Interaction Designers

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    Amid Moradganjeh

    Amid Moradganjeh is a multidisciplinary designer with Interaction design, industrial design and engineering backgrounds. Having studied as an interaction designer in UmeƄ Institute of Design in Sweden, he has been influenced by human centered approach in Scandinavian design.

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    Aaron Koblin

    Aaron Koblin is an interaction designer known for pioneering new interfaces in crowdsourcing and data visualization. Based in San Francisco, his work explores the changing relationship between humans and the data they create.

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    Silvio Cioni

    Silvio Cioni is an interaction designer, a design strategist and a conceptual thinker with over 10 years experience in interactive media design.

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    Max Hancock

    Max Hancock is a designer with more than 13 years of experience in interaction design, graphic design, motion design, music and typography. Among exploring different spheres of creativity, he enjoys researching and designing new forms of content architectures and social media platforms.

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    DJ Schwend

    Fifteen years of experience creating elegantly simple and intuitive interactive products used by millions of consumers for software companies and the online world.

  6. Andreas Nymark

    Andreas Nymark

    Andreas Nymark is a problem solving, multi-disciplinary and independent designer working with UI/UX and graphic design.

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    Laura Cortes

    Laura Cortes is a UX and Visual Designer specialized in new media with an understanding on web best practices and the latest design trends.

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    Antonio Costa

    Freelance digital art direction, design and development, with awarded record of success. Based in Amsterdam and Paris.

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    Clemens Lango

    Clemens Lango is an interaction designer with a combination of analytical skills, advanced education, and 15+ years of professional experience.

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    Jon Kolko

    Jon Kolko is an Associate Creative Director at frog design. He has worked extensively in the professional world of interaction design, working around complicated technological constraints in order to best solve the problems of Fortune 500 clients.