Industrial Design Services

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    Skerpa Design

    Skerpa Design is specialized in innovative products research and development in preparation for their merchandising and sale in profitable markets.

  2. DieNamics


    Dienamics is an one-stop shop for product design, tool making & manufacturing.

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    mBryonics is a design and technology development atelier, bringing advanced technology concepts to market. We are a small team of PhD Scientists, Engineers and Designers based in Galway on the West Coast of Ireland. We rapidly make full fidelity prototypes using in-house precision manufacturing facilities. We can take a prototype from the research bench right through to design and prototyping for pre-production. We serve a wide range of industries such as consumer, electronic, industrial, medical, aerospace and automotive.

  4. Synecco


    Synecco is fully compliant to industry standard ISO 13485 and is a U.S. FDA registered contract manufacturing provider, focussed on developing and supplying innovative medical device solutions, for our partners. At Synecco, we consistently strive to provide our clients with solutions that address their medical device design, manufacturing and supply needs for the global market. Through our design and engineering expertise, manufacturing capabilities and supply chain experience, we are uniquely positioned to efficiently and cost effectively supply clients with great medical device solutions to support their company growth plans.

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    Prototype Solutions Group

    Prototype Solutions Group is a high-end prototype company formed by a group of individuals with over 40 years of prototype experience. We offer a blend of CNC machining, rapid stereolithography parts, urethane casting and excellent finishing and decorating skills to produce visual models, engineering models, architectural models and everything inbetween.

  6. Parallaxe


    Parallaxe is a unique group of professionals bringing you innovation in product design by an integration of industrial design with engineering. Since 2004, we have established ourselves as specialists in product design based on integrity, reliability and talent.

  7. Cutlasercut


    Cutlasercut is a laser cutting and engraving service designed specifically for the needs of creative individuals & industries in London. We use Epilog & Trotec high quality Laser equipment for all our jobs.

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    Paragon is a model shop with over 60 years of experience in toy, medical, and consumer products. From your sketches, drawings or various file formats we have the capabilities to create timely, high quality models, prototypes and resin castings.

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    3DPhacktory offers 3D printing and design services using Objet Connex series printers. 16 micron resolution, multiple material printing with 24 hour turnaround located in the heart of Leslieville's Studio District.

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    More than 10 years of professional experience in providing comprehensive, turn-key product development, joining projects at the early stages of concept initiation and determination, and leading the development through careful product characterization, creative design and accurate engineering, all the way through production.

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    Aran Research Development & Prototypes is a leading Israeli research and development center. Working as a creative R&D team, Aran offers complete in-house services making it your ideal partner - from the initial idea to the finished product.

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    Precicad's multi-disciplinary team regroups under one roof all the important professional skills required to assist clients in product development. This highly skilled team of industrial designers, engineers, technicians and drafters is committed to quality in every assignment.

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    Thread Design and Development

    Thread Design specialises in product design incorporating textiles. Our services include; design research, materials and process research, concept generation and ideation, concept development, mechanical design, prototyping, sampling and manufacture support.

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    BCK is a design company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We offer innovation, design and engineering services. We work with companies and organizations to generate and transform good ideas into products. We believe that products are more than the addition of its parts; these are experiences, solutions, tools and entertainment for people.

  15. 1stProto


    1stProto specializes in taking your ideas and inventions and turning them into reality by creating 3D CAD models in Solidworks for manufacturing.

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    DesignBurst offer studio space, design services and training in design tools and techniques. We help you create stylish, modern and user focused products from initial idea through to prototyping and production.

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    Sculpteo offers a 3D printing service, rapid and accessible to all users.

  18. The Innovation Lab

    The Innovation Lab

    With over a decade of experience in developing and building products and solutions, we are confident we can help you get your product developed and ready for market. Using your designs, we can create prototypes of your product, assist in refining the designs and create the tooling and build your product prototype.

  19. Esino


    Esino brings your ideas to life through innovative manufacturing solutions and ultra-responsive service. Esino has over a decade of experience designing products and manufacturing for firms that have now become the top of their industry. Our services include design services, prototyping, tooling, product assembly, project management, and product repair services.

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    Polymer Solutions

    Plastics testing, plastics failure analysis, and litigation support for medical devices, consumer products, and industrial products.

  21. Scale Workspace

    Scale Workspace

    Scale is both a creative co-working space, and an innovative design firm established in New Orleans. At Scale we use our constantly growing network, state of the art facilities, and talented design team to help develop creative solutions specific to the needs for our clients and their concepts.

  22. Fast Radius

    Fast Radius

    Fast Radius is the leading provider of comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions - from application discovery, to product design and testing, to industrial-grade production and global fulfillment.

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    eXpedio provides a complete product development solution, from concept, through design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing.

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    Artop cooperates with local material suppliers, molding suppliers and specializes in manufacturing, concept design and molding process.

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    Crear Lab

    Crear Lab is a multidisciplinary laboratory where product design and manufacturing join with techniques based on digital fabrication. With our CNC we can cut, engrave or model any design.

  26. BiltApp


    BiltApp works with you to integrate your products into an app where your customers can view 3D renderings, and step by step assembly instructions, making the process idiot-proof, increasing consumer satisfaction, and decreasing customer pain points.

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    Axe Design

    Design agency, whiches expertise domains are the product design engineering design, packaging, prospective, innovation.

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    Promau Group is avalue added service provider for the industries aimed to the rapid product development.

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    Promwad is a leading local provider of embedded systems development services. Combining creativity and technical expertise, Promwad offers state-of-the-art embedded solutions for various industries.