Industrial Designers in Canada

  1. Evan McDougall

    Evan McDougall

    Evan is a freelance industrial designer creating meaningful products and experiences for companies big and small, from startups to fortune 500 companies. He is experienced in a variety of product categories including consumer electronics, furniture and soft goods design.

  2. Thibault Lerailler

    Thibault Lerailler

    Thibault Lerailler is a multi-disciplinary and passionate product designer. I help startups and industry leaders create meaningful experiences and deliver innovative products.

  3. Charles Godbout

    Charles Godbout

    Charles Godbout is a Canada based industrial designer. He is pragmatic and passionate about industrial production, factory processes, materials, tools and leading-edge technology. Through this lens of experience, his designs are based on an in-depth understanding of how a product is manufactured.

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    Etienne Carignan

    Etienne Carignan creates desirable products with a unique and timeless aesthetic.

  5. Johan Van Hulle

    Johan Van Hulle

    Johan Van Hulle is a freelance Industrial designer with 6 years of experience, mainly designing consumer electronics/goods and medical devices.

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    Anna Buechin

    Anna Buechin helps manufacturers create compelling and innovative products that resonate with consumers.

  7. Eilish McVey

    Eilish McVey

    Eilish McVey is a Vancouver based industrial designer, dedicated to using human centered design to create meaningful products and systems that have a positive impact on the way we live, and inhabit the earth.

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    Phil So

    Phil So is a Toronto-based freelance designer of products, packaging, communication, graphics, and experiences.