Industrial Designers in Canada

  1. Kevin Spencer

    Kevin Spencer

    Kevin Spencer is an Industrial Designer living in Toronto with over 5 years of professional experience in a wide range of product categories. He specializes in concept development, 3D CAD, and prototyping.

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    Charles Godbout

    Charles Godbout is a Canada based industrial designer. He is pragmatic and passionate about industrial production, factory processes, materials, tools and leading edge technology. Through this lens of experience, his designs are based on an in-depth understanding of how a product is manufactured.

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    Etienne Carignan

    Etienne Carignan creates desirable products with a unique and timeless aesthetic.

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    Anna Buechin

    Anna Buechin helps manufacturers create compelling and innovative products that resonate with consumers.

  5. Eilish McVey

    Eilish McVey

    Eilish McVey is a Vancouver based industrial designer, dedicated to using human centered design to create meaningful products and systems that have a positive impact on the way we live, and inhabit the earth.

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    Phil So

    Phil So is a Toronto-based freelance designer of products, packaging, communication, graphics, and experiences.