Industrial Design Studios in South Korea

  1. Almond Studio

    Almond Studio

    Almond Studio is an international team of designers from Norway, Finland and Korea, experienced in design & manufacturing in Korea.

  2. S2Victor


    S2Victor is a small but strong company founded in 2014 by two designers, Seo Min-kwan and Seo Hong-seok.

  3. acasso


    (acasso) is a team of multidisciplinary designers and engineers with a profound sense of craftsmanship. We design beautiful and innovative products and their experiences that reflect the brand's essence and philosophy. We do not end up providing just 'concepts.' Our engineering capabilities transform the concepts into mass-producible products.

  4. designgree


    designgree is a Korea based design & strategy company, founded by Edgar Yeo. We work with business to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and design meaningful products and experiences that grow brands and delight customers.

  5. blank


    BEBOP is a team of passionate, ambitious, and unique visionaries who create successful products, special brands, and unforgettable experiences.

  6. Reflect


    Reflect is a progressive industrial design studio established by Seungho Lee and Sangsoo Lee. We reflect various shapes of life to design through lifestyle goods, furniture and electronics.