Industrial Design Studios in the Netherlands



    SLIMDESIGN is and industrial design + R&D partner, and develops consumer electronics for startups and multinationals like Panasonic, Samsung, Nike, Dyson, and more.

  2. Spark


    Spark is a design agency, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and with a branch office in Recife, Brazil. We are a team of 30 professionals with a passion for innovation and design.

  3. Waarmakers


    Waarmakers is a Dutch design studio based in Amsterdam. We specialise in strategic and circular product design, creative concepts, design innovation and prototyping.

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    StudioMOM is a Dutch based design agency that was set up in 2002 by Alfred van Elk and Mars Holwerda. StudioMOM is specialized in product identity and product design.

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    Scholten & Baijings

    Scholten & Baijings is a Dutch Design duo, run by Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijngs established in 2000. In their designs they make use of grids, colour, transparencies and layers.

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    Stereo Design

    Stereo Design is a full service industrial design agency. We have extensive experience in strategic consultancy, concept development, design engineering and prototyping. Our clients include Friesland Campina, Joolz and Waka Waka.

  7. FLEX/design


    FLEX/design is an industrial design, product development and structural packaging agency that strives to create a new reality: for our clients, for consumers and for our society. We do this by developing new consumer products, structural packaging solutions and professional products.

  8. FROLIC studio

    FROLIC studio

    FROLIC studio is a product design & development studio combining expertise in industrial design, electronic engineering, and user experience. Our multi-disciplinary team creates products that look great, feel right, and simply work.

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    WeLL Design

    WeLL Design is an international design agency that works closely with its clients to develop successful products. Innovative and market-focused with an emphasis upon Food, Health and Living.

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    We help brands and companies to develop new products based on consumer insights. The people that use our products are our inspiration. We develop and design consumer products including user interfaces and structural packaging. We design beer bottles and coffee makers. We design medical braces and connected health devices. We develop products in plastic, metal, ink, pixels or any other material or medium that suits best.

  11. Koen and Co

    Koen & Co

    Koen & Co designs products and develops them for mass production. Because of an integrated approach to product development and design, our team of designers and engineers is capable of creating a high return on investment.

  12. MMID Group

    MMID Group

    MMID is an international product development agency with over 85 employees based across 5 locations in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. We are convinced that flourishing people are the basis for developing excellent and responsible products. Products developed by MMID have a long lifespan, they are profitable and valuable to all that interact with them.

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    VanBerlo is your creative and strategic partner. Our unique atmosphere and capabilities attract a broad range of international players, from the 'big-boys' to driven start-up companies and beyond.

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    MAS is a young design agency specialized in product & packaging design. From concept through to creation & realisation, offering a disciplinary approach and an alternative way to developing with a full creative direction.

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    Toer is the design studio of Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven. It is located in the center of Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

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    Brightbird is a creative design studio that specializes in product innovation and the effective use of product design. Brightbird applies 20 years of international design experience to develop the best design for our clients, for their particular products, in their particular market situation.

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    Bleijh provides everything from a branding concept to the production of the finished item. With our extensive network of professionals we can guarantee the expected quality of the final result.

  18. Alfred van Elk

    Alfred van Elk

    Experienced Dutch design studio working in the field of product design, furniture design and strategic design.

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    Studio Gregor van Egdom

    Gregor van Egdom is a Hague based industrial design studio which focuses on rapid prototyping of electronic products. We build "teasers" of products so companies can e.g. test market acceptance of an idea or persuade investors.

    Leidschenveen-Ypenburg, Den Haag
  20. Entrive Studio

    Entrive Studio

    Entrive is an Amsterdam-based product design studio for start-ups, small businesses and anyone with an idea. We turn ideas into real, market-ready products to kickstart businesses.

  21. Wortel


    Wortel is a Utrecht based design studio. Wortel stands for sustainability, growth and innovation. Our design agency enables companies to develop good products, by supporting with technical knowledge and innovative ideas.

  22. Smaac


    Smaac offers a broad spectrum of original solutions. From creative brainstorm sessions to market and user-group analyses. From sketches on paper to photo-realistic computer renders. From 3D printed prototypes to CAD engineered designs. We've got the tools to create innovative designs that uniquely differentiate you from other brands.

  23. Springtime Design

    Springtime Design

    Springtime Design is a creative force that creates exciting and paradigm-shifting products and brands in the field of mobility, juvenile products, consumer electronics and sports. We are based in Amsterdam and have our tentacles all over the globe. Our clients include Nike, Dell, Coca-Cola and Toyota.

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    Studio Bizq

    The founder of Studio Bizq, Timo Voorhuis, studied Industrial Product Design at The Hague University for Professional Education. He set up the design agency over four years ago and it has been established at the Noordeinde in the Hague for the past year. Studio Bizq works for companies that feel very strongly about innovation.