Industrial Design Portfolios in the United States

  1. Arthur Kenzo

    Arthur Kenzo

    Arthur is a French industrial designer based in San Francisco Bay Area, California. While he immerses himself in the local cultures wherever he lives, Arthur's sensibility for the subtle nuances of shapes and sounds inspire his design. His interest in textures is often reflected in his work. While his work focuses on creating meaningful product experiences that connect brands to the physical world, from consumer electronics to home goods, his design always keeps the balance between creativity and functionality, elegance and efficiency.

  2. blank

    Tyson Boles

    An Industrial Designer/Artist whose work is a mixture of product design and artistic exploration of media.

  3. Justin Jakobson

    Justin Jakobson

    From research, concept ideation, sketching and rendering through prototyping, packaging and retail, Justin has deep, hands-on experience in all stages of the product development process.

  4. Andy Xiaodong Ma

    Andy Xiaodong Ma

    Andy Ma is an industrial designer exploring the cross area of diverse design disciplines. He currently is an industrial designer of Philips design team in the United States.

  5. Renata Ingerson

    Renata Ingerson

    Renata Ingerson is an industrial designer from California and studied at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). She focuses on creating meaningful experiences through timeless modern design.

  6. Russ Cluff

    Russ Cluff

    Russ Cluff is a graduate of Industrial Design from Arizona State University. His work includes kids' products, power tools, footwear and minimalistic housewares.

  7. Mehrafza Mirzazad

    Mehrafza Mirzazad

    Mehrafza Mirzazad is an award-winning New York-based industrial designer, systems thinker, circular economist, and educator. Her skills include: industrial design, design research, behavioral science, circular economy, and project management.

  8. Sushant Vohra

    Sushant Vohra

    Industrial design portfolio of San Francisco based designer, Sushant Vohra. Sushant has worked with and contributed to award winning design consultancies like Kiska Gmbh and Astro Studios.

  9. Alejandra Castelao

    Alejandra Castelao

    Ale is a Mexican designer living and working in the Bay Area. She focuses on creating meaningful experiences in the physical World. Her work spans from furniture, interior spaces and retail environments to consumer electronics.

  10. blank

    Zach Schlossberg

    Zach Schlossberg is an award winning designer, specialized in digital and traditional prototyping, design system research and business strategy.

  11. Ben Guthrie

    Ben Guthrie

    Ben Guthrie is an industrial designer, currently working at The North Face as an Equipment Designer.

  12. Jay Jones

    Jay Jones

    Jay Jones is a recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Industrial Design. He is a designer instilled with the qualities of life and passion. Through these two mediums, he focuses on bringing out the best in everyone around him.