of Germany, Thuringia. The agency group, with its 55 open-minded people, is specialized on marketing, product design and engineering processes of medical devices and life science technologies, be it a microscope or a full body scanner.

  8. Held and Team

    Held + Team

    Held+Team was founded 1997 and is currently based in Hamburg. The company is focused on medical equipment. More than 500 realized projects for companies located all over Europe, US, China and Japan.

  9. Squareone


    Squareone offers competence and experience in developing and implementing innovative products and new technologies. A large number of international protection rights and design awards confirm our ability to innovate.

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    Piu Products

    One essential aspect of our effectiveness is the highly diversified spectrum of clients we serve. Ranging from the automation industry to dental healthcare, we implemented a vast portfolio of successful projects. This ingenuity creates synergies and cross-over effects, delivering innovative and feasible ideas, drafts and, ultimately, successful products for our customers.