Industrial Design Studios in Italy

  1. Pq Design Studio

    Pq Design Studio

    Pq Design Studio is an Italian design firm specialized in product design and branding. They work with various international companies that operate in different market sectors collaborating with them for all aspects concerning the creation and development of new products and their communication.

  2. DNA


    DNA is a multiethnic team specialized in the identification and creation of new product or collection of products or service. It is made up of designers, engineers, communication experts ed artistis, and all other people needed to bring life to a new product.

  3. Happy Design

    Happy Design

    Happy Design is a enthusiastic design consultancy founded by Hiroshi Ono in Milan 1999.

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    MM Design

    MM Design Srl, founded in 1991, is a strategic design consultancy based in Bolzano, Italy. It stands for valuable, reliable and personalized product and service design, as well as research for new material appliances, always focusing on innovative design solutions and the creation of USP's for the customers.

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    Emo Design

    Founded in 2008 by Lukasz Bertoli and Carlo Ciciliot, Emo Design is an industrial design consultancy that helps companies to utilize design as a strategic tool.

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    Un-Real Studio

    Un-real studio offers a qualified design service with targeted consultation for businesses. Founded in 2009 by Arch./Designer Federico Biffi Gentili and Designer Alessio Zampolini, the studio is growing rapidly because of the importance of the projects and the reputation that is gaining in Italy and abroad.

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    Tensa is an industrial design studio. Our experience and competencies allow us to give satisfaction to our clients maintaining coherence of design process and goals.

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    Luca Casini

    Industrial design studio based in Milano, Italy, founded by the Italian designer Luca Casini in 1997.

  9. ID33


    ID33 is an industrial design studio, providing seamless product development from concept to production.

  10. Pocodisegno


    Pocodisegno helps businesses researching, designing and developing products that are meaningful to people.

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    Segno Inverso

    Segno Inverso is an Italian research, strategy, innovation, and design firm with a 10-year experience professionals.

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    Angelini Design

    Angelini Design was founded in Bologna in 1980. The team's streamlined and flexible structure can develop a project independently or can assume a complementary role in support of a client's, or supplier's, existing in-house structures thus adding the Angelini flair and experience to the client's own specific competencies and creating, in a sense, a bespoke R&D centre.

  13. 21am


    21am is a design & innovation firm based in Milan, leading a new way of thinking, conscious of the era we live in and establishing new bases for a different approach to design.

  14. Valerio Cometti and V12 Design

    Valerio Cometti + V12 Design

    From eyewear to consumer electronics, furniture to sport equipment, lighting and lifestyle, working alongside young start-ups and prestigious multinationals, here at Valerio Cometti+V12 Design creativity brings success. Product, graphic and brand design work hand in hand to deliver outstanding results.

  15. Jozeph Forakis

    Jozeph Forakis

    We are a young, highly energized, multi-disciplinary, multi-talented team thriving on finding the perfect balance between creative inspiration and business savvy.

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    Giopato & Coombes

    Giopato & Coombes offers product concept and development services through 3 dimensional research. This research inspired by all walks of life - or more importantly far from the design world - utilises simple modules, either conceptual or actual, to formulate a rational product with a fundamental idea.

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    ONdesign is constantly mindful of the evolution of customers' needs, in touch with market trends, and offers over twenty years' experience to companies that identify design and innovation as a key factor of success in a competitive environment. We are specialisied in designing consumer electronics, educational toys, cosmetic packaging, bathroom furnitures office ecquipments, writing instruments.

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    Gualeni Design

    Gualeni Design provides creative and intelligent solutions for product development. As a blend of design and engineering, we are sensitive to both the functional mechanics of a product as well as the equally important aesthetics and styling.

  19. Miquadra


    Italy-based, product design studio. The focal points of our business philosophy are: innovation, creativity, flexibility and attention to detail.

  20. Whynot Design

    Whynot Design

    Whynot is an independent industrial design group, made up of senior design experts. Each designer has his own personality, skills and expertise. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in many industries.

  21. Phox


    Phox is an industrial design studio that aims to create innovative projects with great quality. With our industrial and product design knowledge, we support our clients during the whole project development: from the concept design to the product engineering.

  22. Micieli Design Workshop

    Micieli Design Workshop

    Micieli Design Workshop designs & develops innovative products using a unique method that combines design thinking with industrial design. Consumer goods, appliances, medical equipment, electrical accessories are some of the fields where we continue to bring value to new products. The studio can handle the entire design process: from the user needs exploration and analysis phase to design research and innovation until the development of the design for manufacturing and engineering.

  23. S2 Design

    S2 Design

    S2 Design offers manufacturing processes, planning for user performance, marketing, and design continuity.

  24. Design Innovation

    Design Innovation

    BTS Design Innovation is a design consultancy focused on all-around innovation. We design both tangible objects and intangible contents through innovation practices.

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    exe design

    Multidisciplinary professionals with decades of experience, offers necessary services for creation and development of a 'product,' in close synergy with the client nature and objectives.

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    Design Gang

    Design Gang is a design studio specialized in product, graphics, interior design, didactics and R&D.