Industrial Design Studios in China

  1. Miio Studio

    Miio Studio

    Established in 2017, Miio Studio redefines business strategies and user experiences through industrial design & design strategy.

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    LCDC is a small but fast growing design consultancy. Currently based in Shanghai P.R. China, with the world's manufacturers at its finger tips. LCDC's approach to design is to study old habits to develop products that improve user experience.

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    Orange Creatives

    Orange Creatives is a Dutch design agency based in Guangzhou, China. Since 2007, we guide big and small brands to develop their ideas all the way up to mass production in China.

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    Founded by two Red Dot & IF Award winning industrial designers from Beijing, Thrudesign is an industrial design consultancy, specializing in corporate branding, product strategy and design.

  5. Beiber


    Beiber is a creative design team working out of both Beijing and Berlin. We strive to make excellent products, both in terms of the physical object and the users experience. Our team has a full spectrum expertise from concept design to manufacturing support, branding and strategy, UI and graphic design.