Industrial Design Companies in the United States

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    Insync Design

    Insync Design specializes in the development of products for the consumer electronics, housewares, cosmetics, and heavy equipment industries. Our interactive approach to design is a collective effort between our firm and your team.

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    Design Edge

    Design Edge was founded 17 years ago with a simple mission: create world-class products. Since then, we have matured, grown, and developed into one of the leading strategic product development companies in the world. Our roots are in Austin, Texas; a melting pot of technology, culture, and lifestyle.

  3. Carroll Design

    Carroll Design

    Carroll Design is a full service industrial design & mechanical engineering firm developing innovative & competitive products for its clients.

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    ID-3D is a full service industrial design and product design consultancy founded in 1981. Our mission is to provide companies with professionally designed products using a condensed time to market model.

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    Kablooe Design

    Kablooe Design is an award winning industrial design and product development company that uses its proprietary D3 (Design Driven Development) process to create innovative product solutions for our customers.

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    Morphix Design

    Morphix is an industrial design firm offering a full range of creative and technical services. We deliver imaginative design solutions that are shaped by understanding the way products make an emotional and functional connection.

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    Interform is a multi-disciplinary product development and design company with clients in the USA, Asia and Europe.

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    ROGOV creates the "look and feel" for some of the world's most used, recognized and respected products and brands. Be it for the companies for whom we work or the users who the products satisfy.

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    EnMasse Design

    EnMasse Design is a consulting firm that offers industrial design, user interface design, ergonomics and product development with an emphasis in medical devices. We also offer services to the telecommunications, consumer, networking, instrumentation and computer industries.

  10. Lava Design

    Lava Design

    Lava designs products, digital platforms and support content that engage today's consumer. Our process is a cost effective approach to product development. We customize it to our needs enabling them to benefit from a highly strategic and sophisticated design approach.

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    The Metcalfe Group

    We are a full-service product design firm located near Cleveland, Ohio, with the capability to take any project from conception to launch.

  12. Laut Design

    Laut Design

    Laut Design provides creative industrial and graphic design to customers looking for a creative edge and an increase in sales. Our refined process of ideation sketches, digital modeling, prototype fabrication, and brand creation serves some of the worlds best companies.

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    Contour Design

    Contour Design specializes in the development, research and design of top quality alternative computer input devices.

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    Smartshape is a full service product design and development firm with offices in Cleveland Ohio and Shenzhen China.

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    Brownlie Design

    Established in 1970, Brownlie Design draws on the experience of developing thousands of products for a wide range of industries. The firm is comprised of a highly innovative, multidisciplined team, including designers and technitions skilled in product aesthetics, ergonomics, user interface design, 3D computer aided design, model making, graphic design, rapid prototyping, product testing, material selection and manufacturing processes.

  16. ATOMdesign


    ATOM is a full service product development and design firm that works to innovate and commercialize new products, technologies and markets globally.

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    Sprocket Studio

    Sprocket Studio is an industrial design firm specializing in consumer, industrial, and medical products. We believe in elegant design solutions, enjoy working within constraints, and strive to create long term relationships with our clients.

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    Deskey was founded in 1929 by industrial design pioneer, Donald Deskey. Since its inception, the firm has effectively integrated the art and science of design to create some of the world's most memorable and enduring Identities, Brands, Packages, and Products.

    Central Business District, Cincinnati, OH
  19. KEK Associates

    KEK Associates

    KEK is a full-service product development firm offering industrial design, engineering development, and modelmaking/prototyping in one location.

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    Process4 is an industrial design firm located near Cleveland Ohio. We specialize in medical, housewares, commercial, and consumer product development.

  21. Shea+Latone


    Shea+Latone Incorporated has been creating innovative and award winning products since 1996. We offer a global client base a full range of industrial design and product development services under one roof. Our in-house prototype shop and ISO certified test lab helps get your products to market quicker. Shea+Latone's staff of experienced industrial designers, engineers, and prototypers are here to help whether you need a single service or help throughout the entire design development process.

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    Gecco Vision

    Gecco Vision is a full service product design and development company specialized in creating innovative and exciting products for consumer retail and direct response.

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    With a deep understanding of innovation, design and technology we define, develop and deliver packaging, products and business opportunities, helping our clients grow and become more competitive.

  24. Cesaroni Design Associates

    Cesaroni Design Associates

    Cesaroni Design Associates is committed to product design and development that challenges convention, evokes a visual and tactile connection with users, offers effortless efficiency and optimal function.

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    Gyre9 is a team of industrial designers, mechanical & electrical engineers, and project managers. Using unconstrained thinking and a strong discipline for process, we generate solutions and accelerate them from basic concepts through marketable and commercially successful products.

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    Tanaka Kapec Design Group

    TKDG is an award winning full service product and packaging design consultancy working with national and international clients from concept stage to manufacturing since 1980.

  27. BOOM Designs

    BOOM Designs

    BOOM Designs is a strategic global design firm specializing in solving complex problems with innovative design solutions. We build creative cultures and processes facilitating new innovations and business opportunities. We bring concepts to reality. Driving success in the marketplace is a collaborative process. We partner with our clients taking a user-centered design approach. Our unique process uncovers user needs and behaviors delivering a solution that connects with users without losing sight of business objectives. BOOM Designs takes pride in successfully designing the products, services, spaces, and experiences that fit with our clients' brands.

  28. Avadium Design

    Avadium Design

    Avadium is a product design and branding firm that works with companies of all sizes.