Interaction Design Companies

  1. WeAreBrain


    WeAreBrain is in the business of ideas, entrepreneurship and technological invention - researching, inventing and building groundbreaking products and services. We empower visionaries to create meaningful brands and are committed to shaping the most successful, sustainable and customer-centric organisations of tomorrow.

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    Founded by graduates of the MIT Media Laboratory, Potion is a design and technology firm specializing in interactive experiences. Potion's strength lies in the creation of aesthetic solutions that utilize the most recent technologies available. By seamlessly integrating digital processes into physical structures, Potion enables the design of spaces that inform, educate, and entertain.

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    Think Design

    Think Design is a global research, design and innovation consultancy with focus on industrial design and user experience design.

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    Dreipol offers full service interaction design. We help to realise your idea with concepts, consulting as well as with excellent development and designs for all kinds of digital solutions.

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    Gesture Theory

    Gesture Theory is an industry-leading, full-service design and development firm headquartered in New York, NY. We have extensive experience building products, consumer websites, iOS applications and other interactive tools and interfaces.

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    Variate Labs

    Variate Labs designs and builds interactive experiences that move beyond traditional single-screen moments. We work with you to create unique and exciting experiences that integrate form, content, interaction and the latest technology.

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    Lextant is a design research and user experience firm that helps companies bring the best possible products and services to market.

  8. Attoma


    Attoma helps organisations communicate with their audiences by solving key information and interaction design problems. Attoma's expertise in information design meets the organisation strategic needs such as communication of complex information, design of advanced interfaces, web services, wayfinding.

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    Formula D

    Formula D designs and produces educational displays that combine physical interaction with digital multimedia content through body movement, tactile interfaces and sensor technology. Our displays and exhibits communicate the most complex matter in simple terms ensuring a great learning outcome with a big portion of fun.

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    UNITiD is an interaction and digital design agency based in Amsterdam.

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    Super Nature

    Super Nature is a Shanghai based multi-discipline design company. It specialises in interactive design, visual communication & media technology.

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    Moment is a consulting firm that provides design strategy and interaction design services to clients who recognize the business benefits of a user-centered approach.

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    Azinno provides complete solutions for applications, web sites, and products. We work with clients to design the big picture solution. Our expertise includes user research, interaction design and brand development.