Industrial Design Studios in the United States

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  1. ACLA Studio

    ACLA Studio

    ACLA is a design and innovation consultancy based in Los Angeles with an industrial design and engineering focus. We embrace brands and customer needs to design unique experiences. Our expertise and our culture of innovation are what drives us to define the future of products and transportation.

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    James Arthur Young Design

    James Arthur Young is a full service design agency specializing in product development for consumer products and equipment. Our goal is to partner with companies to create innovative solutions that exceed users expectations for quality, beauty, and functionality.

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    Red Dog Run

    Red Dog Run is a select team of seasoned and accomplished industry designers whose extensive careers cross the fields of product design, trend forecasting, merchandising and manufacturing.

  4. ANDesign Lab

    ANDesign Lab

    ANDesign Lab is an industrial design consultancy based in Orange County, California. Our four-phase process includes concept design, 3D CAD modeling, prototyping, and manufacturing of meaningful products that deliver a fulfilling experience to the end-user.

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    Holsinger Design

    Holsinger Design is a design firm founded in 2002 by Phil Holsinger, which offers clients a focused, dedicated and honest approach to their product development needs. With over twenty years designing consumer and juvenile products, HD brings perspective, solid project management skills and a proven design philosophy to address varied program initiatives and create inspired design solutions.

  6. Sprout Studios

    Sprout Studios

    Sprout is an award-winning, Boston-based concept to launch design studio deeply rooted in today's pop culture and technology. Our multi-disciplinary team fuses innovation, creativity, and instinct to design authentic lifestyle-driven products, brands, and experiences to grow your business.

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    Richard Holbrook

    Since 1985, Richard Holbrook has created award winning products for clients including Herman Miller, Thermador, Tropitone, Teknion, and Virco Mfg.

  8. Platform Product Design

    Platform Product Design

    Platform Product Design is a small and versatile product design & engineering studio based in Atlanta, Georgia. With our scalable network of designers, engineers, and manufacturers, we offer a lean and affordable solution to new product development and prototyping for small startups or large corporations.

  9. Cardboard Helicopter

    Cardboard Helicopter

    Cardboard Helicopter is an award-winning boutique product design studio in Cleveland, Ohio that provides highly skilled industrial design services to brands and entrepreneurs, helping them design, develop and innovate new products.

  10. SchmietaPlus


    SchmietaPlus is a Boston based product design studio dedicated to creating unique, iconic, innovative and user-friendly products. Collaborating across disciplines, our industrial design projects range from user research and insights
 collection, to concept exploration and product development, to packaging design. Spanning diverse brands and industries, SchmietaPlus focuses on industrial design and user experience for point of sale, life science and consumer products.

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    Treat and Company

    Treat and Company is a Minneapolis design firm specializing in product development, surface design, trend research and ideation. Treat creates amazing products-trend-inspired and awe-inspiring.

  12. hexhead


    hexhead is a unique product design and development studio focused on building innovation and brand craving in lifestyle, sport, outdoor, and everyday objects that do what they're designed to do. We are a talented collective of designers, innovators, thinkers, story-tellers, product developers and engineers working together to create meaningful innovation that resonates with the brand vision and consumers alike.

  13. Kreg Jones

    Kreg Jones

    Kreg Jones LLC was established in 2005 serving a range of Fortune 500 companies along with small businesses and independent inventors. We specialize in industrial design services including user research, concept ideation, digital fabrication, 3D modeling, product animation and photorealistic rendering.

  14. Peter Stathis and Virtual Studio

    Peter Stathis & Virtual Studio

    Virtual Studio is a collaborative design venture with a specialization in the development of products, furnishings, lighting and accessories for home, office and hospitality, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are equal parts office and atelier, and as a result, are both a client-led service design bureau as well as an independent licensing-venture studio. Clients and collaborators range from Amazon to Uber.

  15. Ooblec


    Ooblec is a lean, global design strategy group that adapts to your business needs. We are experts in the flow of creation and the ever-changing requirements of people. We change based on the forces exerted on us and you. Our team is always evolving to help our clients thrive and adapt above the competition.

  16. PTI Design

    PTI Design

    PTI Design is an industrial design studio focused on taking great ideas and designing them into manufacturable products. The studio uniquely taps into more than 25 years of experience to bring great products to market. Our ideation team, designers, engineers and manufacturing experts work closely together - from that first "napkin" sketch and preliminary design to performance engineering and manufacturability - to ensure efficient delivery of great, high-quality products.

  17. Impel Studio

    Impel Studio

    Founded in 2013 by Gaz Brown and Matt Chin, Impel is an industrial design and product development studio based in NYC.

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    Mmckenna is a New York based full-service industrial design consultancy. Mmckenna's mission is to provide high-quality, production-ready, industrial design solutions which both seamlessly mesh with our clients' product development needs and resonate emotionally with the user.

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    Studio Redeye

    Studio Redeye is a multi-faceted product design studio. We connect the dots by approaching a project through many different lenses: the consumer's point-of-view, the manufacturing requirements, competitor research and more. Our results are award-winning, brand-focused products that truly connect with the consumer.

  20. Collective Ten

    Collective Ten

    Collective Ten is an industrial and product design firm founded by award winning designer Colin Nourie.

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    Meyerhoffer creates innovative products and new experiences. Meyerhoffer is one of the few studios successfully working in a wide variety of fields, crossing over between sport, tech and furniture with clients like cappellini, Nike, Smith, Danger and Ericsson.

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    Design Element

    Design Element provides world-class product design and emotive brand synergy for the advancement of business and the human experience.

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    Spindel Design

    Spindel Design is an independent design studio in Los Angeles with a specific focus on industrial and graphic design for the professional, mobile and consumer electronics industries. Spindel Design's broad, interdisciplinary approach has enabled the studio to serve as a complete design services agency, providing industrial design through production engineering, applied graphics, corporate identity, retail packaging and print design.

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    Lucaci Studio

    Lucaci Studio is a multi-disciplinary studio that uniquely partners with key clients to create breakthrough and iconic product solutions. Our wide range of disciplines extends from furniture design to everyday household products, smart objects for high-tech consumer electronics to design branding and recently behavioral based graphic user interface.

  25. Doris Dev

    Doris Dev

    Doris Dev is a full suite product development agency based in New York City with a dedicated engineering and manufacturing team in Hong Kong. We can lead any project from idea to market, including design, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, testing, distribution and beyond.

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    Middlecott is an international design organization based in San Francisco, California. Transport designer Brook Banham and graphic designer Judith Grubinger Banham founded Middlecott to create contemporary solutions for the world of design.

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    MYdesign Group

    MYdesign Group assists our clients in achieving success through innovative market driven product design and development.

  28. Industrial Strength

    Industrial Strength

    William Lee brings innovative industrial design through the lens of art, design, science, and technology. Working between San Francisco and New York, his projects span from global brands as Samsung, LG, Motorola, HP, Intel, and Nvidia.

  29. Trailside Creative

    Trailside Creative

    Trailside Creative is a full-service industrial design studio that utilizes design thinking tools to create award-winning products. With a focus on design strategy and physical products, the studio specializes in designing consumer good for the outdoor industries