Industrial Design Studios in Spain

  1. Alegre Design

    Alegre Design

    Alegre Design is an award-winning agency specializing in industrial design and product development. We act as a bridge between design and production.

  2. Joan Rojeski

    Joan Rojeski

    Joan Rojeski is a product, graphic and web design studio where customized projects are born and carried out according to the client needs. Since its opening in 2010, many national and international companies have relied on the services of Joan Rojeski.

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    Muka Design Lab

    Muka Design Lab is an award winning industrial design studio from the Basque Country in Northern Spain that specializes in slow design to create furniture, consumer goods and home appliances with character. We believe in "slow design" and work with talented local artisans and craftsmen to design everyday objects people love. From sustainable furniture to industrial design concepts, every great design begins with a story that gives life to each piece.

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    Stefan Radev & Partners

    Stefan Radev & Partners is an award winning international consultancy with a proven track record of successful collaborations in international, interdisciplinary design & high-end visualization projects. Our speciality is applying a unique, context related design approach with added value, strengthened by our team members who are experts in their fields, as well as implementing tailored external expertise.

  5. Ànima Barcelona

    Ànima Barcelona

    Product design studio based in Barcelona founded in 2002. High expertise in different areas like electronics, appliances, transportation, health and medicine, sports.

  6. MOS


    MOS is a young company located in Barcelona. The leading forces behind MOS are two entrepreneurs, David Grifols and David Roselló, who have worked in various design roles over the past years. MOS offers a wide range of design services, from industrial design to graphic design to interior design and product development.

  7. Carrasco Barceló

    Carrasco Barceló

    Carrasco Barceló is a Barcelona-based industrial and product design studio founded in 2010 by David Carrasco Barceló and Miguel Carrasco Barceló.

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    LUCID is a product design agency based in Barcelona with the purpose to design & develop innovative products that stimulate, inspire and become useful to consumers. We focus on helping companies to grow and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. A team composed with the most technical designers and most creative engineers, who wants to help you create new products which can contribute to the success of your business and clearly respond to the aspirations and demands of your consumer as well as his environment.

  9. CERO


    CERO is a multidisplinary studio based in Barcelona. We enjoy turning ideas into beautiful and engaging experiences, from the concept development to the finished product.

  10. 4-id


    4-id is a network of professionals who believe creativity is the key to solving the challenges of humanity. Information, creativity, commitment and diversity of approaches are our strengths.

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    Sotano Studio

    Sotano Studio designs flacons and secondary packaging for perfumes and cosmetics, as well as outdoor furniture, lighting or tableware. The diversity of projects helps the team to keep its freshness and to bring uniqueness into the design of elegant packaging for famous brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Acqua di Parma, Prada, Nina Ricci, Aigner, etc.

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    King Kong Design

    King Kong is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Barcelona. Although we primarily focus on product design, we also provide interior design services and offer educational workshops.

  13. Gris


    Gris is an industrial and product design studio based in Madrid. The studio provides consultancy on consumer and technological goods with a novel combination of research, creativity and computation.

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    Yonoh is a design studio located in Valencia Spain made up of Alex Selma and Clara del Portillo.

  15. Gauzak


    Gauzak is a multi-skilled team comprising of industrial and product design professionals.

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    Industrial and interior design studio based in Barcelona. Passionate by objects requiring interaction and ephemeral spaces that may only work for those clients they have been conceived. We try to create objects that are not just independent beings, but something that grows, develops and varies as the user does. A complicity user-object is created through morphological or perceptional changes.

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    CrousCalogero designs innovative consumer products providing clients a great mix of creativity and user needs understanding.

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    ADN Design

    ADN Design's design approach is based on generating strategic visions that provide solutions capable of making the users' experiences meaningful and creating strong emotional ties with the brands.

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    Discoh Design

    Discoh's work is based on the idea of understanding industrial design as "coherent design". A common factor in Discoh's work is the search of coherent results that are far from trends and ephemeral or sensationalist designs, with the only aim of creating objects that respond to a necessity.

  20. Andreu Carulla Studio

    Andreu Carulla Studio

    Andreu Carulla Studio keeps a wide vision of product design, working from its conceptual and experimental side with new materials and processes to the most technical design and product development. At the same time, tries to keep up the multitasking character of the design itself, carrying out interior and graphic design projects.

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    Imbris Design

    In Imbris we believe that any business can benefit from the incorporation of design in their activity, because the well thought design improves the quality of both products and services.

  22. NEODI


    NEODI is a product design studio that provides services to companies who want to innovate and enhance the competitiveness of its products.

  23. Bambú Studio

    Bambú Studio

    Bambú Studio is a creative agency focused on product design, specialized in the field of product creation and development, as well as how each product is brought to the market.

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    Creattak is a team of multidisciplinary creatives with a wide domain in all the areas of the process, which contributes added value to the brands with differentiated and innovative products.

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    Jordi Pla Studio

    Product design studio specialidzed in luxurious and craftman products, furniture, limited editions, accesories, packaging, and lighting.

  26. Dhemen Design

    Dhemen Design

    Created in 1995, Dhemen is a multidisciplinary design studio with a strong track record in the industrial sector. The team from Dhemen, led by the Esnal brothers, understands design as a creative activity which blends artisan and industrial processes, and which offers undeniable value to a product, by balancing form and function.