Industrial Design Materials

  1. Material ConneXion

    Material ConneXion

    Material ConneXion is a library of over 4500 innovative & cutting edge materials. All of the materials are voted in monthly by a jury of architects and designers of different disciplines. Every month we evaluate 50 new materials. We inspire architects, interior designers, industrial designers, product designers, furniture designers and any designer that wants up to date information on cutting edge & innovative materials.

  2. MaterialDistrict


    MaterialDistrict is the world's leading match-making platform in the field of innovative materials. MaterialDistrict's value as a high-end materials inspiration source is clear: R&D and design professionals of all industries are using our platform to discover new material solutions.

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    Material Stories

    Material Stories provides new perspectives on materials and design. This is a front page featuring materials-based news, events, insights and publications. Author Arnold van Bezooyen is developing tools for material innovation and explores the role and design potential of future materials together with materials specialists.

  4. Matmatch


    Matmatch is an online platform that helps product designers and engineers to find, evaluate and source materials. With a database of thousands of materials, an intuitive search tool, and supplier listings, it changes the way product teams find materials for their projects.

  5. mindful MATERIALS

    mindful MATERIALS

    mindful MATERIALS is a design industry initiative that provides a common platform for manufacturers to clearly communicate transparency and optimization information for their building products.

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    MakeItFrom is a material properties database that helps you to select the best material for every part of your design.