Industrial Design Services in Canada

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    Mako Invent

    Mako is a new-product development company for inventors and product developers to design, prototype, manufacture, and sell their inventions.

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    Explora is a product design and development company specialized in custom electronic devices. We offer services in industrial design, hardware design and embedded software applications.

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    Replicate Designs

    Replicate Designs specializes in model making props building, and prototyping for various industries including architectural, film/TV, advertising, commercial and industrial.

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    Umake is a turnkey solution for all design and digital manufacturing.

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    Skerpa Design

    Skerpa Design is specialized in innovative products research and development in preparation for their merchandising and sale in profitable markets.

  6. Parallaxe


    Parallaxe is a unique group of professionals bringing you innovation in product design by an integration of industrial design with engineering. Since 2004, we have established ourselves as specialists in product design based on integrity, reliability and talent.

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    3DPhacktory offers 3D printing and design services using Objet Connex series printers. 16 micron resolution, multiple material printing with 24 hour turnaround located in the heart of Leslieville's Studio District.

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    Precicad's multi-disciplinary team regroups under one roof all the important professional skills required to assist clients in product development. This highly skilled team of industrial designers, engineers, technicians and drafters is committed to quality in every assignment.

  9. The Innovation Lab

    The Innovation Lab

    With over a decade of experience in developing and building products and solutions, we are confident we can help you get your product developed and ready for market. Using your designs, we can create prototypes of your product, assist in refining the designs and create the tooling and build your product prototype.